Duke Voll
Quiet Eccentric
June 20th
Kasper Voll, Magnus Voll
Blood Status
This character is RPed by Liss

Duke is a very gay man with a curiosity for magic. He's adept, though not proficient at wandless magic, and is learning NV as well.

Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
"Imagine Chic Pauper... Or I guess in this day and age, Hipster?"
Hale Appleman

Bergen, Norway
Native Language
Earliest Memory
Their mother berating his for using magic
Type of Childhood

Anja and Edvard Voll bonded through their mutual experience of being squibs. The two got married, and eventually, bore a child away from their hometown of Stavanger, Norway after migrating to Bergen. Duke Sylvester Voll was born soon after that, and when he turned two, his younger brother, Kasper, was born. The two were raised in a non-magical, muggle lifestyle, which their parents adopted after being shunned and disowned by their own families for their inability to perform magic. After Kasper, their mother adopted the lifestyle of a stay at home mother, which left Edvard as the breadwinner as a cardiologist.

The two never imagined that the magical gene would pass from them to their children - They didn't even realize they had a magical gene. Still, they proved them very wrong. Duke came first, at the young age of eight. It was after that that Duke learned about the magical world- And a much darker, more unusual part of life. After the revealing of his magic, a simple item floating around his bedroom, Duke was given the cold shoulder by his parents, who seemed to dislike magic more than anything in the world. For those first two years, Duke felt very alone. But soon after, two years after himself, Kasper showed a sign of magic. After being separated from their friends, pulled out of school, and disconnected from the rest of society, the boys only had each other to rely on in the coming years. All this changed after Anja and Edvard got into a car accident, leaving the boys to the next of kin.

The next living relative to them was a blind man by the name of Magnus. He was much kinder to the boys than their parents were, and he loved the boys like they were his own - And vice versa. The boys learned much from him and their confidence was slowly regaining. Soon, Magnus had explained that they would head to Hogwarts to learn how to control their magic. Duke was the first to go, and soon after him, was Kasper.

Duke was already in his second year as Kasper joined. While the two boys were still thick as thieves, Duke had to leave school before Kasper. While he was exploring life as an adult, with Magnus helping him along through, he still keeps an eye on his little brother. Currently, Duke is considering jobs, as he is unsure what he wants to do in life. But for him, life is unpredictable and the world is his oyster. For now, he is attempting to gain a job somewhere in London, or Diagon Alley.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Curious, Kind, Brilliant
Worst Qualities
Eccentric, Quiet, timid
Most Influenced By
Duke is a very brilliant boy. Actually, he always was, really. His parents never appreciated that part of him, so Duke learned quickly to not boast about it, else he'll get told to stop being such a rude boy, or something like that. Because of this feared reaction, Duke stays quiet, keeps to himself. He sometimes gets curious about things and won't stop until he gets an answer, despite if it offends someone or not. He doesn't enjoy offending people. Au Contraire, he loves people. Duke likes to help those in need. In the smallest way possible. But he'll still try. Say, money. Magnus doesn't have much and he knows that, so Duke only gives that which HE has. He's a kind person who also gives fairly good advice. Duke is overall, fairly quiet, not enjoying the spotlight at all no matter how eccentric he can be. He hates liars, abusive people, and people who are rude to other and he tries his very best not to be like those people. Still, his quietness can be percieved as rude or something like that. He prefers to let others talk. Duke is very caring, especially to those he loves. Almost a father or brother figure to most. At least, he tries to be.

talk bubble


skills and magical abilities
Wandless Magic

He's beens tudying it since his fourth year, trying to figure out how it works so he can use it himself. He's had varying degrees of success, but he's fairly confident in his ability nowadays, even if it's not perfect.

Non-verbal magic

He's started to study this. He can do maybe two spells, very beginner-level spells, but he's still trying.




Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Homosexual, Homoromantic
Relationship Status
First Love
Languages Spoken
Norwegian, English
Kasper dying
Favorite Drink
"Oh, anything alcohol."
Favorite Sweet
"I don't know, Gummy bears?"
Amortentia Scents
Favorite Color


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