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Div Grimm CP2

divyanka luna grimm
english student / daily prophet intern
listen girl it's a love addiction

Div Grimm CPM1

Birthday march 16th
Age eighteen
Pronunciation dihv-yawn-kuh gr-ihm
Family rowena (mother)
Gender female
Pronouns she/her/hers
Orientation bisexual
Relationship single
Nationality english
Languages english, greek, hebrew, + latin
Residence lincliff city, scotland
Religion spiritual
Handedness right
Roleplayer ateleia
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Eye Color blue
Hair Color brown blonde
Height 5'4"
Style neat, light academia
Faceclaim milena tscharntke

divya lacks a lot of personal security in her appearance and finds herself incredibly unattractive. she looks nothing like her mother and although this used to bother her, she finds a lot of comfort in knowing she is nothing like that woman. her hair is naturally brown, but she dyes it to be a light blonde color. her eyebrows are still a shock of dark brown and are rather thick, but remain managed. her eyes are a shocking shade of blue usually adorned by some black mascara. her makeup is usually limited to some light powder, mascara, and the occasional lipstick. she doesn't manage her appearance beyond the minimum to make herself look decent. she is about 5'4 - on the shorter side - and has a rather average build to her though she's usually draped in several layers of clothing as she is usually cold and she can't cast hot air charms everywhere. she has two long scars across the palms of her hands, where her mother forcefully cut her for a blood ritual, and her left collarbone pokes forward slightly from when she dislocated it and her mother refused to take her to the hospital. least notably, she has a belly button piercing. it was one of the first things she had gotten done two summers ago with a bunch of friends. they used to have matching charms, but she took hers out.

Div Grimm CPM2

Div Grimm CP3


two middle-aged muggles from wolverhampton crafted sarah walker, an eccentric and bitter girl. sarah never really fit into her town's environment. in college, she explored more of her internet persona and dived into the witch side of tumblr. a teenager sparred by love, she was incredibly vindictive in her magic and often targeted her spells at teenage boys that rejected her. her parents were terrified of her and pushed her out of the nest the moment she turned 18. trying to reinvent herself, she legally changed her name to rowena grimm, finding it more 'witchy.' she turned to a coven of faux witches, who nurtured her during her young adulthood and gave her work before she had saved enough money to go to whitby. by then, she was already in her mid-twenties and had deemed herself a lunar blood witch.

rowena continued to make her living by creating a shop for witches in whitby. it became primarily a passing tourist activity as she led seminars on forming altars and leaving offerings for the fae. she sold crystals and herbs as well as homemade candles and moon water. the energy there was incredibly powerful - powerfully negative. it leaves a heavy weight on your shoulders, giving you the shivers once you have stepped out the doors. after years of her shop's success, she moved into a little cottage closer to the shore and had a daughter via a sperm donor - a random muggle man from Manchester with strong cheekbones. her daughter's name is divyanka luna grimm, who she deemed a lunar sea witch. In fact, she knew her daughter was powerful after the absorption of her twin in the womb - a case of the "vanishing twin."

her childhood was heavily focused on her witchcraft, learning how to conduct certain rituals before she even understood some simple mathematics. she was homeschooled and her only friends were the children of other witches that frequented her mother's shop. during the days, she would sit at a stool in her mother's shop, playing cashier to limit her mother's business expenses. it was probably illegal, but she did it anyways and when she wasn't telling a customer the proper devotional acts for persephone, she was playing a game of solitaire on the till. it was difficult to assign her homework when she was willing studying multiple languages and reading novels far above her level. she was an incredibly focused, poised child and was stricken with extreme independence. her mother was incredibly doting and beyond her insistence that she must learn magick, she fostered her daughter's independence, often sending her out to the shops down the road on her own at only seven years old.

it was shortly after seven years old that divya had her first sign of magic. she was working on a "potion," following a recipe her mother had transcribed to hebrew to test her limits, and was under extreme scrutiny as her mother hovered above her, leaning on the back of her chair. her mother was getting progressively more frustrated with her sloppy work until she violently grabbed her hair to pull her head back to look at her. as she shouted at her, which was an incredibly rare occasion at the time, she started to cry until suddenly the table cleared with a strong guest of wind and the recipe went up in smoke. the vial shattered in her hands, leaving them with minor cuts as she began screaming back at her mother. naturally, her mother pulled away and sent her to her room, which they unfortunately shared. once her daughter left, she sat and came to terms with the level of her daughter's magic, absolutely enthralled by it and determined to control it.

