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This cosy little shop specialises in every sort of weird and wonderful magical mechanism. Whether it's a glitchy Sneakoscope, rusty hinges on a chest with a Wizard Lock, or the fixing of a magical prosthetic, Dervish and Banges is here to service your machine, and your needs. For larger devices we obviously provide on-site services, with a range of fees to reflect the difficulty of the work, and the specialisations and expertise required.

If you can't think what brought you in, we can always sell you a Remembrall, so it won't happen again!

Don't let the name put you off -

things go smoother when you've been here; less manic whirling, and fewer explosions.

Lincliff City Locations

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Proprietor and Employees



Logan Amador Slytherin in perfection
-"Don't just sing it, bring it!"

 – 09:09, February 10, 2019 (UTC)

*His foot literally falters on the threshold, finds a non-existent splinter to snag on, and he half-stumbles inside, righting himself just before he wipes out a display of Omniscopes. Then - he stands there ... blinking.*


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