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Dragomir Alexandrov
Veela Representative
small time storyteller and full time charmer


Birthday January Third, 2020
Age 27
Pronunciation Drag-oh-meer
Family Remy Kowalski, Bowie St. Piere
Gender Cis man
Pronouns He/him
Orientation Homosexual
Relationship Single
Nationality Zmajkovian
Languages English and French
Residence Lincliff City
Religion Atheist
Handedness Right
Roleplayer Time
Sorting Forum Here


Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 6'0
Style Casual
Faceclaim Michael B Jordan




*Twin brother to Remy but father is a veela, living in Zmajkovo.
  • Audrey, his mother, originally gave him up for adoption but his father eventually came back and found him after a few years.
  • Raised in Zmajkovo with little to no discrimination by the other people around him. In fact, some of the other Veelas were surprised to find out he was only half.
  • When he was three, his father brought home another child, a daughter, Dragomir's half sister. He instantly bonded with the baby and took his job as older brother incredibly seriously.
  • He was seven years old when he had his first magical incident. His sister tripped at the top of stairs and he stopped her fall by making her freeze. His father told him about his other heritage and Dragomir was quietly given tutelage on how to control his magic without a wand. This became his version of Hogwarts. Even to the current day, Dragomir is more use to wandless magic than the other way round. It's what he's use to.
  • It didn't take long for Dragomir to grow into an ambitious person. He wanted to give back to the place that took him in. He knew it didn't matter, that he had every right to live in Zmajkovo, but he wanted to help out the community. He wanted to be like his father, but better. People respected his father, trusted him, liked him, Dragomir wanted that too. He thrived on people's approval of him.
  • He was treated as almost royalty in the community. Dragomir didn't have any enemies, everyone liked him, and he stood out in a crowd. Sometimes, that positioned people to be alienated–but not Dragomir. He was almost a novelty.
  • However, everything eventually has to come to an end. Doesn't it?
  • He spent all his childhood in that place. Sheltered, in a way, but he had no interest in the outside world. He was content running along with his friends, learning and learning whatever the teachers there taught him. He had one friend, all he needed really, the others didn't challenge him enough. His friend did.
  • Life was good, relaxing, he had nothing serious to worry about. He was looking at a simple life. His sister, though, was becoming more and more restless in the place. She wanted to get out. Experience the outside world, even if they tell her it would do her no good.
  • Dragomir's friend was the only one who could keep her aspirations at bay. She often followed the two boys everywhere they went and Dragomir couldn't ever convince her to stay, but his friend could. He showed her all the secret places that Dragomir could never show her, he was never the type to go exploring. He'd always been surrounded by people. Isolation wasn't something he knew until he met the friend.
  • He'd fallen for the friend, of course he did, it was slow and natural. Like it was meant to happen. But it was never returned, no matter how close he was to his friend. It was hard to fall in love with someone when your heart already belonged to another.
  • He caught them at the edge of a lake. They had left him alone, his dad had needed him for a job but he had finished early so he headed down. Only to find the two together. Kissing. Dragomir was nineteen, the friend eighteen, his sister sixteen. In his opinion? Still too young for him. Maybe it was jealousy, maybe it was him being a protective older brother. Either way-he didn't approve of it. And he made his opinion known. Still, they convinced him to keep his mouth shut. Still, after that he kept his distance from them, spending time working for the council.
  • As dramatic as it was, he promised himself he'd never open up his heart to someone like he did for his friend. And he didn't, not for a long time.
  • When he was twenty, his father told him that he had to go into the outside world. Experience. Really, they were tossing him into the mouth of a wolf. They were hoping he could smuggle the veela's out of the UK, save them from Fitzgerald. Problem was: his sister wanted to come with him. It was an opportunity to leave the place, see the world. He just wishes it wasn't the UK that she insisted on seeing.
  • He did manage to save a few people (and really, saving them meant the world to them. He couldn't dream of saving everyone, could he?) but as the years progressed, his sister got caught up and was one of the ones who died during the riot.
  • His friend visited, snuck into the UK to try and convince him to come home but he said no, pushed him out. Shut the door on his face. Fitzgerald's regime didn't last long after that but it became a blur for Dragomir, overwhelmed with his own grief and guilt.
  • What happened next wasn't his proudest moment.
  • It started with a knock on his door. On the other side turned out to be some stranger, claiming to be his sister. She'd tracked him down somehow. He didn't know how. He never questioned it. He did, after. He was cruel to her. He didn't want a replacement. He didn't want a new family. He wanted her gone.
    • The sister, Bowie, was part-spirit nymph and ended up being more powerful than she realised. She absorbed all of his grief before leaving. She wanted to help him and didn't know how else to do it. She could feel his grief and pulled at it, unintentionally taking all of it.
  • It left him with little to nothing left. He wasn't empty but...something was missing. He knew it, he just didn't know what had happened. He knew he should be grieving but he felt fine. He didn't know what was wrong with him.
  • Time passed and he moved between the UK and Zmajkovo before the council was announced. A voice for those who suffered most under Fitzgerald's regime. The Veela didn't want to send someone else and, as he was part-Veela, Dragomir was thought to be the perfect choice.


Dragomir is both a mixture of pride and trusting. His pride will be the death of him. He struggles with the concept that someone being nice doesn't automatically mean good. Which is surprising, considering everything he's seen in his years outside of Zmajkovo. Even then, so many of them were outwardly cruel. Dragomir tends to give people a chance before he accepts that they might not mean well. If one slights him, hurts his pride, dishonours him, Dragomir tends to become more reclusive and stubborn. People can have a hard time talking Dragomir into seeing reason. Which can be slightly difficult in his position on the council. Dragomir isn't really sure he wants to be there but his father asked him to take the position and he didn't really have anything else to do with his time. Dragomir is still struggling to feel his emotions, which he hates–he wants them. He knows the importance of feeling something, anything, and he is always searching for that boost. Dragomir isn't inherently a cruel person, and he is willing to accept when he has made a mistake, but he is proud, too proud, and he is also brutally honest. He sees no reason in lying, it is only preventing the inevitable, no? Those movies that are centred on a bout of miscommunication drives him up the wall. He's known to never be able to finish them. He's not much of a reader, either, and he really finds spending his time lost in another world isn't worth his time. He's not a philosopher, he'd much rather do something. Dragomir is a charmer, a people's person, he loves being in a crowd. He grew up like that, he grew up being liked and known. Coming to a big city where people don't know him was a shock to his system. He was forced to learn how he was by himself–and he's not sure if he likes that person.


Interests Film / Socialising and meeting interesting people / boats
Habits jumping from foot to foot / clenching teeth
Pet Peeves racists
Goals a boost of serotonin
Enneagram The Reformer
Star Sign Capricorn
Alignment Neutral Good
Love Language Quality Words and Gifts

Magical Characteristics

Wand Beech wood with a unicorn hair core, 11 ¼ and reasonably supple flexibility
Amortentia Smoke and the salt ocean
Patronus A peacock
Patronus Memory His final hang out with his sister
Boggart Bowie crying
Blood Status Halfblood
Peculiar Yes, part-veela


Song He has a soft spot for britney spears
TV Show any studio ghibli film
Book None
Movie any studio ghibli film he doesnt see the difference between films and tv shows
Color Olive green


Dragomir Alexandrov
Veela Representative
small time storyteller and full time charmer