Dominic Duke Wilshere
Seventh Year, Ravenclaw • Cerebral Powerhouse


Personal Information

Full NameDominic Duke Hawkins Wilshere
BirthdayDecember 31
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Sex / GenderMale / Male
Sexual OrientationQueer
Romantic OrientationQueer
Relationship StatusSingle
BirthplaceLondon, United Kingdom
Living SituationWilshere Cottage
Languages SpokenEnglish, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Danish

Magical Information

Blood StatusHalf-blood
Wand WoodVine
Wand CoreHippocampus scale
Wand Length14 1/2 inches
BoggartDisordered pile of books
Exotic?Possesses a high degree of photographic (eidetic) memory


"Semper sursum. Always aim high. I will aim so high that the gods must crane their necks trying to look up."

Dominic Wilshere is virtually an embodiment of mitochondrial inheritance. Aside from the common knowledge that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, it is speculated to be related to intelligence at the chromosomal level. Turn his brain-power into energy and he can light the whole of London for weeks. It’s obvious that he’s the smartest and most logical child in the Wilshere siblings. Heck, he is smarter than the whole household combined. He outnumbers their brain cells ten to one. Raw talent is impressive enough but talent with eidetic memory? That's how people came to know him as a wonder child, a polymath, and a quick-witted genius that can easily outshine anyone who tries to best him. Thus, it’s no surprise that he is geared to become a cerebral gladiator. Everything concerning academics, whether mundane or not, is treated as a fight to the death. And no, that is not an exaggeration. Failure is no option to him. One-hundred percent is not enough. He'll slip into maximum overdrive to get a hundred and one. Shockingly, he doesn’t give a shit about competing with others. Not a living soul can surpass him but himself alone and everyone else can piss off. At least, that’s his life philosophy.

Dominic’s brain is comparable to that of a traveler lost in a never-ending expanse of the desert of ignorance. It’s constantly curious, constantly thirsting for oases of knowledge. He thinks that he’s an idiot even if nobody is telling him so. This mindset makes him abhor himself. He believes that he’s not supposed to learn something or anything or a lot of things. He’s supposed to learn everything. It’s as if knowledge is a physiological need that can kill him if he doesn’t satisfy it anytime soon. However, the downside of this "everything" is that it includes the lives of other people as well. That’s right. This smart-ass is also a nosy ass. The exposure to a large social community like Hogwarts piqued his interest to go beyond textbooks and read into what other people are up to--conversations, relationships, scandals, detention records, grades, school politics, you name it. If Erin has the shade, then Dominic has the tea. It’s not overt but his network is actually widespread yet only a select few know his identity for being the nucleus of gossip. He’s not fond of pressing his nose up to other people’s business all the time though. He admits it’s irritating because it distracts him from studying and other scholarly pursuits. Otherwise, his determination to get to the bottom of the story is unstoppable. He can also be quite convincing. Anyone who’s dumb enough to fall for his eloquence will unwittingly spill their secrets to him. Think of Dominic as the all-knowing yet devious Odin, sipping a cup of tea with Huginn and Munnin as newspaper boys. But instead of being god-like, he keeps a low-key profile which, when coupled with his cleverness, is a dangerous combination. Anything that he knows about you can be used against you. He will never spare any detail.

Regardless of his intellect and intrusiveness, he can still come off as frightening, at least to strangers. Unlike them, the Wilsheres are already accustomed to having a snoopy know-it-all in the household. So instead, they see more of his serious and uptight demeanor. A resting bitch face is practically the only expression that his face muscles can make. Happy? Resting bitch face. Sad? Resting bitch face. Angry? Yet another resting bitch face. If each family member were to be an item in the refrigerator, then he would be a block of ice in a separate cooler: frosty, frigid, and hard to break. His stiffness makes him a complete opposite of, well, all the Wilsheres. Any joke--particularly Cedric’s--that his hearing picks up is found dead in a ditch because he keeps on overanalyzing it, which inevitably kills the punchline. Likewise, getting Dominic to open up is no easy task, and family members are no exceptions. He hates talking about his feelings for the sole reason that he doesn’t know how to properly articulate them. Truth be told, years and years of being focused on the objective and rational workings of the world made him myopic to the exploration of the subjective which is his inner self, emotions and all. He’s cognizant of this problem yet it is either repressed frequently or sublimated into more productive activities, say studying and not failing subjects.

