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Birthday 30th december
Age 17
Status alive
Pronunciation DOOR-ee-an MAY-er
Family too many siblings
Handedness right
Gender male
Orientation pan
Relationship single
Nationality german
Speaks german; english; flemish; french
Species squib
Blood Status pureblood
Eye Color blue
Hair Color brown
Height 6'1"
Model maxence danet-fauvel

One of Dorian's siblings once said that Dorian looks like an anime protagonist, and with hair like that, it's hard to disagree. Standing at around 6'1" tall and with the muscular strength of a paper bag, he falls right into the stereotypical image of a teenage boy who survives on caffeine and cheap food: a spindly frame that would barely survive a strong wind, paired with big blue eyes and a smile that could get him out of any situation. Unfortunately, that smile doesn't make many appearances. Usually it's a furrow of concentration, eyebrows pulled together as he pores over whatever project he's working on. The lack of effort in his appearance extends to his fashion sense, too. Ugly grandpa jumpers are a particular favourite, all chunky and decidedly beige, paired with whatever pair of jeans are clean and some scruffy white trainers. Yeah, he has bigger things to care about than his clothes.
Seven kids is far too many. Far too many. That didn't stop the Meyers from having them. You would think that when both parents are in pretty high positions of the Deutsches Zaubereiministerium and spend the majority of their time travelling around Germany (or, in his mother's case, the world), they wouldn't have much left to dedicate to one child, let alone seven of them. And Dorian was the fifth to come along, born in a small village in lower Saxony just one day shy of the new year. The sheer size of the family extended beyond immediate relatives, too; it was one of those where every aunt and uncle also has three kids minimum, leading to some very interesting Christmas parties, and he's pretty sure he's never met half of his cousins. But six other siblings is more than enough, thanks.

It was a very pureblood family too, boasting some pretty powerful wizards throughout. But aside from magical skill, it became clear early on that every Meyer child had inherited the intelligence gene, as well as some sort of natural talent in an area - while one of his brothers was playing the violin at four years old and another was destined for Quidditch stardom at seven, Dorian found his home in technology. Muggle technology, funnily enough. Call it foreshadowing. Whenever one of his parents would encounter Muggle artefacts and objects on their travels, they would bring it home and allow Dorian to prise it apart and examine it. His room was always littered with half-built electronics and cassette tapes and ballpoint pens. A career in the Zaubereiministerium was inevitable, likely in the Muggle-focused departments, and his parents had the whole thing mapped out early on. There was one problem, though: he wasn't magic.

This is where things started to turn upside-down. You see, all of the other Meyer children had already shown their first signs of magic by the age of six. Dorian was eight, nine, ten years old and still not able to cast a single spell. Most of the family chalked it up to simply being a late bloomer, but his parents knew the truth deep down and thus were not surprised when everybody received a letter to Durmstrang on their eleventh birthday except Dorian.

Honestly, it messed with him. Despite the harmonious relationships he had with all of his siblings (a rare event when there are so many of them) and the many experiences that a magical family had brought him, finding out that you're so different from everything you've ever known is- a bit of a shock. He lost interest in a lot of the things that brought him comfort - sports, magical creatures and tinkering with tech - and after a brief period of feeling utterly hopeless, he decided that shit, he was going to do something to change it. He's smart enough, right? That's where the obsession began. Muggle science had always been a fascinating subject but as soon as he began diving into the possibilities of gene manipulation and genetic engineering, it was like falling down a rabbit hole. Now, Dorian eats, sleeps and breathes science. Namely, trying to find a way to somehow activate his own magical genes. They must exist, right? Everybody else in his family has them. His just- aren't awake yet. Regardless of whether or not it's possible - and to be honest, Dorian has kind of dismissed the idea that it's not - his happiness is riding on it.
"Focused" doesn't begin to describe Dorian. Neither does "workaholic". Even without the whole trying-to-become-magic dilemma, Dorian's life would revolve around his work; be it university projects, random errands or manning the lab at WizCo, everything is a mammoth task which requires as much effort as can be physically dedicated to ensure perfection every time. Which is difficult when you're as clumsy as he is, but it's the thought that counts. It consumes pretty much his entire week, does work, and leaves him very little time for socialising or, God forbid, having fun. Fun to Dorian is having a movie on in the background while he waits for whatever lab experiment he's concocting to erupt, or playing chess online at three in the morning when his brain won't wind down. And don't even get me started on plans. On the rare occasion he finds space to go out with friends or family, he usually cancels at last minute because he's had a lightbulb moment and just has to get to the lab. You come to expect it of him, really. And the impulsiveness doesn't end there. To say he's a scientist who dabbles in some very sensitive elements, he's worryingly optimistic; it almost borders on egotism, how certain he is that every idea he has is definitely going to go well. Nothing's ever blown up or killed anyone in the past, and it's put somewhat of a dent in his common sense. Sometimes your brain just runs away with you, you know?

