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This is an official policy of the Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki and should be followed thoroughly.

Below are the four different administrative departments we have on the wiki, along with a description of their expected duties. Each department will be headed by a B-crat. Additional duties for departments will be handed down from the B-crat team, and those in the department will be made aware by the head of their department. Each Department head will meet with their department, and if any standards need to be set for their department (such as what's acceptable to sort, or GMing standards), the department head will put together a clear concise list of what is expected. Each admin and rollback will be expected to sign up for at least one of the departments, and perform the expected duties regularly. Once signed up, the head of the department will contact you to let you know you have been accepted.

OOC Department

Duties: This department handles the coding and unification of new pages, including adding categories, making sure templates are used for talk bubbles, helping users to repair or fix coding etc. They are also responsible for helping create new pages for events, removing old pages, and keeping "community" pages, such as the three broomsticks archived. Finally, between semesters, they will help cleanup Hogwarts, getting rid of all old archives and resetting class pages for the next school year. This department is also responsible for the updating and upkeep of the wiki's policies, taking input from meetings and other departments, and updating the policies to reflect needed changes, helping users, especially new users. Those in this department will welcome new users, and each new user will be assigned a buddy to help get them through sorting, creation of talk bubbles, getting them into classes, and introducing them to people. This includes both IC and OOC help of new users. If events are happening, it will be the job of this department to help get the new users to understand the event, and get them involved if possible. Expect to work with new templates, getting users involved in events (Activity Implementation), and help get them settled and sorted (Stores and Sorting).

Sign Ups

  1. IconicUsername (Second in Command)
  2. Jay Sea (Member)

Characters and Locations

Duties: This department handles roleplaying in the stores both in Hogsmeade and in Diagon Alley. Each user will have at least 1 character/shop owner to roleplay and keep active, also keeping their store updated and archived. They will also help sort both adult and student characters. This includes knowing the wiki's policies on character limits, abilities, and when to deny a character being sorted due to conflicting with the policies. It also includes working with new users to help them get their characters updated and sorted, and posting on users talk pages with what House they've been sorted into.

As a special request, can you please alert the Hogwarts Headmaster to any teachers in need of sorting, and he will sort the teachers personally.

Sign Up

  1. Sophia McLaren-Cobb (Second-In-Command)
  2. Nebuliss (Member)
  3. Koserein (Member)

Activity Implementation

Duties: This department is in charge of creating storyline and events, preparing for the events, GMing the events, making sure they continue in a timely manner, and closing them out promptly. These events will include anything outside normal role-playing, including, but not limited to:battles, quidditch matches, school clubs, war between countries, House Tournaments, Tri-wizard Tournaments, and Quidditch World Cups. Preparation includes getting out notices about events, getting assistance from the OOC department to help set up needed pages, and making sure things are ready and begin promptly. If a GM is needed, anyone in this department should be able to GM as requested. This also means understanding how to GM, standards of GMing, not playing favorites, and helping find a different GM if there's a conflict of interest.

Sign Up

  1. IconicUsername (Second-In-Command)
  2. Asteriea (Member)
  3. The Highlands Lady (Member)
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