her studies became increasingly more focused on her language studies, her understanding of the classics and mythology, and most importantly her witchcraft. there were a few more instances of genuine magic where she levitated a feather or glass shattered (perhaps a flame was lit), but the vast majority was bogus her mother had found off of witch forums. her mother genuinely believed she had a so-called "affinity for the craft" and was obsessed with her, toting her back around to her grandparents' house in wolverhampton to brag every christmas. of course, rowena's parents doubted the realities of this and still to this day believe divya is actually away at a behavioral school after hearing rumors of her being violent with her mother. in fact, these rumors began after her eleventh birthday when a staff member from hogwarts visited her home in whitby.

upon finding out that her daughter was a genuine witch, rowena lashed out as this invalidated her identity as a witch. much to her daughter's embarrassment, she pleaded with the professor to consider for a moment that she too might be a witch and that her parents might have just been restrictive enough on her abilities that hogwarts could have ignored it. after being shot down and letting the professor finish their tea, she began plotting her revenge against divya. this is the truly immature and spiteful side of rowena grimm - she's jealous of an eleven year old. when her daughter returned from shopping at diagon alley with this professor, she attempted to destroy her school supplies. however, freshly charmed to avoid damage in transit, everything was left without a dent except for her wand, which was snapped in two. divya would return to get another one in late august after receiving a second letter to confirm the details of...essentially her existence.

when it came time to start packing, her mother sat on their shared bed and stared at her with her arms crossed, insisting that she wasn't going on the train to hogwarts the following day. the two broke into a spat as rowena started to raise her voice and her daughter started screaming through heavy tears. when her mother reached for her second wand, divya extended her arm out towards her and her mother went soaring towards the wall, knocking her out of breath and leaving her enough time to take her wand and scramble to find a hiding spot for it in the other room. finding her daughter cowered in the kitchen, she returned the doting mother she used to be except completely fake, comforting her and telling her she would make it to the train the next day. however, not without purposefully making her late. divya was the second to last student on the train by mere seconds. she cried the whole train ride before arriving at hogwarts and being sorted into ravenclaw.

her first handful of terms were spent being the stoic, lost child with a book always in her hands. she would return to her mother's house on summer and winter holidays, which were her only opportunities to cry after her sobbing session on the train ride circulated around her year group. during these breaks, her mother would attempt to force her to show her magic. if she refused, her punishment was often worse, so she would pretend and it wouldn't work - leading to a less severe punishment the majority of the time. with each passing term, divya became harder and quicker to anger, beginning to return her mother's snappy attitude more and more frequently as she lost more and more privileges.

all of this came to a head when her mother attacked her in her sleep sometime over winter holiday during her fifth year. her mother is an incredibly tall and study woman, who could easily sit on top of her and pin her down despite her older state. it was then that her mother attempted a blood ritual on her, slicing the palms of her hands with a dagger "blessed by circe" and attempting to collect it in order to melt their blood together and join them together as one. her mother's goal was to foolishly harness her daughter's powers, but that did not work. instead she had a daughter bleeding out of both her palms and a broken back from once again being thrown across the room by a fit of magic. it was only then that she realized how uncontrolled her magic truly was still. upon rinsing her hands and bandaging them, she scurried for her wand - only to find it snapped in two again. she snuck away to diagon alley to get her third wand before she returned home after the holidays with developing scars on her palms.

after that, divya lost all hope of reconnecting with her mother. she had clearly lost any ounce of sanity that she had once possessed. the incident also led to her developing an extreme case of hemophobia - the "irrational" (she would say it isn't) fear of blood. when the following summer holiday came around, she spent much of her time with her grandparents or with friends in london. during the rare moments she spent in whitby, she exclusively fought with her mother and slept on the couch only to get woken up halfway through the night to more screaming. the terror was ridiculous, so she made a constant point of never staying around. it was around then that she had a severe personality shift. something about it had instilled her with some ounce of character and she wasn't the same dry, limited girl that was always biting back her words. she's struggling still to come to terms with her mother's issues and has been doing a lot of manifesting for a better living situation.