If that’s not serious enough, then wait ‘til you see Dominic make a fuss about rules. He’s strict about almost everything. He goes by the book, and anything outside it is deemed wrong. If you can’t follow shit, then he will call you out. If you can’t get your shit together, then he will call you out. He’s engrossed with the idea of boundaries and drawing lines. This is ironic because he likes prying into other people which is exactly butting into their boundaries. And when he said rules, he meant every single rule governing his life and it’s not just the study habits that disciplined him as a child. He has an obsession with putting standards on everything and that he has to satisfy these perfectly. Everything has to be exact and calculated, from every activity he does at every minute of every day (He keeps a mental timetable that he follows religiously.), to the smallest extra inch of his robes, or to how his dinner is arranged according to the color arrangement of visible spectrum from left to right. He feels as if everything within his control is chaotic. Thus, as a countermeasure, he will do whatever it takes to create and maintain order. Of course, his siblings are out of the question. He can never organize such a rowdy crowd without being dragged into their mess and has come to accept this "fortunate misfortune", as he fondly calls it.



"If you ever assumed that I reveled in the summation of my understanding, then I beg to disagree. Never have I ever basked in the light of erudition. Frankly, only darkness reigned. And it had a consciousness of its own. For a mind that farmed scholarship, I became my own master and slave, condemned to never forget anything that my senses grasped."

Never in a million years did the Wilshere family think they'd attract so much attention all over Europe for doing something they were so passionate about. Football, along with dueling, has been a part of them for as long as they can remember. Muggle-born matriarch Sienna Wilshere, née Hawkins, hails from a family closely involved with different European football teams, mostly based in the United Kingdom with several key exceptions. On the other hand, Atticus Wilshere is a magical native with a family that carries a long history in the arts of dueling. Expectations ran high for both of them ever since they were born; they needed to do this, be good at that. While Atticus' displays of magic, and consequent acceptance to Hogwarts, put him on the right track, it put Sienna at a disadvantage when compared to her brothers and one sister. Her family was understandably perturbed, and for the years between her manifestation of magic to her leaving for Hogwarts, it affected her training to join the professional leagues once she became of age. This left her embittered, resenting her immediate family for being a hindrance on her professional development. She likewise resented Hogwarts, magic, and wanted nothing to do with it; she purposely flunked on her classes and picked fights, hoping she'd be expelled and could return home to focus on her true passions. Unfortunately, her Headmaster at the time saw right through her, and instead of giving her what she so desperately sought, became an avid supporter. He offered her advice and encouraged her to pursue her dreams while also focusing on her studies; she could make lasting change if she was successful as a football prodigy and a Hogwarts student. Perhaps she could be the key to integrating muggle culture to the wizarding world.

Being so used to living in the limelight, it came as a surprise to Atticus when he realized the attention that would normally be spent on him was being allocated elsewhere: to a muggle-born Gryffindor that hoped to integrate muggle culture with wizarding culture. Hah. He could see her failure coming from a mile away. Detesting this lack of focus on him, he grew to detest Sienna, and often went out of his way to disrupt her peace, throw her off her game when practicing with other muggle-borns, and ensure she failed academically, whether it was by misplacing her books or stealing her assignments. He just knew he needed to get rid of her, he didn't care how. From here, their hateful relationship was born. It was based on pettiness, and from it, came many arguments and hex exchanges. It wasn't uncommon to find one or both of them in the Hospital Wing, nursing wounds delivered by the other. Students often encouraged this behavior, wanting to cause as much riveting drama as possible, whereas professors wanted to put an end to it. Collaborating with their parents, who hated the idea of their children focusing on anything other than their academic success and success in their respective athletic fields, the Potions professor at the time assigned them to be partners for the entirety of their third year. The goal was to get them to work together instead of against each other. They had brilliant minds. They'd be unstoppable, if only they stopped being at each other's throats long enough. During third year, another two things happened: spiteful Sienna made the dueling team, solely to get back at Atticus, and he founded a football club at Hogwarts to revel in the feeling of denying her entry to it. Things were definitely not getting better. Until they did.