Unsurprisingly, socialising isn't exactly Dorian's strong point, though he doesn't see an issue with it. Growing up with six siblings - all of whom as talented at something as him - leaves you absolutely exhausted by lunchtime, especially when they're all wizards and you're not. That's another roadblock in his socialisation skills: the squib thing. Namely, if the wizarding and Muggle communities are so separate (and the latter don't even know that the former exists), then why should he bother familiarising himself with other Muggles? Wouldn't it make more sense to live as much of a magical life as he can, until he's successful with his task? Hence why you'll only ever find him in magical areas. His grotty little apartment in Lincliff isn't much but WizCo pays the rent and the British magical community has always been more accepting of him than his own family ever was.

At least, that's what Dorian thinks. You see, this determination to activate whatever dormant magical genes exist within him (they must be there) has morphed into almost an obsession over the years, particularly since he began studying biology at a higher level and is now convinced he can achieve some sort of breakthrough. On his own. Because that's likely. See what I mean about optimism? It's devolved into tunnel-vision at this point, and consequently warped his perception of his family: they have never been unaccepting of him, quite the opposite, but Dorian is so convinced that they must think lesser of him when they're all powerful wizards and he's just- well, just Dorian - that it has coloured his memories of them far beyond recognition. There's a reason he dodges all their calls.

When he's not a constant knot of stress at the lab or a hermit in his room, you might see him dotted around Lincliff here and there, at cafés or the cinema. He brings an analytical lens to pretty much every aspect of his life - working out the perfect ratio of coffee-to-milk, the probability of deaths in Final Destination movies, the likelihood of Quidditch teams winning based on who is playing Keeper position - and can be kind of annoying when he gets hung up on a detail. But that's just him. He has no idea how to relax. His daily norm is working until he's simply too tired to work anymore, often neglecting personal needs like eating and sleeping, and until he manages to crack this puzzle of magic, that routine is unlikely to change anytime soon. He can be chilled out, he knows it's possible - he just can't remember the last time he was.

Boggart being rejected by his family
Amortentia butterbeer; eliza's room; cigarette smoke
Patronus n/a
Wand n/a
Interests muggle science & tech; movies; puzzles; muggle football
Pet Peeve distractedness; unnecessary noise; weak coffee
Habits falling asleep at his desk
MBTI istj
Star Sign capricorn
Dreams/Goals become magic
Color navy blue
Song my shot
Show agents of shield
Movie the fly
Book sapiens
Food chinese takeout
Drink black coffee

- he's a huge movie buff, particularly loving studio ghibli and horror movies, though he's annoying to watch them with.
- his eyesight is terrible, and he's always knocking things over and missing the corners of tables.
- he's utterly addicted to caffeine, to the point where he has pretty bad headaches after going a day without coffee.
- he sleepwalks, and has woken up outside on more than one occasion.
- for how smart he is, he has no common sense.
- he keeps trying to go vegan but it never really sticks.
- one of his elder brothers is in a semi-famous wizarding band and merlin, does dorian never hear the end of it.
- he has a pet lizard called mushu, after the mulan character.
- he paints his nails black, to try and stop himself biting them when he's bored or stressed out.
- he likes going on midnight walks through the city.
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