Drew Hamilton
Head Auror • Tease • Confidant


Personal Information

Full NameDrew Hamilton
Birthday30th of August
Age33 y/o
Zodiac SignVirgo
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
Sexual OrientationHomosexual
Romantic OrientationBiromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
BirthplaceNorwich, England
Living Situation
Languages SpokenEnglish / French

Magical Information

Blood StatusHalf blood
Wand WoodCedar Wood
Wand CoreDragon heartstring
Wand Length13 and unbending flexibility
PatronusAn eagle
BoggartHer father


Drew Hamilton is someone who does her best to be fair and just to the world around her but is guilty of falling victim to her own emotions a lot of time. As an auror in the intelligence department, Drew has investigated a lot of different people in different countries and found herself struggling from holding herself back when she believes something terrible has occurred. Abused children, for example, can cause Drew to break protocol and go after someone, even if she has no proof. However, in the one situation where that did happen, she managed to muster up a strong case quick enough that she wasn't in too deep trouble. Still, it's an example of how Drew can sometimes get too ahead of herself when she becomes emotionally involved with someone or something. No matter how cut off Drew might appear when working, Drew knows she tends to care–too much sometimes. Drew is trying to work on this, though, and make sure her emotions don't cloud her judgement. However, Drew is also someone who tends to trust her gut judgement about someone or a situation. Drew, for the most part, is determined to do whats right and help the world be a little bit better. Having come from a difficult past, Drew is driven to put bad people behind bars. As cliche as it is, Drew has seen the cruelty in the world and wants to help end it. As much as she can, anyway. Drew does have a temper, though, which is because of how emotional she is. When someone presses her buttons, she struggles to control it. But she's not violent. She'd much rather yell than raise a hand against someone. Plus, she isn't unreasonable and her temper doesn't flare unless justified.

Drew, though has become something of a workaholic, isn't bogged down by stress. Drew makes sure she's as carefree outside of her work environment as possible. Always open for a good time, Drew loves going out. Paint balling, all sorts of sports, karaoke, wine testing. A small list of things Drew has done in her free time and it's a growing list. Photo booths are her favourite past time. As sad as it is, Drew has a small photo collection of herself simply because she takes advantage of every photo booth she comes across. Photographs, even though it's been nearly twenty or so years since she was locked away from the world, still amaze her. In fact, a lot of things still do amaze her. Drew has a child like curiosity about the world around her and has a habit of asking as many questions as she can. When she's not working, she's exploring. Drew wants to experience as much as the world as she can. In fact, when she does get stressed and gets rather overwhelmed, her go to solution is roadtrips. A small trip down the coast of the UK. Anywhere. But the sensation of moving around the world, listening to music as loud as she can handle, is what calms her down. However, when this isn't an option, Drew will go for walks. Long walks around the neighbourhood. When exercise and fresh air isn't an option, Drew tends to fall back into bad habits. Scratching and picking at her skin. Drew still has small scars on her fingers and wrists from when she was a teenager and had scratched so deep that it had scarred over. However, Drew does try to avoid falling back to this.

Drew is spontaneous and tends to do things on a whim. Even at work, schedules don't really work for her. It's not that she falls behind with anything, Drew just does it when she has the energy for it. Luckily for her, she's full of energy. Drew never knows how she does it, but everything seems to be done when the deadline comes. Even if she might have stayed up all night the previous night to get it done. However, her heart is in the right place and when she puts her mind to something, she goes all out in order to get it done. It's either go all out or go home for her. Growing up, Drew has always been one to watch the world and it's paid off. There's little to nothing that escapes Drew's notice and is incredibly observant. Both in regards to people and the world around her. Though she does have this childish aura and attitude, in work, Drew is professional and rather strict. Drew wants to help–she doesn't want to babysit people. Drew has little time for those who slack and little time for those who can't do their job. A sharp tongue, Drew can often cut harsh. She's also quite sassy and can be brass. However, she's also a tease. Drew loves to tease people and it can be the biggest sign she's gotten comfortable with someone. Drew loves to mess around with people. Even in work, if someone gains her trust and it's a light hearted situation, Drew can joke around with them. Drew just has to feel safe to do so. She's also a giggler, in that she finds herself laughing at everything–even if it isn't that funny. In fact, it's a good sign of when she's nervous. Starts laughing at odd times? Usually means she's not quite feeling the situation.

