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dmitri romanov
mediwizard in training
the winter will wash what is left of the taste

Dima WB 4

Birthday May 4
Age 21
Pronunciation dee-MEE-tree
Family Russian Royal Family
Gender Nonbinary
Pronouns he/they
Orientation Pansexual
Relationship Single
Nationality Russian
Languages Russian, English
Residence Lincliff City Apartment
Religion Russian Orthodoxy
Handedness Right
Roleplayer Red
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Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Brown
Height 6'1"
Style Casual
Faceclaim Daniel Sharman

Dima looks like his father more than he cares to acknowledge. The only things he inherited from his mother are his blue eyes, but otherwise he is the splitting image of a younger version of his dad. He grew up hating his reflection because of it, but has since decided that it should not matter to him as much as it does. Growing up, he was much more concerned about how he looked and how he presented himself but it does not matter to him anymore as much as it once did. He wears whatever is casual and comfy – the life of a med student is so hectic, that he takes every opportunity for a quick nap and would prefer that he is in comfortable clothes to do so.

Dima WB 2

Dima Gif 2


The Russian royal family definitely has a complicated past that everybody is well aware of, so let's focus on Dmitri specifically and where he fits into all of this. He is the eldest child of Eudoxia and Igor, and has three younger sisters. Though it is plain to everyone that the couple very much did love their children, anyone with eyes (including Dmitri) can see that the pair was never meant to be parents. Both spent the bulk of their youth partying and drinking, and met at a bar when Eudoxia was only twenty years old. What followed was a hasty marriage (that many assume was to cover up a pregnancy) and nearly two decades of what infamously grew to be one of Russia's most publicized toxic relationships.

Both Eudoxia and Igor tried very, very hard to be the fun parent to the point that neither took any real responsibility for their children. They were often traveling or out partying, leaving Dmitri, their eldest in charge on multiple occasions. Though they did provide their children with the best tutors money could buy and threw money at them and their hobbies in support, the two could hardly be called parents in the truest sense of the word. Dmitri has been parenting his younger sisters for as long as he can remember. According to one of the family's servants, his first act of magic involved projecting constellations and stars onto the ceiling of his baby sister's room to distract her from a rather terrible nightmare.

Dmitri became closer to his aunts and uncles as a result. He was always the one apologizing at big family gatherings for his parents' behavior and eventually started attending them in their place by the time he was around fifteen. He settled into the role of 'parent' quite quickly, and became a jack-of-all-trades due to the way he'd try and help all his siblings with their homework, do the housework, manage the family, and help his sisters practice their hobbies. One could even say he would parent his own mother and father; until now Dima's favorite time of day is 4AM simply because he is used to it being the only time when he can be totally alone. Even then, though, that was typically around the time he would be opening the door for his father or mother, or picking them up from whatever shady bar they found themselves in this time.

Everything changed a couple months after Dima turned seventeen. After getting high enough marks in his NEWT-equivalents taken with his private tutors, Dmitri was admitted into a prestigious medical program in England. However, one night, his father died in a altercation with some shady individual he met while out drinking. Eudoxia esentially shut down in the month following his death and most of the responsibilities of sorting out the estate, fixing everything, etc. fell on Dmitri's shoulders. He definitely had support from his aunts, uncles, and older cousins, but the experience was his tipping point.

Though he loves their siblings very, very much, he had also recently gotten into that program in England. He was not due to begin until mid-January of the following year, but moved in September (a month after his father died) under the pretense of wanting to set up his life there already. In truth, Dmitri felt that he could not continue being the pillar of their family any longer without sacrificing his own wellbeing. He discussed this with his mother, and she supported his decision. He said goodbye to their sisters, and left. Dima was pleased to hear via letters from his younger sisters that Eudoxia had begun becoming more homely and a more present mother. As much as he is pleased to know that she is beginning to take her responsibilities as a mother more seriously, he still grew up experiencing immense neglect from her and resents her for it until now. He is happy, though, that things seem to be looking up for his younger siblings, and that they get to experience what it's like having a mother that cares about them (especially since all are a bit younger than him), even if Eudoxia is a little late.

