Educational Decree
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This is an official policy of the Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki and should be followed thoroughly.

Blog Policy

  • User Blogs should be related to Harry Potter, Pottermore, Dumbledore's Army, or Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki. Anything found otherwise will be deleted. Second offense is a 24 hour block.
    • The block's ultimate form, duration etc. rests in the hands of the Administration.
    • You should not have posts like "Ginny is Hot" or "I like Harry Potter" or "Hi" or "I am _______, meaning you should have posts with a legitimate amount of content, and for the technically minded, 275 bytes or higher.
      • Posts like those above will be deleted. Second offense is a 24-hour block. Third is a one-week block. Anything beyond a third block will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Any content found to be inappropriate will be deleted immediately and a warning will be issued on the user's talk page. A second offense will be given a block accordingly.

Third and later offenses will be dealt with accordingly.

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