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Dorian Deodati
Child Soldier
Born of trickery • Born of violence


Birthday 30th of August, 2018
Age 29 years old
Pronunciation Door-ee-yan
Family None but her mother
Gender Cis male but he's never explored his gender
Pronouns He / Him
Orientation Bisexual
Relationship Single
Nationality English
Languages English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and French
Residence Doesn't have a full time home
Religion Atheist
Handedness Right
Roleplayer Time
Sorting Forum Here


Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 6'2
Style Practical
Faceclaim Michele Morrane




Dorian Deodati is the eldest child of Magdalena Lestrange and Ernest Longbottom. Not that anyone knows this. No-Ernest gave him up only moments after he was born. As is tradition for those in the iron chain. What has become a crime syndicate began with somewhat honorable intentions hundreds and hundreds of years beforehand. Believing the magical world is corrupt, they wanted to make the world a better place. More open, free, without boundaries. However, as many things do, power began to corrupt and as their power and influence grew, the more sinister they became. By the modern day, they turned into a destructive group. Not that anyone knows this, their priority is anonymity. They pin a lot of their actions onto other people. They don't know who the other members are, when they meet they use polyjuice potions to disguise themselves. Only one person knows the identity of the figurehead. Most of their numbers were raised as children, it's easier to indoctrinate them than adults. They do this through their men having multiple wives with each wive's first born child must be given to the organisation. These children grew into all sorts of people. Soldiers, guards, ministry workers. All sorts of positions that could aid their cause. The one good end result with Fitzgerald is that a lot of them were flushed out of the English ministry during his years, dampening their power even to this day. With Dorian Deodati, this was no different. His father was Ernest Longbottom and his mother Josephine Ritchard, his best friend's wife. As the eldest child, Dorian was given to the order whilst his little brother and sister, Julian and Florence respectively, were spared. For Julian, however, he should have been apart of it but his own father, Zach, hid them away, passing Dorian off as his first born. Josephine, despite being so involved, was unaware of the group and her two men's involvement with them and believed that Ernest and Zach had had a falling out. When Ernest had a falling out with the group, he faked a gambling addiction and disappeared in order to keep the group away from his family.

For Dorian, however, he grew up in the brutal system. It was survival of the fittest. Isolated and alienated from everyone around him, as they couldn't know each other, he didn't have many friends growing up. No, he had no friends. No parents, no positive influences, just the training that often resulted in death for so many of his peers. He was long use to wearing a mask by the time he was five, and he often found himself looking into a mirror believing his image to be an alien. As expected, he was magical and had his first magical incident at the age of six. He made a knife hover in the air before throwing it across the room. Dorian had always had a natural talent and anyone could see he was someone to watch out for. As a child, he was wanting to find approval, get out of the group where he was well aware he'd never survive. Ambition, a need to survive, and spite drove him forward. He wasn't accepted into school, kept in the organisation as he grew older. They taught him everything he needed to know, how to be a good wizard, a legilimen, how to stay alive. He was trained to be a soldier, not anything else.

He knew who his father was. He knew that he had siblings out there. How many? He wasn't sure. But he knew the circumstances of his birth. He knew that, if he had been born a few months later than he did, he would have had a vastly different life. Thus, it should make sense then that when he reached the age of twenty, all he wanted to do was track them down. Isn't that what any disconnected family member who has grown up with little to no human connection wants to do? Go get himself turned into a vampire, that's what. He was twenty four at this time, and by this point, he'd risen up the ranks, become one of the twelve figureheads. He was known by his stage name, considered one of the best they had. First in his group of candidates, save for the one girl, he could never beat her. But she disappeared when she was seventeen, presumed dead. So he took the mantle. When he was twenty, he killed one of the leaders. He tracked them down, figured out who they were, and took their place. No one knew the difference. He was moving up in the world, making bank, people listened to him. But it didn't work–it didn't fill the void in his soul. Power grew old. He kept tabs on his brother and sister. When he was nineteen, he helped the group track down Zach Ritchard. He didn't really know what they would do (kidding, of course he did) but he had no loyalty to his brother's father.

