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Diana Payne — Profile
diana olivia payne
aro thru your heart
August 6
James Rivera (father)
Georgie Payne† (mother)
Reyna Rivera (half sister)
Liza Rivera (step-mother)
Genderblind (primarily uses female pronouns)
Name Pronunciation
die-AN-ə ə-LIV-ee-ə PAIN
Blood Status
rped by your favourite mango queen

Diana Olivia Payne is a Hufflepuff graduate hailing from the Netherlands. Her main duty is to be a helpful sister to her half sister Reyna Rivera and make sure her soul twin Apollo and sin sister Ruiko behave all the while routinely saving Feli from certain death.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Just right 👌
Clothing Style
Her model is Marina Laswick

Filipino and British
Native Language
English, Filipino, and Dutch
Earliest Memory
Discovering her mother after Georgie's suicide
Type of Childhood
Traumatic Amazing
Childhood Fear
Her mother's dead body

All Georgie Payne wanted was a small, but loving family, but fate had other ideas. During a trip to the Philippines, she was approached by a couple to become a surrogate mother for their next child. Georgie was a kindred spirit and never refuses a call for help, so she agreed. For nine months, Georgie lived with the couple, occasionally babysitting their months-old baby. During that time, she fell in love with the husband, James, and vise versa.

After the birth of the child, a healthy baby girl named Diana, Liza forced Georgie to go away and stay away, obviously threatened. Instead, James chose Georgie and tried to run away with both his children and his new love.

Liza had sort of accepted the fact that maybe James would want to leave, but there was no way anyone was taking away her precious daughter from her. Managing to track down the car they were using to escape, she followed them and shot at it. A crash happened and everyone managed to escape relatively unscathed, except for Reyna. James, Georgie, and Diana were able to escape. Though it was incredibly painful to leave an injured Reyna without knowing what would happen to her, he knew that her mother take care of her. After all, maybe it was too much trying to take both children away from their mother.

James, Georgie, and Diana ended up in Geithoorn, Netherlands and started to build a life for themselves there. Diana remained blissfully unaware of what her conception and birth had caused. Georgie, on the other hand, felt very guilty for tearing James' family apart and knew that he missed his ex-wife and first daughter. This caused her emotional stability to begin to deteriorate, something James had noticed. Diana was puzzled, her mother had started to stop playing with her, which was very odd. Time and time again, father and daughter would try their best to cheer her up, but their endeavors remained fruitless.

The last straw came when James had announced that he and Liza were now in good terms and are good friends. Good friends, that was the last clue Gerogie needed to put all the pieces of the puzzle together; she really did ruin James' family. Despite promising her daughter Diana that she'd never leave her alone, the guilt completely ate through her and she hanged herself that night, while James and Diana were out.

Diana was the one who discovered Georgie's lifeless body hanging from the ceiling, and it shattered her. Her father tried to shield her from the horrific scene but the damage was done. She didn't speak for weeks and had chronic nightmares about it. In an effort to lessen the numbing pain, Diana constantly lied to herself that the woman who died was simply a doppelganger of her mother. Her real mother was out there, and they were playing a global hide and seek.

Things started to look up when Diana was introduced to her older half-sister and her stepmother. Liza wasn't a replacement for Georgie. Rather, she was a new person Diana could look up to. Skype call times became Diana's most favourite time of the day, because it was the time when she could interact with her sister and her stepmother. They helped distract her from the pain.

Hearing that Reyna was going to school at Hogwarts, Diana had begged her father to bring her to Scotland so she could go to school with her. Luckily, he said yes. And here she is now!

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Chill, friendly, cheerful
Worst Qualities
Dependent on technology, kinda broken, too selfless
Most Influenced By
Her parents, Tumblr best friend, and Reyna
Diana is your typical Tumblr blogger; a meme-loving f***, a fandom fangirl, dog lover, pun factory, and 3am deep thinker. She's a tiny ball of aromantic sunshine who claims that she runs on 'pure, unadulterated spite', despite the fact that everyone knows she instead runs on memes. Having grown up around technology and social media, Diana is very dependent on those two and will practically wither when she's deprived of them. Not that she can't function without them, she just chooses not to function.

However, unlike your stereotypical Tumblr blogger, Diana completely adores spiders, even the poisonous ones. In fact, she collects all manner of bugs, but she does avoid the ones like the wasps and the fire ants because those things are downright nasty. She doesn't understand the others' terrified faces when a spider or cockroach comes by because those little guys are literally doing nothing to them? Of course, she, being the cheeky little sh** she is, sometimes uses it to her advantage by dropping plastic spiders on unsuspecting people for sh**s and giggles.

She's also very chill, like she doesn't let anything bother her at all, even insults. She brushes off insults like they were mere dust because she's used to them. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words may or may not hurt you, right? Although she is aware that words may hurt more than sticks and stones so she really doesn't have a say in that. Because of that, her manner of insulting someone is sending them business cards with kawaii Tumblr pixel insults, complete with complimentary glitter and a may-or-may-not-be sinister/"cute" smile from Diana!

Being muggleborn, she's no stranger to social media. She has accounts on Tumblr, Pinterest, Imgur, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat and she's really updated on everything. She's also 100% aware that her names are One Direction songs and that her surname is the same as Liam's, which is something that she's really proud about. What pisses her off is that people think she's one of those rabid fans who pretend they're married to one of the members by making their surnames on social media the surnames of the members. Hello, Payne is her legal surname, uncultured swines...

talk bubble
Diana Payne 💎 third year hufflepuff 💎 aro thru your heart 💎 ace of hearts
Shoot me an owl!  💎

Diana Payne — Profile 2

skills and magical abilities




*Her blood type is the rare Hh blood type, or the Bombay phenotype
*Has bimonthly blood extractions and stores bags filled with her blood in a mini-fridge back home in case of emergencies
*Absolutely loves needles, especially the ones used for blood extraction
*Her username for Tumblr, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Imgur, Pinterest, and Snapchat is arothruyerheart.
*She knows Brielle Calder via Tumblr. They're TBFs (Tumblr Best Friends) and exchange anything from fanfics to fanart.
*She is very proud and protective of her sister. Touch Reyna and she'll destroy you
*Occasionally dresses like a boy for schizz and giggles
*She is very aware that her names are 1D songs and she has the same surname as Liam
*She will fite anybody and everybody
*She's a ribbon gymnast and crazy-ass freestyle swimmer and collects bugs~
*Apparently runs completely on memes
*Sends people she hates kawaii tumblr insult cards printed like business cards
*Massive dork and nerd
*A++++++++++++ singing voice
*Loves to dye her hair a lot

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Relationship Status
The rest of her family leaving her one way or another
Favorite Drink
Coca Cola
Favorite Sweet
Amortentia Scents
Favorite Song
Rather Be by Pentatonix
La La Latch by Pentatonix
Diana by One Direction
Olivia by One Direction

Diana Payne — Profile 3

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