Drew is experimental and is willing to break tradition. However, this moreso affects her diet. A lot of the times, what she makes is inedible but sometimes she'll create something completely original and genius. What she tends to do is throw random things into a pan and see what happens. Drew loves her fruit and vegetables, though. However, considering how busy she is work and everything else, Drew can often be found eating out of a can. Her home is a mess and can barely keep anything organised. Her wardrobe has migrated to her bed and her bedroom floor. Nothing seems to fit in the cupboards and god help her if she tries to find the flicker. With everything going on in her life, cleanliness isn't her top priority. Another thing she doesn't have time for is small spaces. One fear that Drew still finds herself struggling with is her claustrophobia and prefers open spaces than anything else. Her house is a bit too open, having replaced nearly all her walls with windows. Of course, her job meant that she had to have it under control, she still feels sick when she feels as if she's been locked inside something. Drew isn't very good for dressing for the weather, either. Loving suits (honestly, dresses are so overrated), she'll wear them even if it's negative ten degrees (celcius) outside. This can often be dangerous at times and theres been times where she's nearly gotten hypothermia. But Drew can deal. She'll ignore illnesses until they kill her, really.


Drew Hamilton didn't live a happy life but she made a happy life for herself by the end of it. Her parents, William Hamilton and Cassandra Anderson, met in a muggle cinema, watching one of the latest movies in their favourite franchise. They were randomly allocated seats next to each other. They instantly hit it off and, much to the annoyance of the rest of the cinema, talked the entire way through it. William giving her his number at the end of the night, making her promise to call him. What Cassandra didn't know was that William was a wizard. However, due to practicing dark magic, his wand had been snapped and was expelled from Hogwarts. Too angry to stay, William disappeared into the muggle world. Unfortunately, for William, his anger was never addressed and by the time he met Cassandra, he was descending into a world of alcohol and drugs, feeling little control over anything around him.

Cassandra was unaware of William's past and nature and for the next seven months found William a gentleman. She fell under his charm and believed herself to be the luckiest woman alive to have found a man like him. By their year anniversary, they had eloped. Neither one had family so they only invited themselves and two close friends of theirs to be witnesses. It was a happy ceremony and for the next few months, nothing seemed amiss. However, by the their three month anniversary, Cassandra wished she never met him. The control had begun months before. It was small at first. Asking her to change her clothes. Then it grew. Curfews. Phone calls every hour. When he drank, he fell into a stupor against Cassandra that was ridden with insults, lude comments and generally degrading behaviour. Each time Cassandra tried to leave, William descended into cruel violence, dragging her back, locking her in the house. It wasn't long till he barred her from going outside at all. For him, it was all about control. Someone he could blame all his problems on. By their six month marriage anniversary, Cassandra had fallen pregnant. William paid little attention to this–just one more mouth he had to feed.

When Drew was born, Cassandra did her best to keep her out of danger. Often, when William was drunk and violent, Cassandra would lock Drew up in a cupboard, surrounded with blankets, to remove her from her father. The one action Cassandra took against William was telling Drew as she grew up that William was her step father. Not her real father. Drew never left the house, lived amongst the trash and broken bottles. Her mum taught her how to read and write when her father was working or at the pub. She learnt through reading dictionaries and the bible. Their television only had access to one channel, which was connected to a VHS player. They had two videos. One being a Bob Ross episode, the other a play school episode. To this day, Drew can still recite every word to these two episodes considering how much she watched them. Cassandra told Drew stories. Stories of the outside world. Taught her muggle history. The Ancient world, the Renaissance, Medieval, modern history. Everything Cassandra knew. Her knowledge had gaps but to a child, it didn't matter. As Drew got older, she found it hard to hide in the cupboard like she had as a child and soon was impossible. When her father came home, Drew often hid in the corner of a room, digging her nails into her skin, counting upwards to the biggest number she knew as she wait until her father passed out.