Come the end of third year, the sharpness to their arguments and impromptu dueling sessions dulled out. Their competitive streak had dimmed considerably and become a more friendly affair. Where glares once war, confused and nervous glances remained. To anyone that wasn't them, it was clear there were newfound feelings they were struggling to cope with. And struggle they would, until their fifth year. Their friends were tired of seeing them skirt around each other and sleep with others to avoid dealing with how they felt. It was time they worked through their emotions, hence why they devised a plan to get them together: set them up on a blind date, and block off the exits to the restaurant. They'd get together by the end of that evening, yes or yes. Would it work? (It did.) In spite of what everyone thought, though, they weren't that cute power couple everyone suspected they would be. They were toxic. They detested their relationship, and it quickly became an on-and-off thing where talking about their emotions was taboo, they insulted each other constantly, relied on alcohol to drown out the other's voice, and stumbled into the arms of others. What they had was unhealthy, but it wouldn't be for seven months after their blind date that they called it quits - for good, they'd said. After their break up, they went their own ways, their friendship group fell apart, and nothing was ever the same. They both thrived in their own ways during seventh year. Atticus threw himself into dueling, having become captain for Slytherin, and quickly was scouted to play internationally as a UK representative. Sienna devoted herself to football, and ended up graduating already committed to a renowned muggle football club as a forward - the first female to ever play for them, they'd said, and probably the best player to grace their main roster. Take that, Wilshere.

They were both incredibly successful people who, throughout the years, had dated other people and made other friends. They were in each other's pasts, a constant reminder to always be careful with the people you fell into a romantic relationship with. However, this "reminder" went to shit the second they ran into one another at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor one hot summer day. They were instantly attracted to one another, unsurprisingly. They'd always had that fiery chemistry. They were understandably wary of reconnecting, let alone getting back together, but they took things slow. They'd matured significantly, and it showed. They were always communicating about how they felt, they were very respectful, they didn't make backhanded comments or sleep with other people, etc. Together, they made it through a lot: petty exes, disapproving parents, and judgmental fans being just some of these obstacles. At 25, they got engaged. At 27, they had an extravagant ceremony with a stunning reception and killer after-party. They didn't have kids immediately afterwards, though. They felt they still had more to give in their careers. Thus, it wasn't until they were 30 that they started thinking about kids and actually began trying to conceive. After many furniture christenings in several countries, they conceived their firstborn: a beautiful little girl named Erin. After her came Evan, Celeste, Cedric, Dominic, Zachary (Zack), Zeke, Briar, and Wyatt. Because it was one kid after the other in such a quick succession (truth be told, only Erin and Celeste were planned; the others were instances where they forgot to use protection), Sienna was forced to quit playing football, though she did continue to work by coaching professional teams, until she began going up the administrative latter. Nowadays, she's president of UEFA, while Atticus trains aspiring duelers/people struggling with magic, and coaches professionally.

