donald finch-hatton
posh boy
3rd October
Charles Finch-Hatton (father)
Elizabeth Finch-Hatton (mother)
Nathanial Finch (half-brother)
Christopher Finch-Hatton (brother)
Blood Status
Human; Wizard
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Donnie Finch-Hatton is a sixth year Slytherin student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and a member of the influential Finch-Hatton family.

Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Matthew Hitt
Like all teenage boys who run on sugar and hormones do, Donnie veers more on the tall, pale and gangly side than anything remotely human-looking. The poshness probably factors into that, too. Standing at 6'2" and barely weighing more than a sack of flour, the only thing Donnie really has going for him is his face - brown eyes, mousy-brown hair and a charming smile, probably the only thing he didn't inherit from his parents. His fashion choices are a bit more relaxed than his family would like: they made a compromise that he could wear hoodies and beanies, as long as they were from upper-class stores.

London, England
Native Language
Earliest Memory
Throwing up Eton Mess all over the living room carpet
Type of Childhood
Lonely Privileged

Nobody really knows how or from where the Finch-Hatton family acquired their wealth and nobility, but they sure do have a lot of it. Their bloodline has been clean as a whistle since the 1300s, if you ignore a few slips with some stray cousins or rebellious sons here and there, and it's been something that the family had prided themselves upon for generations: the sheer lack of normality in their blood, nothing here but pure, unadulterated magic. So imagine their delight when it came to the 1980s and they were still knocking out pureblooded, magical children like there was no tomorrow. One of those children was Charles Finch-Hatton III, named after his father and his grandfather alike, the fifth of a litter, blue-eyed and blonde-haired and the epitome of all things noble.

Charles had a comfortable, privileged life, and even managed to find himself a wife in the shape of Elizabeth Fawn, a young and gentle nurse at St Mungo's who he quickly fell head over heels for. They married within eighteen months of their first date and by their second anniversary, they had two children: Nathaniel and Charles. (The actual father of Nathaniel is something which is still widely debated amongst the Finch-Hattons; nothing like a scandal to keep things fresh).

Donnie came along third. His parents, having done a pretty unstable job at parenting their first children, hoped that the newest would be the ideal noble son to whom they could pass on the family name with pride. Every penny they had was ploughed into Donnie's upbringing: he was sent to the finest private primary school, taught every language under the sun and pushed beyond his limits intellectually. Luckily, all of this work paid off - his natural intelligence became apparent at a very young age, when Donnie was sitting exams meant for children four or five years older than him. It was around this time he looked at the moon and realised, I want to go there. It would be a few years before he found out how bloody difficult that would be.

As soon as the teenage years hit, however, the true pressure of his lifestyle began to squeeze Donnie into a suit and a tie and a personality that didn't really fit him whatsoever. The demand for good grades, a clean attitude and an upturned nose became constant from his parents, which of course resulted in the beginning of the age of teenage rebellion. However, Donnie was clever enough to hide the new, devious side of himself. At home, he was the perfect angel. At school, he was beginning to discover his newfound magical powers - it's a wonder the Ministry never came after him with the number of times he broke windows or burned other children's books.

The decision to send him to Hogwarts was a reluctant one, given that homeschooling was a tradition in the Finch-Hattons. It was Donnie's relentless begging to stay amongst peers despite their "impure blood mixtures" that ensured his place there, which is honestly something he'll forever be grateful to his parents for. He'd probably go mad if he were homeschooled.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Intelligent, opportunistic, charming
Worst Qualities
Proud, thoughtless, privileged
Most Influenced By
Charles Finch-Hatton III
To say Donnie lives a double life would be a bit of an understatement. The boy his parents know and show off proudly at family gatherings the way one does a trophy or rare painting, is the antithesis of the mischievous, cheeky guy his friends have grown to love. As nauseating as it can be to hear, growing up privileged really does have its downsides, as minute as they are: being constantly shaped and moulded and shoved into a personality that doesn't really fit you will never end well. Consequently, Donnie has ironically become numb to consequences. He doesn't think ahead, lives in the present and doesn't really care what the effects of his actions are. This blindness often leads to dumb actions (setting things on fire, day drinking, hexing students, etc.) but it has also been the driving force behind some of the most enjoyable times of his life (the time he and Val set off fireworks in the Great Hall springs to mind), so is it really a character flaw?

Beneath all the bravado and bad ideas, Donnie is a very intelligent young soul, destined for a future in astrophysics - or three terms at Oxbridge, at least. Since being a kid, he's always been fascinated with the solar system: stars, galaxies, black holes. How an entire universe came from an explosion, and what could have been there before it. The fact that wizardkind has never been to the moon is downright offensive to Donnie, and it's definitely on his bucket list as something to achieve. How the hell the Muggles managed it first, he'll never know.

His charm is probably what will keep Donnie alive, given the fact he has absolutely zero filter and tends to say whatever pops into his head. It's quite a natural gift that he can put on a dazzling smile and turn any insult into some sort of compliment. It's gotten him out of detention more than once.

