Welcome to the dormitory page. Here, you place your character's name in one section and the next section is the link to the dormitory page. This tells the wiki that those character's share a room together. The other characters will be listed underneath.

When naming your dormitory page, name it (for example) 'Slytherin Dormitories/12G'. The '1' represents the year level, the '2' representing the second room and 'G' representing that the room belongs to girls only. Another example is '43B'. The '4' is the fourth year, the '3' is the third room of that year level, and 'b' says it's a boys room.

The maximum is four people per room & the minimum is two.

It is not compulsory to participate in this.

Cross year is allowed but inter house isn't. Only by one year, though. Thus, it is possible for a sixth year and fourth year too share a room but there must be a 5th year in the room as well. However, we ask that you avoid this and provide some sort of reason IC for this situation.

Furthermore, the year levels are dictated by the first character jotted down. For example, John Smith is a third year so only second years, third years and fourth years can share a room with John Smith. Not a fifth year or a first year. Furthermore, it is John Smith's year that declares what year level the room is. For example, as he is a third year, his page name would be '32B' even though he may have a second and/or a fourth year sharing with him.

The rooms are separated into genders. Boys cannot share with girls.

To make a page, you must use the Hogwarts coding (found here) but you have free reign with the image. Furthermore, we do ask that you do coordinate with the house colours:

Gryffindor: #ab4a32

Slytherin: #607860

Ravenclaw: #183048

Hufflepuff: #e4ba7e

For an example of what the page is meant to look like, please see Slytherin Dormitories.

Once each character has graduated or been made inactive, the page will be cleaned by a member of OOC and removed from this list.

You can sign your character up in the left section and other users can sign up their own character underneath. It doesn't have to be planned! But do remember to ask the other user if you can place your character in the room, just to avoid any misunderstandings.

There must be a minimum of two characters to make the page, if you want to restrict your characters to two people only, please make the page and remove the character count. If you want people to add their characters, then keep the character count there (e.g. 2/4).

Characters Room
11G (4/4)
71B (1/4)
41G (2/4)
72B (1/4)
71G (3/4)

51G (1/4)

Characters Bedroom
11G (2/4)
73B (0/4)
61G (3/4)
12B (0/4)
71G (1/4)
41G (1/4)
51B (4/4)
62G (3/4)

Characters Bedroom
11G (2/4)
11B (0/4)
12G (0/4)
12B (0/4)
71B (1/4)

61G (3/4)

Characters Bedroom
71G (2/4)
21B (1/4)
12B (2/4)
51G (4/4)
51B (1/4)
42G (0/4)
43G (3/4)

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