Dominic is the fifth child to be born into the large roster of Atticus and Sienna’s children. He immediately snatched Cedric’s position as the youngest and, boy, did he enjoy the privileges that came along with it for three good years until the twins, Zack and Zeke, and Briar came around. According to popular belief, the youngest child, although heavily pampered, tends to become problematic children. Such was the case for the toddler Dominic. He was inquisitive of the world around him. Any toy or object within reach are subject to his scrutinous, yet oftentimes clumsy, investigation. He always got himself into accidents because of this but he miraculously survived them all. As a matter of fact, three of those many incidents nearly killed him. To prevent those from happening again, his siblings often offered to play with him despite his preference for solitary play. In addition, his parents, particularly Atticus, noticed Dominic’s impressive development. Apart from his innate and intense curiosity, he exemplified other behaviors that characterized him as a “gifted” child: unusual alertness, being able to speak a handful of words before turning a year old, a rapidly expanding vocabulary that was stringed together by cohesive sentences, long attention spans, vivid imaginations, and fascination in solving problems and puzzles of steadily increasing difficulty. But what astounded them the most was Dominic’s extraordinary memory. He can rapidly memorize a battery of information such as stories, instructions, and long lists in a matter of minutes. He could even retain Erin’s Muggle school textbooks and every last bit of the receipts in their grocery shopping. All of these were apparent as soon as he was four years old. And at the first moment that Atticus witnessed Dominic’s talents unfold, he knew he was going to be his favorite. Of course, he didn’t say that explicitly. It’s obvious though because of the way he doted on the kid. Atticus was rather bad at hiding favoritism, especially with his more relaxed attitude at home. Erin and the others were rather off with this treatment. They found it unfair that he heavily favored him just because he was incredibly gifted. Likewise, Sienna sympathized with them. I mean, the other children were proficient in their own ways. The name Wilshere itself was always associated with talent and greatness. Nonetheless, the patriarch remained oblivious to their concern and continued carrying Dominic like a trophy.

In the following years of Dominic’s childhood, he was sent to a prestigious Muggle school in London. It was a battlefield for some of Britain’s brightest kids--and for parents who did nothing but boast about them. Competition was drilled into their moldable heads. They might as well have obliterated each other with the mere use of their minds just to achieve top marks. Dominic was just as ruthless as the others. Scratch that. He was a hundred times more merciless. He burned right through his classmates with little effort. Because of this, he was a regular in quiz bees in the United Kingdom in which he always bested the other contestants. By the time he was eight--the height of his glory--his medals and trophies can already fill up a wall from ceiling to floor, from end to end. The Wilsheres were already famous in both the football and dueling arenas, but Dominic’s achievements brought them to even greater heights. He was basically a celebrity and was called the “Wilshere Wonder”. An even greater boost occurred when it was discovered that his secret to success was the exceptional ability of having a photographic memory. However, in the following year, Dominic started growing tired of the attention he was getting. He grew tired of constantly pleasing his father so that he could be showed off. He also started to notice how his fame created a gaping chasm between him and two things: himself and his own family. At first, the air was wrought with envy. Eventually, it became worriment. His mother, brothers, and sisters were concerned on how Atticus constantly pushed Dominic to his limits, despite the fact he obviously can no longer function optimally, even for someone with an incredible mental capacity. But still, Atticus remained blind and deaf. It was only a matter of time before the problem blew out of proportion. Two nights before an international academic decathlon in Australia, nine-year old Dominic grew terribly ill due to sleepless days and nights of retaining a plethora of college-level subjects. Sienna insisted to forego the competition for his sake. Atticus was obviously defiant of the proposition. An interfamily fight quickly ensued. Deep-seated hostilities emerged and Atticus was angrily called out for his treatment on Dominic and the whole favoritism issue that resulted into rifts in their relationship as a family. Anyway, sick Dominic rose to the ruckus and finally snapped back at his own father, causing a chandelier to fall right beside them in the process--his first magical incident. He outright expressed his desire to live with his siblings as a normal kid. No quiz bees, competitions, talk shows, or any of that shit. Atticus was aghast. But against the arguments of his family, he finally came to his senses. It was suffice to say that a lot of crying and apologies happened after the fight. Very dramatic.