The only real issue with Donnie isn't a personality thing, as such: he's very, very breakable. Seriously. He's in hospital at least twice a month. The doctors can't seem to pinpoint the cause, and his parents think it's a side effect of some "Muggle blood" entering the family a few generations back, but the reality is that Donnie is just very unlucky. It's something that's plagued him since birth. You bump into him, he'll break a hip. You breathe on him hard, his lung will collapse. God forbid he ever gets into gambling.

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Donnie Finch-Hatton - sixth year slytherin student • posh boy

- "The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff."
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skills and magical abilities
Astrophysics: Not a magical skill, but a general interest. His knowledge and understanding of this particular quarter of physics rivals that of most experts, and it's Donnie's dream to one day go into space.

Charms: A charming subject for a charming lad.

Piano: Forced to play multiple instruments as a child in the hope of becoming Mozart, piano is the only one that actually stuck.


Richard Dick Windsor
Donnie and Dick have been friends for, like, ever. Their shared intelligence could probably cure cancer, and they certainly have the same mischevious streak which gets them into all sorts of trouble. Recently, Donnie has found himself growing quite jealous of Dick, now that the true royalty of his blood is coming to fruition (fifth in line!), but he doesn't show it. Much.

Holly Costa
Holly's so cute! So cute. She's River's kind-of little sister, and although Donnie doesn't know her as well as he'd like to, he certainly considers her a bestie already. They share an interest in astronomy, which is awesome, but what makes Holly really special is how sharp she is, both in mind and in tongue. And she's funny as hell. Donnie's kind of smitten.

Xavi Thomas
Xavier is kind of like Donnie's partner in crime - well, partner in "exploring abandoned houses and nearly dying in the process". And they kiss occasionally. Donnie finds Xavier endlessly fascinating, whether it be the secret gang he claims to be part of or his complete lack of fear regarding anything dangerous. There's something about Xavier that Donnie wants to figure out, and he's not sure how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Allura Mendoza
Allura certainly lives up to her name. Sharing a love of astronomy and Muggle tech, Donnie finds himself somewhat entranced by Allura whenever he's with her, like he's just kind of in awe of her. Yeah. But she's totally taken, so for now he can just enjoy her company and whip-sharp humour and hope they can hang out in the Kitchens together forever.

Valkyrie Grimm
Valkyrie is by far Donnie's favourite out of their little clique. She's always the first one by his side whenever he's ill or in hospital, and she's always the one who takes him out for pizza afterwards. They share an easy friendship, and Donnie feels like he can always talk to her, about anything and everything.

Whitney du Mont
Donnie was lowkey scared of Whitney and her commanding presence when he first met her, but since then he has grown to absolutely love how passionate and determined she is. Being a hell of a gossip, Donnie gets most of his knowledge from her about happenings in school - which is great, but he can't tell her anything.

Margot Phillips
Margot's awesome, and someone who Donnie feels incredibly at ease with. They swear at each other and insult each other a lot to express their fondness, but Donnie knows that he could talk to her about anything.

Izzy Gaunt-Kingsley
God, this woman is fucking terrifying. With her hair and her lipstick and the not-so-important detail of her running a group of assassins, Donnie is both attracted to her and shit scared of her. He's well aware of how much of his life is in her hands, but that doesn't mean he doesn't want to see her again. Quite the opposite, really.

Xavi Thomas
Xavi is the first person Donnie really felt something before, beneath all the bravado and flirting and charming smiles. However, he knows it won't work out: between Donnie's homophobic family, the tournament and the constant threat of the Serpents, maybe it just isn't worth all the trouble. Maybe. He can't tell.

Izzy Gaunt-Kingsley
Sexual tension? Check. Donnie doesn't know what it is about Izzy that's so captivating, but he knows that during his short time running with the Serpents, she was all he thought about. She's a complete nutjob, though, so it's probably for the best that it ended how it did.



*Donnie's sexuality is a bit of a touchy subject. His parents wanted a straight kid, so he pretends to be one most of the time. It's not something he really likes to talk about.
*He has a fear of stairs after he fell down some one day and broke his collarbone.
*He can't cook. At all.
*Years of posh education and self-studying has left him decently fluent in multiple languages.
*He has a soft spot for owls, having owned one as a kid.
*His grades are really good, mainly so he can keep his inheritance.
*He really likes being outdoors, especially in forests. You'll probably find him in the Forbidden Forest if he ever goes missing.
*To say he grew up in a strict Pureblood household, he's the most accepting person you'll ever meet.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Pansexual, panromantic
Relationship Status
First Love
Languages Spoken
English, French, German, Italian, Arabic, and others.
Losing his status
Favorite Drink
San Pelligrino
Favorite Sweet
Polo mints
Amortentia Scents
Polish, fresh parchment, summer meadows
Favorite Color
Sunset orange


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