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Diana Dawson is a Pure Blooded Witch who worked as Personal Assistant to the President of Magic.


Diana Dawson was born in Washington DC to Jane and Joe Dawson who were Pure Bloods. Diana studied at a magic school and then decided to become an assistant to an important person. She searched all around but could find nobody until one day she found out that the President of Magic, President John Richards, needed a personal assistant so she applied for the job and is now Personal Assistant to the President of Magic


Diana is smart and can be fun but most times she is very mature and is also very serious.


Diana has dark hair and wears a white shirt and a black skirt. Her hair is mostly done up in a bee hive kind of hairstyle.

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Jane madmen

Diana Dawson Personal Assistant to the President
-- "A career is wonderful, but you can't curl up with it on a cold night" Marilyn Monroe

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"Hello. I am Diana Dawson. Personal Assistant to the President of Magic"
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