the teacher's pet.

Dominic Lyon-Hawtrey
Duke (twin brother)
Blood Status
Muggle Born
Human, Wizard
This character is roleplayed by SoA.

Dominic Lyon-Hawtrey is a British wizard in his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He is a member of Ravenclaw House.



You know how some people still think fake dating doesn't lead to romantic relationships? That's some big load of bullshit. Jemma Lyon and Iris Hawtrey fell in love in a period of seven days. It was a drastic change, considering they hadn't known each other beforehand, but it had happened nonetheless. Thing is, Iris really needed a girl to fake-date her for seven days - the same amount of days she'd be out of the country, at her brother's destination wedding in Japan.

Her family was comprised of a bunch of homophobes, and she wanted to give them one last fuck you before she abdicated her right to their money. It was a lot of money, but she knew she wasn't going to be happy if she stuck around. She and Jemma got on well, all things considered, and one thing led to another and they ended up having sex in a bathroom stall at her brother's wedding reception that last night in Japan. They became friends with benefits for a while, but it wasn't long until they got romantically involved.

Although some of their friends argued that they were moving too quickly, they got engaged seven months later and got married on the anniversary of their first shag. (Seriously. Iris made it a point to do it that day. Something about wanting to relive that night.) Their firstborn, Gwendolyn, came three years later - long enough for them to work their way into a decent amount of money. Their second child, Amelia, came three years after Gwen, and their three final children came two years later.

They didn't expect triplets, but multiples did run in both sides of the family, not to mention IVF always increases the chances for more than one kid. Of course, they couldn't exactly afford to have more than three kids at that specific time, even with both their promotions, which meant they did struggle a lot to make ends meet after their birth. They didn't resent their kids for it or anything, but it really was difficult to care for all of them and still keep their jobs.

Dom was always a studious boy. Seeing his mums raise five kids with not much money made him realise that he had to work twice as hard in order to repay his mums for all they sacrificed. He'd always be found reading and studying - even before he started school. There was a certain sense of accomplishment when he'd find something new out. His first sign of magic came from a prank, from Duke. Duke had flushed one of his precious books in the toilet, and before you knew it, the water from the porcelain toilet bowl was splashed all over his brother. He's eleven now, just about to get his acceptance letter for Hogwarts, and he honestly can't wait to see what's to come.

Dominic, to the untrained eye, can be considered highly strung. He's not. He's actually a good laugh. You see- when you grow up with so many siblings (and as the youngest) - you run the risk of being the butt of the jokes. This was Dom's childhood. He learnt to embrace it, and consequently, got pretty good at pulling pranks himself. However, Dominic is bookish, and loves learning. More than learning, he loves impressing. He wants people to be impressed with him, and seeks attention of elders, teachers and his mums. The constant validation for his academic prowess is what keeps him going. This makes Dominic extremely ambitious - his goal is to one day run the Ministry of Magic. Due to this, Dominic is easily jealous, and can become envious of people who do less work than him, yet succeed (namely Duke). Despite this, Dominic is extremely organised, detail-oriented, meticulous and reliable. He's a hard worker, and he generally plays fair. Seeing his mums raise five kids with not much money made him realise that he had to work twice as hard in order to repay his mums for all they had done and sacrificed for him and his siblings.


friends, acquaintances and enemies


*His model is Kalama Epstein
  • He boasts a 9 & 3/4" Blackthorn Wand, with a Kelpie Hair core
  • His patronus is an Octopus
Handedness Right
Sexual and Romantic Orientation LOL WHO KNOWS
Relationship Status Single
Pets -
Favourite Songs Jazz Suite No. 2, Waltz II by Dmitri Shostakovich
Dance of the Knights by Sergei Prokofiev
Favourite Colours
Favourite Sweet
Most Treasured Possession ?
Where to Find Them Common Room


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