Educational Decree
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This is an official policy of the Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki and should be followed thoroughly.

This policy reflects activity within the wiki. Please note that activity to keep user rights and activity to keep in-character positions differ.

In Character (IC)

All users will be warned after 14 days of their inactivity and will then have an additional 2 weeks to become active again. For it to be counted as activity, the user must make 5 different RP edits within the 2 weeks. If a user fails to do so, they will be marked inactive and their characters with special positions (Prefect, Quidditch Captain, etc.) will lose them.

Users with Rights

RBs and Admins

Rollbacks and Admins must make a minimum of 5 edits (RP, Department related, or administration edits) within 7 day stretches. Three five day stretches without more than three days of activity between each is grounds for a demotion vote. The user will be warned after the second stretch. Sorting is NOT considered as activity unless you are in the Sorting sub-department.


Because bureaucrats have a very high responsibility running their department and managing the wiki, so their activity count is different. Bureaucrats must make at least 7 department related/RP edits every 7 days. Failure to do so after 3 five day stretches within 4 days of each other is grounds for a demotion vote. Sorting does not count as a department edit. The user may receive a notification after 2 stretches.

No Editing

A user with no edits within 4 weeks will be marked inactive. They will be warned after 2 weeks. After 4 weeks of no editing, the characters are subject to potential deletion and titles will be stripped.


If an user notifies an administrator of their activity, the procedures will be altered. The user and the user's characters will keep their rights/titles for one month. If one month is exceeded, their characters' titles will be stripped. After 1 month of inactivity, a user with rights will be demoted ONE level automatically, and will have another month to become active again. After one month has went by, they will again be demoted a level, etc.

Planned Vacations

A user is to notify an administrator before their vacation begins and their rights will be protected for them until they return, except in rare cases when their vacation lasts for a excessive amount of time. A decision will be made at that time.


A decision will be made at that time.

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