As she grew older, Cassandra's mental state deteriorated. Being magically locked in the apartment for years now, the victim of an onslaught of abuse, was too much for her and by the time Drew turned eight years old, she was only a ghost of who she use to be. Drew had been taught how to cook by then. Basic dishes. Pasta with tomato sauce. Grilled cheese and ham. Eggs. Anything that her father supplied them with. It was around this time that her first magical ability appeared. Drew had been trying to see through the window, even though they had wooden boards nailed over it. Drew had tried this for years, just trying to find a little glimpse to the outside world. That day, she had enough built up frustration that she managed to break some of the wood, allowing her too look into the apartment complex. She stood there for hours, her mother's gurgling and playschool the only sound, watching grass blow in the wind. There was a small little courtyard just outside her room, a little bird fountain, other rooms. All of it fascinated Drew–she'd never seen any of it before. Of course, she was eventually seen by one of her neighbours. All that time, they believed William lived alone and didn't realise the two females inside. The police were called and soon both of them were removed from the place with William being arrested. With Drew having her first sign of magic, magical authorities were alerted and soon recognised Drew as a witch. With William in custody and Cassandra placed into an institution, they took Drew to Lil Bundles.

The first few weeks were both a blessing and a nightmare. It became clear that Drew was severely behind her peers whose growth had been stunted. Drew struggled to keep up with the other children and often grew very overwhelmed. As she had been locked away for so long, Drew's immune system was almost non realistic and suffered from bouts of sicknesses constantly. St. Mungo's joked that they should just reserve a bed for her. They put Drew through intensive classes, trying their best to get Drew caught up. It was hard, Drew only knew the basic words, struggled with grammar. She hadn't even heard of maths. Drew didn't know much and they expected her to learn about the magical worlds in a few short years. Drew often hid inside of her room, overwhelmed by all the people. It became a sensory overload and she was unuse to even the most basic foods. She hadn't had a lot of meat, or much food at all, and found her body rejecting most food because of this. If she overate, she got sick. The years before Hogwarts were difficult and long with Drew doing her best to keep up with the world. Though she found it hard, Drew loved technology and television. Once she learned how to properly read, she read–a lot. Her favourites were mythology and was reading 'the Iliad for kids' by the age of ten. By 15, she'd have read multiple translations of the homeric poems. When she was eleven she was sent to Hogwarts, being sorted into Hufflepuff. Drew found it easier to be in Hogwarts than Lil bundles. There were other people who were raised in the muggle world and thus were essentially on the same page as Drew. Drew found it difficult making friends with them, though. She had a terrible stutter and speech in general was hard for her. She couldn't find the right words, almost as if English was her second language, struggled to speak up. By halfway through her first year, Drew almost willingly became mute, giving up in trying to make friends. Drew bottled up a lot of things, such as her child, and developed a lot of nervous ticks. For one, scratching. Drew scratched a lot whenever she got stressed. She did it as a child and it's carried over into her teenage years.

The world terrified her. As a child, she dreamed about being in the world and yet, now that she's here, it's overwhelming. Everything was so noisy. Fast paced. Drew felt no one could slow down, always moving around. So she hid in her dorm. Becoming a recluse herself. Willingly returning to her childhood, even though she refused to acknowledge it. Hogwarts was aware of Drew and her issues and made sure she had constant appointments with the school's healer as well as a psychologist at St. Mungos each weekend. At first, she didn't like it. However, after a few years, that changed. It shifted when she was fourteen. She contracted Dragon pox. A disease that hadn't been seen in Hogwarts for decades but she'd somehow managed to get it. Drew put it down to the one outing to Hogsmeade and her terrible immune system picked up on something. Typical. Drew nearly died in St. Mungo's and was lucky enoguh that she managed to pull through until they could administer the cure. However, this was enough for Drew to realise she was wasting her life. Drew managed to obtain the opportunity to be free and instead she was spending it locked away from everyone, just like William wanted. Drew had an opportunity to redefine herself and her life.