He became a dhampir really by accident. He'd slept with Constantin Altair and drunkenly jokes about it. One thing lead to another and Dorian was a dhampir. He quite enjoyed the new abilities, the speeding around without having to sacrifice human food. It was the best of both lives. It was during this period that he met her. It was a simple one night stand. He didn't really think much of it before he moved on. No consequences, right? He was drunk on power, nothing could touch him. In terms of his siblings...well, in all honesty, he was pretty much ignoring them. The only time he interacted with one of them himself was Julian. The group knew he was connected to the parade and they needed to get rid of Nikita's group. So they got Julian and Dorian was put into a position where he could either let Julian be put under a legilimen or step in. And he did the latter. He couldn't do much, he couldn't outright rescue him and put himself in the line of danger. So he convinced them that Julian didn't know anything, that his role was minimal, but he had other uses: he could be used to get rid of Nikita's group and place stress onto the parade. He got Julian to disappear, have his memories replaced, and even whispered the idea of going to England a few months later. It was four months later did he find out-he was going to be a dad.

He knew it was a bullshit motivation. This man finally learnt how to be a good person because of a kid, as if they somehow parented him rather than the ofher way round. However, the reason he resented his siblings was because of their family, their close friends. He didnt have one for being the one given over. His child, by law, was under the ownership of the votary, intended to be taken so that they could be trained, regardless of what the parents wanted. He didn't want to involve the mother in law, let alone steal her child from her in order to appease his group. A group he had been growing more and more disenfranchised with. So he hid them away, made sure no one but the baby mother knew he was the dad. He told her it was for the best that he stayed well away. In fact, he was even cruel, trying to get her to hate him and not want him to have anything to do with the kid. His plan worked. Now, knowing they wont be tracking him down, he began to do the only thing that would keep his child truly safe: the destruction of the votary.


Dorian isn't exactly someone most people would want to meet during their life. While perhaps he isn't inherently evil, or even cruel, he's been conditioned since birth to be a certain way and he's only now coming to terms that he has to change. Change for the better, unlearn his entire belief system, if he is to give himself a better life. All he's known is violence and control, thats why he sought after power for so long. He believed it would make him happy as that's what he was taught to revere growing up. Love doesn't come easily to him but when it does hit him, it takes his breath away. It's why he's doing everything to protect what little sunshine he has in his life, even if it means staying away, keeping to the shadows.

It goes without saying Dorian isn't weak. Cunning, skilled, in both magic and other areas, and often times ruthless, Dorian ignored his own humanity for a long time. But only so much he can do when it doesn't want to ignore him. Most people think Dorian is in it for himself, selfish, but one of the reasons he let himself be groomed was because he believed he was helping improve the world. It took him decades to break out of that mentality. In truth, he doesn't know what, or who, he is outside of his upbringing. It's rather difficult to say when you haven't experienced something. Most of what he knows of the normal world is through film and other media outlets. But even then, it always seemed rather alien. Not boring, as some might consider it, but strange. Fascinating, but strange. Like aliens. The plus side to all this is that Dorian is very good under pressure. In fact, pressure is nothing to him. It's an every day feeling that has become his status quo. It's only now, when his actions might impact someone else, that it's really settling in.


Interests He has no idea, but he likes his plants
Habits Biting his nails off
Pet Peeves He has too many
Goals To have a part in his daughter's life
Enneagram The Reformer
Star Sign Leo
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Love Language Acts of service

Magical Characteristics

Wand Aspen wood with a dragon heartstring core, 13 and reasonably supple flexibility
Amortentia Fresh soil, cherries, and musk
Patronus A cobra (can't produce one)
Patronus Memory None
Boggart His daughter being recruited
Blood Status Halfblood
Peculiar yes, dhampir


Song Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey
TV Show None
Book None
Movie None
Color Violet


Dorian Deodati
Child Soldier
Born of trickery • Born of violence