Dominic had a hard time loosening up to his siblings. After all, he was always locked up with his books and puzzles. He’s easily the most uptight and least sociable among the nine kids. It’s for these reasons that he didn’t get into much trouble as the others. He tried his best to change, really. He even went as far as causing trouble himself but usually failed. And because of this lack of proclivity for brewing chaos, it was often the subject of jokes, much to his chagrin. But over time, he got to enjoy their company despite being unable to discard his stiff attitude. He may not look like it but he’s genuinely happy for the first time in years. The family’s relationship was tried and tested beyond the incident that nearly broke Dominic, but he wouldn’t want it any other way for as long as they were together. Now that he’s nearing his first year in Hogwarts, Atticus thought that he should finally teach Dominic spells and dueling. This time, he was way more lenient, of course. He wouldn’t want another chandelier crashing down. The one that Dominic broke was downright expensive. Anyway, learning spells was painless for him. It was made even easier with his astuteness whenever he watched his parents and siblings duel. Although he was really good, his brothers and sisters, especially the fiery Briar, proved to be more than worthy opponents. Moving on, he entered Hogwarts at eleven years old and was sorted into Ravenclaw. His first two years turned out fine. As a whiz kid, acing classes was a walk in the park. Learning new material that greatly differed from his non-Muggle knowledge, like spells and potions, were mastered at a rapid rate. He’s basically the top student of his year. He was also a very formidable dueler even at the young age of twelve.

In his third year, Dominic earned the privilege of possessing a Time-Turner so that he could take all of the offered electives. It was no surprise that he still came out on top despite juggling twelve exhausting subjects in a term. Third year was a bit stressful for him but he still managed it easily. However, the succeeding years allowed Dominic’s childhood experiences to repeat themselves. He no longer saw competition with others. It was a deadly contest against himself. The increasing difficulty in academics compelled him to increase his expectations as well which was often harmful. Before he knew it, he started to treat himself in the same fashion Atticus treated him back then. He forced himself to go beyond his limits with no regard his well-being. Endless hours of studying secluded him from other people, including his siblings. He mostly had to rely on his web of gossip to keep him updated on what was happening. Inevitably, his thirst for knowledge, perfection, and self-worth broke him. Big time. In Dominic’s seventh year, he was supposed to take his N.E.W.T.s for all core and elective classes, as well as five additional ones. Finally, on the day before the examination, he suffered a severe meltdown. One couldn’t possibly fathom the overload of information that Dominic had to store in his brain. The physical and psychological stress he endured was just as profound. Honestly, everyone thought he would’ve died from the burnout. And because of what happened, he failed his N.E.W.T.s by default. Subsequently, he had to repeat his seventh year. For an overachiever, he definitely did not take the news lightly. Several intense breakdowns later, his family made him realize his great need for rest during the summer break. He did relatively well though he mostly shut himself out from the rest of the world. And now, he’s back in Hogwarts with a fervent desire to redeem himself.



Face ClaimBill Skarsgård
Eye ColourGreen
Hair ColourBrown
Height6'3 1/2"
Weight77 kg
Voice TypeBass
Blood TypeA+
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleMesomorph
ScentBurberry Brit

Family Information

FatherAtticus Wilshere
MotherSienna Wilshere nee Hawkins
Full SiblingsErin, Evan, Celeste, Cedric, Zeke, Zack, Briar, Wyatt
Half SiblingsNone
Other RelativesWilshere Family (paternal side)
Hawkins Family (maternal side)


Significant Other(s)None
Best Friend(s)None

Name Etymology

Given [ Dominic ]lordly, belonging to God, or of the Master
Middle [ Duke ]a male holding the highest hereditary title in the British and certain other peerages
Surname [ Wilshere ]Unknown


Favourite Colour
Favourite Movie
Favourite Song
Favourite Food
Favourite Drink
First Kiss
First Crush
First Love
First Time
Sports Played
Instruments Played
Biggest Hope
Biggest Regret
Best Memories
Worst Memories
Mental IllnessesObsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Criminal Record
Medical Record

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