The next few years, Drew put herself out there. Increased therapy sessions, speech therapy, anything to get her ready. At first, it was small steps. Walking through Hogsmeade, Hogwarts then Lincliff when she reached fifth year. Drew talked to one or two people in class. Nothing big but enough that she could say she had friendly faces in the hallway. Drew still flourished in school, though. She was able to master non verbal magic quite easily and even perform wandless magic. However, she's not too skilled at the latter and still needs her wand for most spells. By the time she graduated, though, Drew was one of the best graduates Hogwarts had seen and was finally involved with the world around her. Yet, she still didn't feel as if she was apart of it. Like she was still trapped away somewhere and was watching everything around her through a panel of glass. Career wise, Drew had little idea of what to do with herself. Hogwarts recommended the auror office but socialising still made her nervous. However, Drew watched a lot of movies in her free time and had gotten the impression that people in her position joined the army. So that's what she did. It didn't look like they did much talking anyway. Just yelling.

Joining the military, she flourished. With the edge of potions and magic, she was able to progress in the military. Drew did her absolute best to make sure no one found out about this. Drew didn't want to get into trouble with the ministry about exposing muggles to the magical world. To the muggles, she was just a very talented soldier. With the strict regiment of the military, she didn't have the chance to slow down and consider her fears. Drew found a community with the people. Her competitive side came out as well. Drew was long familiar with her competitive side. Drew hated hearing someone do better than her in Hogwarts and it was one of the biggest motivators to succeed. It was the same here. Drew jumped through the leadership, being promoted in half the time that was normal. A prodigy. By this time, she had met some other witches. A princess and...some other girl. Alexandra. That's it. For a month or so, Drew didn't really have time for them. Being around witches made her nervous for a lot of reasons. However, she did begin to develop a friendly rivalry with the latter which was both fun and infuriating. Drew stayed in the military until she was twenty two, by then a private. Drew left on her own accord, believing she had done enough time there. Drew wanted to do something else with her life and wanted to explore the magical world a bit more. Alexis had done one thing–made Drew a little bit more comfortable with everything in Drew's life. Not that she ever told the girl that.

Returning to magical London, Drew decided to follow Hogwart's recommendation and became an auror. With the military under her belt, it probably was the best place for her. Joining the auror office, she trained for two years before joining the intelligence office but did most of her time undercover in foreign countries. It was rare that Drew returned, though, and was often caught off guard each time she came back. The auror office always changed and new faces were always around. It was hard for Drew to actually develop a long lasting friendship with any of the aurors. One thing she has kept up for her entire life was visiting her mum. She hadn't improved since being freed but Drew still likes to visit her from time to tome and take her out for lunch. Eventually, at twenty eight, she's returned from undercover. She's seen the state of the country and decided it was high time she got involved. With the deputy auror position open, she decided to shoot her shot. Sure, she had been in the office for five years (in a couple of months, it'd be six) but Drew decided it was better to try than not.


Face ClaimBlake Lively
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourBlonde
Voice TypeDeep
Blood TypeO
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleSlim and toned
ScentSmells like the ocean

Family Information

FatherWilliam Hamilton
MotherCassandra Hamilton
Full SiblingsNone
Half SiblingsN/A
Other RelativesNone


Significant Other(s)None
Best Friend(s)None

Name Etymology

Given [ Drew ]Manly
Middle [ None ]N/A
Surname [ Hamilton ]Crooked Hill


Favourite ColourLime green
Favourite MovieSchindler's list
Favourite SongHustle by Pink
Favourite FoodWaffles
Favourite DrinkChampagne
Likesroad trips / music / wine / suits / exercise
Dislikesschedules / paper work / slacking / tomato soup
LovesHealing magic
LoathesLocked doors and small spaces
First KissNo one actually
First CrushAlexis
First LoveNone
First TimeNone
OccupationDeputy Auror
Sports PlayedQuidditch / badmington / tennis / basketball
Instruments PlayedShe knows one song on the guitar
AchievementsHer career
Biggest HopeThat she'll be less lonely
Biggest RegretMaybe not trying hard enough with her mum
Best MemoriesThe military and undercover
Worst MemoriesAnything with her father in it
Mental IllnessesNone
Criminal RecordNone
Medical Record*Dragonpox

Custom Trivia

  • Every Sunday morning is spent with her mum, even though her mum never acknowledges her existence.
  • Loneliness haunts her, never really had much connection with people



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