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This is an official policy of the Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki and should be followed thoroughly.

The Administration Team of the wiki has certain responsibilities and privileges based on the fact that they have been promoted to those positions in the Admin team. This policy outlines what the role of each Admin position is, and what responsibilities they have. If anyone on the Admin Team is not fufilling the roles set out here, they should be warned in an official message on their talk page, and if nothing changes, removed.


Each level of the Admin Team builds on one another. When you're promoted from RB to Admin, you don't stop doing the RB duties...rather you add the Admin ones on top. Overall, here's how I see the roles.

The RBs should be focused on the users. They should be helping new users (and old ones) who need it. They should be friendly, and active and use their characters to RP and get people involved. If there's issues between users, they should be able to mediate or know who to go to in the admins for advice or help.

Admins should be focused on the IC world. They should be keeping it active and orderly by RPing characters in positions of authority (like Headmaster, Minister, Head of St. Mungos, Leaders of Villians, etc). They should find places for people to RP, and have their own storylines going to keep people entertained. They also ensure the RBs are doing their jobs.

B-crats should be focused on the wiki itself and OOC, and what needs to be put into place OOC to keep IC running smoothly. This includes events (larger wiki-wide storylines), sorting, promotions/demotions, communication (of what's happening when), the IC Calandar, etc. They're the only ones that can make changes to the wiki's policies, and ensure the Admins are doing their jobs.


Rolebacks have a variety of duties that they're expected to preform. They should be friendly users who will help new users get started, create word bubbles, and RP with them to get them involved. They are chat moderators and should know and follow the chat rules, keeping chat fun. They should be included when planning events, and their ideas for events should be heard and considered. They are able to create their own storylines with their characters, and involve other users. Rollbacks can help undo any vandalism that occurs on the wiki with their 'rollback' function, and report any vandals to an Admin or Bcrat so they can be appropriately warned or banned. They should be helpful around the wiki in cleaning up and updating pages, archiving, and fixing the visuals of any needed page. They should know all the policies and help remind users to follow them, or if needed report any rulebreaking to an Admin.

They should be active RPing, and have at least one character at Hogwarts. They should consider having a Teacher at Hogwarts, and helping keep Hogwarts run smoothly. Due to their commitment to be active or be demoted, their characters can be leaders on the wiki from leading villianous groups to the Headmaster at Hogwarts. They should be able to get other users involved in current events or storylines, and help move them along.


In addition to the RB responsibilities (above), Admins are the support system for the wiki and the B-crats. Their main job is to keep the IC world running and keep users interested in the world and what's going on in it. They should be most interested in what storylines and events are going on and how they can keep them running smoothly, providing the most fun for the most users. They back the B-crats up so if they aren't around or need a break they can pick up the slack. They help to write the policies and rules of the wiki, enforce the rules already in play, and let the B-crats know when rules need to be changed or updated. If necessary they can do the job as a Department Head, Temporarily or Permenantly. They support the B-crats decisions and help implement any policies. They help deal with vandals or users who don't follow the rules, and know when to give a warning and when to ban someone. They have access to everything on the wiki, and can make any changes they deem appropriate except to wiki policies.

IC, they're expected to have characters that are leaders to help shape the IC world. They should be willing to fairly GM if needed, and to make appropriate calls on and IC items, spells, or special abilities characters may posess, granting them when possible, and knowing when they would make characters too powerful. They should be able to identify metagaming (or god-modding) and ask users to change their posts.


In addition to the RB and Admin duties, the main job of the B-crat is to be a peacemaker and planner on the wiki and to keep the wiki running OOC. It's their job to create and enforce the rules that need to exist so everyone can have fun, but also realize the rules are just there to facilitate the fun and know when they need to be changed, updated, ignored or abolished for the sake of fun. While they're in ultimate control of the wiki, they also should see themselves as servants, here to serve and protect the wiki and everyone on it. While being a B-crat does give some extra priviledges it also brings with it extra responsibility. It's their job to make sure others know what's going on (through meetings, schedules, or Community Messages), and to keep the wiki interesting and fun through new innovations, events, and storylines. While anyone can have a good idea, it's their job to take those ideas and work it into the wii so everyone can participate equally. They should always be willing to listen to any concern or problem, and do their best to try to solve them. The feelings of others should come first, even if it means putting their own enjoyment aside. They should be active enough that they're well known on the wiki and so that they know what's going on in the wiki. The role as Department Head is useful for dividing the different responsibilities between the B-crats and making sure everything gets accomplished, but they can delegate their responsibilities as Department Heads to an Admin. Finally they should be open and honest with the rest of the wiki. While some things may need to be kept secret (problems with users, event plans, etc) they should try to give out as much information as possible, and try to keep everyone in the loop.