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Chat Mod

  • Granted automatically when Rollback status is granted.
  • Awarded individually in extreme cases for widespread chat coverage.
  • N/A


  • You should have no history of vandalism.
  • You should be a trusted member of the community.
  • You should have at least 200 edits.
  • You should have been active on the wiki for at least 3 weeks, though a month is preferable.
  • Two needed


  • You should be a trusted member of the community.
  • You should have a strong history on this wiki. We don't accept people who have only edited a few times.
  • You should have no history of vandalism.
  • You should know how to code a wiki correctly.
  • You must already have rollback privileges.
  • None Needed


  • You must have administrator rights.
  • You should be a trusted member of the community.
  • You should have no history of vandalism ON ALL OF WIKIA.
  • You should be trusted by all the Bureaucrats.
  • None Needed

Request Outline

User Name:
Amount of Edits:
Amount of Characters: Reasons why you think you would be a good addition as an admin:
Any Other Things you want to add:

Past Requests


Note: There will be one newly elected administrator and one rollback; the administrator will be for AI and the rollback will replace the spot of the promoted rollback.


If you are applying for the rollback position then someone not on the admin team must be the one to nominate you.


Any rollback running may put their name forward; there is no nomination required.


  • User Name: Hannahgrace.02 (Former: Hannahgrace.05)
  • Amount of Edits: 381 + 6,498 = 6,879
  • Amount of Characters: 8
  • Reasons why you think you would be a good addition as an admin: I would like to apply for the CL admin position. Although I am not currently a rollback for DARP, I have experience with the roll in the past. During my past rollback positions, and as a DARP user overall, I've shown commitment, friendliness with fellow users, and that I can accomplish jobs or tasks.

Overall, during my time in DARP, I have shown commitment and activity on this wiki. Despite a few breaks that were never over a month, I have generally remained to be an active user on this wiki and discord server. I roleplay and post as much as my time allows me, and, during my time as CL rollback, I sorted forums and helped out with other related pages as much as I could within my free time. If I were to become admin, I promise to remain committed and active consistently as possible for the job.

I believe almost certainly that I've remained friendly and shown kindness throughout all of DARP's user base. I've been very welcoming and open to roleplaying with anyone who asks, and—or at least not because of the user, but for personal reasons—have never declined an offer. I also, in the past, have experience within the HR department as rollback, and helped out new users in the wiki whenever I could. Overall, I have stayed away from any drama on the wiki and remain to keep doing so. I hope this can show that I can work well with the other users under this department, whether for discussing a specific topic or asking for help on a specific task.

I have experience within the CL department. I am knowledgeable on how to sort forums, confirm specific store and employee pages, and other tasks that are needed to perform within the department. Although I don't have experience as an admin, I am willing to take up the extra responsibility, as well as ask and receive help and information from the head of the department when needed.

I hope that you all can consider these reasons for why to consider me for the roll. Thank you!!!

  • Any Other Things you want to add: Good luck to anyone who might also be applying for this roll, as well as the other users applying for other rolls in the admin department :) !


  • User Name: Jay Sea
  • Amount of Edits: 7082+11,984 = 19,066
  • Amount of Characters: 18
  • Position: OOC Admin
  • Reasons why you think you would be a good addition as an admin: I've been a rollback in OOC for almost a year (come November), and in that time I have helped run votes, clear Hogwarts pages and year categories to prep for the new term, update the outdated policy pages to direct users to where the up to date information is, create a list of trackers on the wiki to help users quickly find helpful lists and registries, helped update the coding on several official site pages, as well as general maintenance such as deleting pages per user request or per the outcome of a vote and updating RP page coding to new styles. I am also familiar with coding enough to identify issues and the function of different parts, and have made a few templates of my own 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

    I've been active on the wiki since 2013 with some dips in activity due to work or school but I have not left the wiki during that time. In fact, I still actively use a few of my very first characters! I'm invested in the continuation of this wiki not only because it's my only hobby but because this wiki has been my shoulder to lean on through a lot of rough times in my life and despite its fairly obvious ups and downs, it's my internet home. I genuinely enjoy rping on this website, even if adult life takes up more of my time than I'd like, and I love the variety of characters and storylines users introduce. I've seen a lot of things come and go on this site, but it still has life left in it yet, and I want to help it thrive.

  • Any Other Things you want to add: Good luck to anyone else running!
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