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The College Girl.

Drusilla "Drew" Andromeda Arthur
Arthur family
Blood Status
Halfblood, Metamorphmagus
Witch, Metamorphmagus
This character is Role-Played by Lissyboo


Drew's appearance, she can, obviously, change at will. She generally keeps the same face, never changing it because... It's too much work. But, she tends to change her hair the most. She even keeps her body the same, but her hair fluctuates from long and blonde to short and dark, and even, sometimes, short and blonde.

Drew was born Drusilla Andromeda Arthur on May 30th. She grew up with her mother, Andromeda Killian, and her father, Jason Arthur. Andromeda was a witch, and Jason was a Metamorphmagus. When she and Jason were dating, they were completely and utterly truthful with each other. They started dating only two months after. A year later, Jason proposed. On their wedding night, Andromeda found she got pregnant.

Drusilla Andromeda Arthur was born on her due date. She was loved by her parents deeply, and she loved them. As a child, Drew was always called Drew. By her parents, by her friends, everyone. Simply because it was easier to say than Drusilla. This was fine with Drew, and it was fine with his parents when they realized her preferences tended to change day-to-day. They figured that was normal for a child. Some days, Drew wanted to wear pants and play pirates. Other days, she wanted to wear dresses and play Princess. Whichever she wanted, she always forced her younger brother, Jackson, and even younger sister, Jennifer, to play with her. Her younger brother was two years younger than she, and her sister, two years younger than her brother. They loved playing with Drew, whether it be castles or dragons that day

She soon grew up to her Hogwarts years. She was sorted into Hufflepuff, and had her fun there. Though she was given some crap for her androgynous wardrobe, constantly being told that she looked like a guy one day, and the next being told she looked like she was trying too hard to fit in. Some thought she was dressing that way for attention, and thought it was pathetic. While she never let this really get to her, it really messed with her image of herself; She was not happy being feminine. Sometimes she felt like dressing up, other times she'd remove her make-up and wear jeans. Others weren't okay with that- She had to wonder why? Was something wrong with her?

Those thoughts were unusual to her. And probably to everyone else in the school as well, so, Drew repressed these thoughts. She went through her next three years exclusively. Though this was to her dismay, the bullying ceased eventually, and in her last year, she was considered one of the popular girls. But, though she was happy on the outside, she felt completely wrong on the inside half the time.

After her Hogwarts years, she still kept up the facade that she didn't feel anything wrong. This ended with breakdowns, tears, anger, and then... She finally admitted it to someone. This person talked her out of so many things, and her denying herself was one of them. At her 19th birthday gathering, she admitted it to all her friends and family. She didn't feel like a girl sometimes. It was as simple as that. After this, she lived on the words, "I'm living how I want to live."

She left Hogsmeade, and London, for a while, to go on a trip with her parents to their family home. She is now back a year later, age 20, and with a happier mindset. She's currently working as a bartender in the Wizarding World, and going to college as well for a degree in business.

Drew is a bit pessimistic, but she tries to look on the bright side. She's otherwise pretty careless about what other people think, and extremely blunt, because she doesn't think before she speaks. She's a little bit reckless and impulsive with her desicions. She doesn't pretend to be who she isn't, and whatever gender she is that day, she's still the person she is in general. She's very friendly, some say charming, and prefers to be busy-- She hates being stationary. Even if she's doing paperwork, if it's something to do, she'll do it. She's considered an extrovert, and around people. She probably spends more time at her. she's overly self-critical, so while she may be an excellent listener, she doesn't like talking about herself, and may seem shy even though she loves talking to people


friends, acquaintances and enemies



  • She's a smoker
  • She works as a bartender at The Hog's Head.
  • She's studying for a Business degree in the Muggle World.
  • Her favorite song differs from "American Beauty/American Psycho" by Fall Out Boy to "The End" By Mayday Parade. It depends on her mood.


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