Div Grimm CPM3

to describe divya as anything short of a hopeless romantic would be an injustice. in fact, to simply describe her as that exclusively would be too. she's passionate about romance and is known for putting up fusses over short looks from boys in class or peering in between bookshelves at the library to hopefully spot the one. her handwriting is that of a woman writing her lover that's away at war - swirly and long cursive that most struggle to read. she easily falls into a situation of infatuation and mistakes it for love, twirling her hair around her finger and fluttering her lashes with a small pout. she's naturally flirtatious and flighty, known for being a bit dreamy and pondering too much over fantasy lands. if you don't think she's constantly manifesting her a boyfriend, you're very mistaken. however, the last thing she is is clingy. in fact, she is rather noncommittal and independent, often choosing to slide away from any boy who dares to reciprocate her feelings. why, you may ask?

historically, her friends haven't been fantastic ones. when she first started attending hogwarts, she was the one always being dared to talk to this boy or that because she was often deemed the shy, emotional one. it always would end disastrously with some boys being rather cruel towards her, but she always followed through with whatever dare no matter how embarrassing. it's incredibly unlikely that she would now since she has grown above and beyond those sorts of friends, but at the time, she believed she had to follow suit in order to have friends at all. point is: boys haven't necessarily liked divya in the past and she's all but completely convinced herself that she is just a joke to them. sure, she's manifesting the one boy that won't think of her that way, but how is she supposed to know that someone is that boy? she isn't sure. however, one thing is for certain and that's that her history of being humiliated has made her almost immune to embarrassment. she's bold and forward and isn't fearful of shooting her shot. she's just fearful of the commitment that follows that. this bleeds into her relationship with her academics as well, which she has completely removed herself from beyond studying last minute before her exams.

however, a much larger aspect of her issues with commitment come from her upbringing with her mother. she was always taught to be independent and this is a mentality that has only gotten worse since her mother has all but abandoned her completely. when she was eight years old, she had to trim a neighbor's flowers for a few pounds in order to buy cough medicine after she came down with a minor cold. she was allowed to walk the two miles between her mother's house and her store twice a day on her own. she was always taught that she was the reason for the problems around her and she has no one to rely on but herself. in hindsight, this was probably her mother just not wanting to raise her, but it's really affected her personal relationships today. divya is actually incredibly social and is a bit of a gossip, always wanting to know the latest details, but never really spreading it (also known as a "tea kettle"). however, she is always haunted by this idea that she's burdening others or making them too responsible for her own issues and tends to push people away. her issues with her mother also tend to make her really angry at herself. while she is usually content and confident, she falls into spells of self doubt and anger where she becomes self-deprecating.

one of divya's most consistent personality traits over the years has been her intellect. similar to her level of maturity, her intelligence is rather high, but not in a particularly nerdy way. more in a pretentious, "fan of the classics" sort of way. she adores mythology and languages (she knows four among several different english- and hebrew-based alphabets) and is always found with her nose stuck in a book. she thoroughly enjoys the classics and standing in art museums with a concentrated expression on her face. she's thoughtful and quite analytical. school comes easily to her, so much so that she never studies and she rarely does her own homework nowadays. divya simply holds out until exams, then somehow manages to do well on them. she used to over-concentrate on her studies and was always burnt out, but part of her reinvention was smoking, a belly button piercing, and not trying in school. she's far more laid back in her academics now, but that doesn't mean she isn't smart. she's sure to make anyone know it if they question it especially boys. nothing gives her more joy than reminding a stuck up boy that she is - in fact - as smart or even smarter than they are.


Interests astrology, ancient studies, mythology, crystals, romance
Habits staring, humming show tunes, matching her hair-tie to her shirt
Pet Peeves nail biting, being an asshat about astrology
Goals move out, manifest the perfect dream boy
Enneagram 4w3
Star Sign pisces sun
Alignment true neutral
Love Language quality time

Magical Characteristics

Wand blackthorn wood, cherub hair, 12.5 inches
Amortentia saltwater, chocolate, old books
Patronus tasmanian devil
Patronus Memory none— pictures the future
Boggart blood
Blood Status muggle-born
Peculiar n/a


Song taylor swift - cardigan
TV Show love island
Book dracula
Movie titanic
Color purple

* she still follows some witchblr superstitions specifically with mindfulness and manifestation
* she knows four languages: english, greek, hebrew, and latin as well as the theban alphabet and spiraling syllabics
* she is horrible at muggle mathematics and science since it was barely a focus of her homeschooling
* she has had three wands since her mother has broken two of hers
* she smokes cigarettes (just socially though, right?)
* she snores lightly in her sleep and can sleep pretty much anywhere
* she always adds a little pink charm to her uniform on wednesdays
* she has hemophobia, the intense fear of blood

Div Grimm CPT2

Div Grimm CP1

divyanka luna grimm
english student / daily prophet intern
listen girl it's a love addiction