Birthday 3rd october
Age 23
Status alive
Pronunciation DONN-nee finn-cch HAT-tonn
Family charles finch-hatton (father)
elizabeth finch-hatton (mother)
Handedness right
Gender male
Orientation pan
Relationship unhappily married
Nationality english
Speaks english; french; german; arabic; italian
Species human
Blood Status pureblood
Eye Color brown
Hair Color brown
Height 6'2"
Model andrew garfield

Like all young men who run on sugar and alcohol do, Donnie veers more on the tall, pale and gangly side than anything remotely human-looking. The poshness probably factors into that, too. Standing at 6'2" and barely weighing more than a sack of flour, the only thing Donnie really has going for him is his face - brown eyes, mousy-brown hair and a charming smile, probably the only thing he didn't inherit from his parents. Despite his job and his general upper-classness, he still prefers comfier clothes. You won't catch him dead in a suit outside of work.
To say Donnie lives a double life would be a bit of an understatement. The boy his parents know and show off proudly at family gatherings the way one does a trophy or rare painting, is the antithesis of the mischievous, cheeky guy his friends have grown to love. As nauseating as it can be to hear, growing up privileged really does have its downsides, as minute as they are: being constantly shaped and moulded and shoved into a personality that doesn't really fit you will never end well. Consequently, Donnie has ironically become numb to consequences. He doesn't think ahead, lives in the present and doesn't really care what the effects of his actions are. This blindness often leads to dumb actions (setting things on fire, day drinking, hexing students, etc.) but it has also been the driving force behind some of the most enjoyable times of his life (the time he and Val set off fireworks in the Great Hall springs to mind), so is it really a character flaw?

Beneath all the bravado and bad ideas, Donnie is a very intelligent young soul, destined for a future in astrophysics - or three terms at Oxbridge, at least. Since being a kid, he's always been fascinated with the solar system: stars, galaxies, black holes. How an entire universe came from an explosion, and what could have been there before it. The fact that wizardkind has never been to the moon is downright offensive to Donnie, and it's definitely on his bucket list as something to achieve. How the hell the Muggles managed it first, he'll never know.

His charm is probably what will keep Donnie alive, given the fact he has absolutely zero filter and tends to say whatever pops into his head. It's quite a natural gift that he can put on a dazzling smile and turn any insult into some sort of compliment. It's gotten him out of detention more than once.

The only real issue with Donnie isn't a personality thing, as such: he's very, very breakable. Seriously. He's in hospital at least twice a month. The doctors can't seem to pinpoint the cause, and his parents think it's a side effect of some "Muggle blood" entering the family a few generations back, but the reality is that Donnie is just very unlucky. It's something that's plagued him since birth. You bump into him, he'll break a hip. You breathe on him hard, his lung will collapse. God forbid he ever gets into gambling.

Boggart losing his status
Amortentia polish; parchment; summer meadows
Patronus magpie
Interests astrophysics; muggle history; herbology
Pet Peeve intolerance
Habits bumping into people, walking into walls
Star Sign libra
Dreams/Goals go to space
Color orange
Song nfwmb
Show the crown
Movie kill your darlings
Book hogwarts: a history
Food polo mints
Drink san pelligrino

*donnie's sexuality is a bit of a touchy subject. his parents wanted a straight kid, so he pretends to be one most of the time. it's not something he really likes to talk about.
*he has a fear of stairs after he fell down some one day and broke his collarbone.
*he can't cook. at all.
*years of posh education and self-studying has left him decently fluent in multiple languages.
*he has a soft spot for owls, having owned one as a kid.
*he really likes being outdoors, especially in forests.
*to say he grew up in a strict pureblood household, he's the most accepting person you'll ever meet.

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