Donovan Oswald
Chikei Alumni
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Donovan Oswald
Basic Information
Full Name: Donovan Cole Xiaosheng Oswald
(Teo Xiaosheng/张晓声)
Born: 27 April 2003
Age: 27
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Wizard
Nationality: British-Chinese
Ethnicity: Asian; Chinese
Donovan Oswald 2
More Information
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Romantic Orientation: Panromantic
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: Londoner with a noticable Beijing accent on words beginning with "r"
Birthplace: Beijing, China
Native Language: Mandarin
Languages Spoken: Mandarin, English, Korean
Current Location: His Home
Magical Information
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Wand Wood: Ebony
Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring
Wand Length: 10 Inches
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: Crow
Boggart: Isolation
Exotic?: No
Schooling Information
Schooling: Mahoutokoro School of Magic
House: Chikei
Year: Alumni
Year Joined: First
Mahoutokoro (Fan-Crest 1)
Donovan Oswald 3

Donovan's a very laid-back guy; forever stuck in the mentality of whatever happens happens and that most things happen for a reason. He's extremely humble too, given the fact he's had such a lavish life and continues to do so thanks to his mother's generous monthly donations. He's extremely open minded and finds a sense of enjoyment out of seeing things from the perspective of others. He's very much a social butterfly and has a seemingly endless amount of confidence that has grown since taking up his bartender job.

Despite this, Donovan does have anger issues. He never used to but in the past couple of years he's began to have his moments. Albeit they're few and far between, they're still there. He tries not to let anyone see them though, preferring to conceal them away - so much so that those who live with him have figured out that if a certain glass or mug goes missing or something's broken, it's the result of these issues. Donovan's also extremely stubborn and arrogant - if he doesn't want to do something, he's not doing it and that's final.

For the most part, Donovan is pleasant. Those around him will vouch and say he's a pleasure to be around. He very much suits being an adult - he's compassionate at the right times, independent but still caring about others and the ability to make rational decisions that concern his household.


Blood supremacy, an idealogy that spans decades across the world, more intense in some places. Teo Xiaosheng was born into a magical community so intensely caught up on the idea of blood supremacy that those who believed otherwise were disowned, killed or (seen as the worst option) sent to makeshift correctional facilities in hopes of reshaping their views if they saw differently. Xiaosheng was doomed from the start. You see, he was born to one of the community's pure-blooded elites and a muggle man. His mother fell in love with him and promised to do everything in her path to protect him, convincing many in the clan that he was a pure-blood himself and as such, Xiaosheng and his younger sister Meirong were believed to be among the elite of the society with a type of magic so powerful some could only dream of having.

The family's facade worked perfectly for many years, so much so that they were even named as the ideal family by the head of the community and those around them strove to be like them. In the back of their parents' minds, however, was the fear that neither Xiaosheng or Meirong would inherit their mother's magical heritage and be safer than without. To their delight, Xiaosheng had his first magical experience when he was eight years old in which he made the flowers of the house bloom despite it being deep in the winter season. The family celebrated because one of their children would be safe from prosecution, or so they hoped.

Xiaosheng attended Mahoutokro for his wizarding education and, whilst there, many, many disastrous things happened. Firstly it was discovered that Meirong hadn't inherited such abilities and was promptly shunned by the community in the belief that she was a squib. Instead of disowning her or having her killed, the family sent her to live with her father's muggle family before proceeding to cut off contact with her for her own benefit. Knowledge of his father's heritage then broke out and soon, in his sixth year, Xiaosheng learnt that his mother had fled the community after his father was murdered and that she strongly advised that he never return for his own protection.

When he graduated, that's what he did. He settled in Beijing and proceeded to live a muggle life, reconnecting with his sister once more. He was happy for many years until, one fateful morning of nostalgia, he felt the urge to return to see how life had changed. He knew it was a risk, his mother vehemently disagreeing with it but he ventured on regardless. He managed to lie low in the community for a week - his appearance having changed significantly enough where he coudln't be detected. Sadly, however, he was caught and sent to one of the feared correctional facilities with hopes that he'd see how low he was for his blood status and that he'd find his place within the community.

He stayed at the facility for five years where he met a young Korean girl who had been sent for loving her squib brother. The two stuck together, forming an older brother/younger sister type relationship, promising each other that they'd try to escape one day. This escape came in the form of a routine walk - whilst the facility was horrific it relied on it's patients being in the best shape they could be and subsequently there were many walks to and in the fields that surrounded the building. The escape was gruelling and long but eventually they escaped after hazing those supervising them, managing to find a way back to Shanghai. Knowing they were in danger, the two bought tickets to the United Kingdom (with the help of Xiaosheng's mother, of course) and changed their names; Xiaosheng becoming Donovan and the two taking on the last name Oswald.

Donovan's lived in the UK for a year now and he's perfected his accent to the best of his abilities - there's still some definite hints of his former Beijing accent but, for the most part, one would believe he's lived in London all his life. He's gotten a job as a bartender and works to support himself and Chantelle and not rely so much on his mother's monthly donations.

Model: Godfrey Gao
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 6'3
Weight: 150 lbs
Voice Type: Baritone
Distinguishing Marks: None
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Father: Teo Enlai
Mother: Ban Lanying
Full Siblings: Teo Meirong
Half Siblings: N/A
Guardian(s): Nobody
Spouse: N/A
Children: Chantelle Oswald (adoptive)
Other Relatives: None
Name Meaning:
  • Current Name: Donovan -> Irish baby name meaning dark-haired chiefitian.
  • Middle names: Cole -> From Middle English meaning charcoal, coal or swarthy. | Xiaosheng (晓声) | Xiao (晓) -> Dawn, Day Break | Sheng (声) -> Sound, Noise
  • Surname: Oswald -> From the Anglo-Saxon Osweald, meaning 'ruler of God.'
Favourite Colour: Maroon
Favourite Movie: Battle Royale
Favourite Song: Too many to choose from
Favourite Food: Dorayaki
Favourite Drink: Green Tea
Most Important People: Aito Adachi
Most Treasured Possessions: Two bracelets Aito and Chantelle got him
Custom Trivia:
  • Around amortentia, he smells...
Donovan Oswald 5
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