Educational Decree
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This is an official policy of the Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki and should be followed thoroughly.

See the Rating Policy for more detailed information. The chat is a place for everyone to be able to talk to each other. HOWEVER, the chat rules are taken very seriously, so please follow the rules below:

  1. Using Inappropriate Language - Doing so will result in a warning, then a block from chat. A slip of a swear will probably be overlooked, but make sure it isn't too severe. Also, all inappropriate words should have at least one * replacing a letter.
  2. Sexual Discussions - Doing so will result in an immediate 24 hour block from chat and regular editing. A second Offense is an immediate dismissal from the chat and Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki. There will be no loopholes. That's final.
  3. Threats - Any threats are grounds for an immediate infinite block from chat along with a block on the wiki as a whole.
    1. If the threat is serious enough, there is a possibility you will be referred to a person with higher power.
    2. Joking threats are not okay. Saying "I'm going to kill you" as a joke is not acceptable.
  4. Insults - No personal insults to others. No flaming others. If you don't like what someone has to say, just ignore the said user.
  5. Members may not refuse a Private Chat from a moderator.
  6. All-caps is considered to be shouting. Please don't use it.
  7. Flooding - Do not spell out words like W (next line) O (next line) R (next line) D. Do not add nonsense words to fill up the chat, please. Do not flood the room with ads, links or emotes. Occasional emotes are fine, but having too many disturbs conversation.
  8. Activity - Remaining in chat for a really long time without talking may result in a kick.
  9. Personal Info - Don't give out personal information. NO ASKING FOR PERSONAL INFORMATION. Doing so will result in serious consequences, and possible removal as a whole.
  10. Topics - Try to keep talking about something related to the series. While always being 100% on-topic is impossible, constantly talking about Minecraft or the new hit single is definitely not permitted. There are other chats for that kind of stuff, and this is not the right place.
  11. Pointless or Provocative Topics: Some topics (Religion, Politics, etc) can easily deteriorate into a pointless discussion, or even get heated and have yelling and feelings getting hurt. A Chat Mod can at any time ask that these sort of discussions be ended or go into Private chats so they don't disturb the room.
  12. As for PM rules, anything defined as harassment, cyberstalking, cybersex, cyberbullying, and threats are not allowed. If a user is doing this to you in private chat, please tell a member of the admin team, and show them a chat log.

Breaking of these rules can result in being kicked from the room, and multiple offenses can result in being permentally blocked from the chat or the wiki.


(with the exception of sexual discussions, asking personal info, or giving personal info. Admins MAY NOT waive these rules.)
Please note - these rules are taken VERY seriously. Do not play around.

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