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Dominic Kingsley
Venom-Injected Serpent
March 27th, 2024
Kingsley Family, Serpents
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Dominic Kingsley is a Hufflepuff, and just came home from Rehab

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Jordan Connor

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Dressing up like Elsa
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Celebrity life

Dominic Kingsley was adopted by Ambrose and Adeline Kingsley, as a favor to a now-dead Serpent. Though, he has been with the family for so long, that he's never questioned his place in the family, as Leo's twin brother. Along with Leonidas Kingsley, Dominic Kinglsey is and elder son of Ambrose and Adeline Kingsley. Much unlike his twin brother, Leo, Dominic was always a troublemaker for the family. We was out of the womb causing trouble for everyone. He loved his mother very much, but his father had always been a bit too distant and focused on work for him. He had followed his twin brother in the crowd of wrong-doing, where Leo was stealing and breaking things, Dom was doing some different things. While he did steal and such, he was also coerced into helping some of his friends out by, for a lack of better terms, muling drugs from one group to another. He was eight at the time. Eight. Imagine what happened when he was caught. Thankfully, he never really was. While his brother closed himself off from the family, Dom would always try to assure Leo that he always had a friend with him.

When Leo and Dom were nine, their first signs of magic showed. It was a bit earlier than Leo's, and his was also slightly more mundane - But it freaked his friends right out! When one of his boys were getting beat on by some of the older boys, Dom went to defend him, and before anyone could touch either of them again, three of the older boys were blown on their behinds by an unknown froce - In fact, it affected everyone except Dom, as if it had released from him. When he turned eleven, the twins started at Ilvermorny.

Beginning in his second year is when things started to go down for Dom. His muling turned into selling, selling turned into using. By the beginning of his fourth year, he was beginning his addiction to Codeine.While Dom had a multitude of friends, he felt more alone than ever.... And he hid it with drugs. Lots of it. Then his mother died, which really only amplified his need. Dom had been disassociated at the time of his father's announcement of them moving to England. The move was a little of a shock for him.

Dom knew about Leo's escapade with his aunt, and really, Dom had no choice but to support his twin brother. The two are aiming to get in contact with their aunt, no matter what. Meanwhile, Dom's found his place in England, alongside his close friend and Slytherin Legend, Isabella Gaunt. The two are pretty close, and he's usually the only one who can call her Bella, even getting annoyed and protective when others call her by that nickname. The two have been through some stuff, including having been arrested together for being complicit in black market sales. That didn't teach them a lesson, as they had continued their little escapades, even running a small black market of their own.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Kind, charismatic, relaxed
Worst Qualities
Stubborn, Manipulative, Troubled
Most Influenced By
Leo and Ambrose
Dom is a troubled young man. Much like Leo, from a young age, he's had his troubles. Just the difference is, they have different outlets. Dom loves trouble, and while he does not go searching for it, he's very well acquainted with it. Because of this, his manipulative personality show. Dom knows how to get in trouble. He also knows how to get out. He can sweet talk, one would describe it as having a silver tongue. While this works with authority, his troublesome nature shows itself in his demeanor and aura - one glance around him, one moment near him, and one could tell that he is, indeed, a troublemaker.

Other than his knack for being a magnet for trouble, Dom is a pretty chill dude. Very often one could see him napping, because well... Dom loves napping. Though this is also often when he's high, which he is a lot. Dom wouldn't say he's dependent on drugs, but he kind of is. Withdrawal symptoms for him are the worst, and when it comes to getting himself hurt in any other way than physical, he hates it. Being sick, or something like that, he acts like he's dying. Punch him in the face and he thrives on the adrenaline.

Being stubbornheaded, Dom also believes that he can very well take care of himself. While he does want to leave, as soon as he possibly can, he's also comfortable in his lifestyle. He doesn't like their dad very much, but despite his occasional way of pissing Ambrose off, he overall leaves his family alone. Except Leo and his aunt. Everyone else in the family can sod off.

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