Educational Decree
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This is an official policy of the Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki and should be followed thoroughly.

This Policy contains some adult content, such as specific violent descriptions, examples of inappropriate roleplaying, and cursing. They are here as examples of what not to do, but it has been hidden so that it cannot "acidentally" be stumbled upon, and offend. To see the policy, click the show policy button below.

It has come to the administration's attention that there needs to be more definition to how we rate things on this wiki. Our wiki has a PG-13 Policy, meaning all RP's, language, concepts, etc need to be PG-13 or below. However, there has been lots of discussion about what is actually PG-13, and what is not, so the administration team is going to do its best to spell out what's allowed and what's not, so there is no confusion. Obviously we cannot give every scenario, with an approval or disapproval, but if we see something questionable we will take them on a case by case basis. For the discussion on this policy, see Forum:A Clarity of the PG-13 Definition - Passed.
  1. Swearing in Chat is frowned upon, and should only happen sparingly. We have introduced a censor for our chat for some of the more vulgar words, but a few will remain uncensored. Please note that this does not mean they should be used often, or that the censored words should be used either. An admin seeing any censored word has the right to kick the user from the chat, though they will often give a warning first to be nice. Admins also have the right to kick anyone using a non-censored word they feel is inappropriate, though a little more leeway will be given. The acceptable words (used sparingly) are hell, damn, crap and ass. Remember that excessive use of these can still get you booted or banned.
  2. Swearing in RP is acceptable as long as it's used tastefully (for the feel of a character for example), and the cursing doesn't break the PG-13 rating. See the list of censored words below.
  3. Violence is generally acceptable, as long as it does not get too descriptive. For example, you can put that your spell "Cut open their stomach", but there's no need to put "My spell cuts open your stomach, and your intestines begin to slowly slip out of you and onto the floor, leaving a bloody trail down your front." Extra description is generally approved, but not in this case.
  4. Character intimate relationships that can be considered inappropriate or taboo are not allowed on the wiki. Examples include teacher/student, slave/master, underage students, etc. We want to encourage character to have relationships, and get married etc, but as this is a realistic wiki, relationships that are frowned upon in real life are also frowned upon here. Some of these may be dealt with IC (In Character), such as a teacher losing their job for being with a student, while others may be dealt with OOC (Out Of Character), with admin warnings or bans.
  5. Any sex or similar should be referred to in an "off screen" manner. Lead up and the follow up are fine to RP, but the deed itself should simply be noted as *time passes* or something of a similar vein. For the lead up, kissing and simple caressing are fine, but any caressing of traditionally private parts, excessive kissing, removal of clothing, or other intimate acts should be off-screen.
  6. List of censored words. These words are censored to keep the PG-13 rating, or because they're particularly offensive. Using them may get you banned from chat, or a warning about your roleplaying. If you have questions, contact an admin. The list is as follows:F*ck, Sh*t, B*tch, a*shole, any words for genitalia (c*ck, p*ssy, c*nt etc), Sexual terms (Bl*wjob, B*ner, H*mping), Racial Slurs (N*gger, etc).

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