Fast forward three months later. Dmitri comfortably settled into an apartment in Lincliff City and opted to not go home for the holidays that year. Everybody knows what happened that Christmas. He found out from the news that Tatiana was among those who died in the massacre. He was heartbroken, and realistically, he knows he shouldn't blame himself, but he also felt incredibly guilty that he was not there. He might have been able to save her, after all. Obviously this was a very traumatic experience to go through, and Dima went back home immediately to support his other sisters and his mother. Eudoxia ended up abdicating and moving to Germany. Dmitri has a very complicated relationship with his mother, and this only made it worse. He cannot imagine the pain of losing a child, but also she should not have abandoned her other children so recklessly. One of his sisters opted to go to Germany with their mother (she still writes Dmitri often) and the other decided to stay with Alexei's children, because she grew very close with those cousins. Dmitri feels very conflicted about this until now. One one hand, he feels he has an obligation to his sisters to take care of them. On the other, he is relieved (and guilty about this relief). He is not sure how they would have fit into his life had they decided they wanted to live with him in London.

He struggled with depression in the fall out from the massacre, but has sought professional help for it and is definitely much better. He is currently continuing his training to be a mediwizard at St. Mungo's and has kept a generally low profile. He knows that a lot of his cousins and family have since moved to England as well, but only interacts with them when necessary. He is happy to hear from them when they do reach out, definitely, but is otherwise wholly over all drama related to his family.

Dima WB 3

(+): practical, responsible, level-headed
(-): judgmental, too self-sacrificial, aloof

Dima was forced to be responsible the moment he was born to his parents. They essentially raised their little sisters and it has definitely taught him a lot about what it means to have responsibilities. It peeves them when people to do not seem to be taking their duties seriously, especially ones they walked into and decided consciously (like being a parent). They have been praised by their older relatives for being so practical and level-headed, and while Dmitri acknowledges that at least that was the good that sprouted from the clusterfuck that was his childhood, they still know with certainty that they did not deserve to be raised that way.

Dima does not feel very strongly about royalty or their royal responsibilities. Growing up, they were a brother, first and foremost, and their parents certainly did not act like royals or give them the impression that they should act like one as well. They do not feel a very strong attachment to the rest of Russian royalty beyond the fact that they are family. However, their duty to their family (especially their siblings) is so strong that it threatens to upend their entire life, and that is why they are trying to keep a distance because (rather guiltily), they have settled quite comfortably into the life they've made themselves here and London and does not want to jeopardize it.

On the flip side of Dima's good qualities, they can be rather harsh in their judgment and is very blunt and straightforward when it comes to their opinions on things. They have a strong hold on their temper, but it gets ugly when they are disappointed in people. Lord knows how many time their parents have been on the receiving end of one of Dima's sermons.

They are a bit tired of being the responsible one and has used their time in London to make friends and enjoy the more trivial things that they did not have the leisure to enjoy growing up. While Tatiana's death definitely took a toll on them, they have been attending therapy since and has a better hold on their emotions. Now, they live comfortably in a flat in Lincliff, along with their cat named Fish.


Interests Medicine, biology, trains
Habits Talking over people
Pet Peeves Blatant irresponsibility
Goals Become a mediwizard
Enneagram 2w3
Star Sign Taurus
Alignment Lawful Good
Love Language Acts of Service

Magical Characteristics

Wand Ash, unicorn hair, 11 inches
Amortentia New car smell
Patronus Squid
Patronus Memory Celebrating his birthday with his family
Boggart Becoming his father
Blood Status Pure-blood
Peculiar N/A


Song Angela - The Lumineers
TV Show A Series of Unfortunate Events
Book Kite Runner
Movie Ladybird
Color Army Green

*Dmitri started using they/them pronouns around the time they were eighteen, but cannot be bothered correcting people they already know, especially the more conservative members of their family. Most of their friends use they/them, though, which is nice.
*Dima has a pet cat called Fish. What? They thought it was funny.
*They love trains and are very much fascinated by them, and loves traveling by train as well.
*They write their sisters regularly, and tries to correspond with them as much as they can.
*They are never having kids. They've sworn against it.
*Until now, like clockwork, Dmitri wakes up at 4AM every morning no matter what time they slept.

Dima Gif 3

dmitri romanov
mediwizard in training
the winter will wash what is left of the taste