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Chat Mod

  • Granted automatically when Rollback status is granted.
  • Awarded individually in extreme cases for widespread chat coverage.
  • N/A


  • You should have no history of vandalism.
  • You should be a trusted member of the community.
  • You should have at least 200 edits.
  • You should have been active on the wiki for at least 3 weeks, though a month is preferable.
  • Two needed


  • You should be a trusted member of the community.
  • You should have a strong history on this wiki. We don't accept people who have only edited a few times.
  • You should have no history of vandalism.
  • You should know how to code a wiki correctly.
  • You must already have rollback privileges.
  • None Needed


  • You must have administrator rights.
  • You should be a trusted member of the community.
  • You should have no history of vandalism ON ALL OF WIKIA.
  • You should be trusted by all the Bureaucrats.
  • None Needed

Request Outline

User Name:
Amount of Edits:
Amount of Characters: Reasons why you think you would be a good addition as an admin:
Any Other Things you want to add:

Past Requests



Note: There will be five newly elected rollbacks; one for Characters & Locations, two for Activity Implementation, one for Human Resources, and then one for the open spot left from the admin vote. Remember, if you are applying for the position of HR rollback position that you will need one person to nominate you, and two people to support you in order to qualify for the position. For the other two rollbacks, you must have someone in the user base (not the admin team) nominate you.


  • User Name: Nebuliss
  • Amount of Edits: 28,321
  • Amount of Characters: 10
  • Reasons why you think she would be a good addition as an rb: Liss is an old lady in wiki years and she's been here through thick, through thin, from expansion to expansion, etc. Like, in perspective of ic years, she's been here for like 20 or 30. That being said, she's seen what works, what doesn't, and she's stuck around through all kinds of messy drama. Clearly, she has a loyalty to DARP, and a commitment to it even if sometimes yeeting seems like a better plan. She has also been admin countless of times, including, I beleive, once as a bcrat. She has years of experience working on the team, we all know and love her. She's overqualified for this position, but that just means she'll do better at it.

    I think something that's been really impressive about her is her accessiblity to different people for rp. I distinctly remember she was the first person I ever rped with her, and it helped me become comfortable with DARP. I think that warmth, coupled with her experience, is what makes a perfect candidate for C&L. Please vote for Liss, I believe in her ability and you should too.
  • Any Other Things you want to add: lets get this 4 bread


  • Who am I nominating: Manolo (user:Zany Knave)
  • Edits: Around 6k
  • Characters: 12 or something like that
  • Why?: In the simplest terms, I believe Manolo would be an amazing addition to the team, because he's shown such dedication to the wiki. In his own words, he is ready for the responsibility, and I believe he is. If you don't believe me, then here's some anonymous words from anonymous people;

    "He's so good at arguments. He can shut down any argument civilly."

    "He has experience. I'm not 100% sure about darp but I know he has experience from other wikias."

    "He is singelhandedly keeping chb alive. He cares for it so much, and he shares the same love for darp. Adding him to the team would mean adding a dedicated, hard working member that genuinely cares about the community hes working for."

So, as you can see, Zany Knave would be a Spectacular addition to this team, and could bring in some well-overdue peace, and I am sure, prosperity. Besides, as you can see, there are plenty of people who would love to have him in the position! Plus, he is very active and a wonderful writer and friend to have.

  • Anything else: ily manolo


  • User being nominated: Queen of Anarchy, aka Vic
  • User doing the nomination: Ildsjel, aka Jaye
  • Amount of Edits: 12,772
  • Amount of Characters: 8
  • Reasons why you think you would be a good addition as an admin: I would hope that throughout the years, you've all seen Vic's dedication to the wiki. She's hardworking, she has good ideas, and she's very reliable. It should go without saying Vic is among the best team members we had. If she weren't, I certainly wouldn't be nominating her for rollback, least of all for what is arguably the most important department in terms of activity: Activity Implementation. She's adept at a number of things, and has the experience the position demands. Vic has also been, if I'm remembering correctly, in AI before, so this isn't her first rodeo. She's hosted smaller activities such as balls and Hogwarts parties, and has been active throughout the duration of the Serial Killer Expansion. She's very strong-willed and has an admirable passion for DARP, and I know she has what it takes to make sure this community doesn't fall through the cracks. She doesn't mess around, and she takes her responsibilities seriously. Being someone so inclined to be active in the community [OOC and IC] - especially while being someone people like and trust - is what makes her so good for this. Right now, I'd say, is the most important time to vote in people we genuinely believe will work for the betterment of this community. I just hope you all trust in her as much as I do.
  • Any Other Things you want to add: Good luck to everyone!

Note: After deliberation on Vic's end, she has decided not to take the position due to circumstances that wont be disclosed.


  • User being nominated: Ildsjel aka Jaye
  • User doing the nomination: Queen of Anarchy aka Victoria
  • Amount of Edits: 2,542 (JayeTheMofo) + 28,081 (JayeMalik') + 227 (Ildsjel) = 30,850 (total)
  • Amount of Characters: 5
  • Reasons why you think you would be a good addition as an admin: If her impressive 30k total amount of edits wasn't shocking enough, Jaye is also ranked Number Seven on the overall Leadership board of achievements on DARP wikia. That proves to me that Jaye has shown time and time again that she can raise to the plate and hit the ball out of the park with her empathy, kind soul and determination to be an active member of this community. Therefore, I am nominating her for the rollback position in Activity Implementation. She has plenty of experience and always has good suggestions to help better the wikia and her passion is undeniable. She has run events, moderated DARP over many years and has been a bcrat that I'll certainly never forget. She's versatile and adaptable and I believe there isn't one department she hasn't dedicated blood, sweat and tears to over the years. Before she had to step back and take a break, Jaye was an optimistic team member with grand ideas and a drive to bring activity back to DARP. I have 100% faith that she is worth re-electing again and despite the times she has stepped down, I view Jaye as a sort of phoenix that has risen from the ashes to bring about a new era. No matter what happens, she always comes back swinging and this time is no different. This team needs Jaye, I assure you that.


  • User Nominee: HaleTheKing
  • User Nominator: Aeriesol
  • Backers: Ildsjel (talk) & Mamamoo  is coming back for you~
  • Amount of Edits: 3,125 (on new account)
  • Amount of Characters: 1
  • Reasons why you think they would be a good addition as an admin: I don't know if you've ever talked to him, but Migs (Sterek, Hale, whatever you know him by) is a walking fountain gush of friendliness. He's an old timer and isn't a stranger to community conflicts, activity dips, and immaturity - all three of which he has dealt with in previous runs as RB. Having been in S&S and AI before, he doesn't lack exposure to how things work. What he doesn't have in edit count he makes up for communication and approachability; I personally have never seen him mishandle a situation. He came back recently but is already kicking up on the activity streak. Any halt or stagger to this has low chances, since his job begins in September and that's a long way to go. Considering all of this, why would you not want him running for HR?
  • End note: Migs is relatable, available, and a familiar face. Stan consistency, stan Migs.


Note: The users voted in for admin will be filling the roles of Activity Implementation admin, and Characters and Locations admin. After a quick poll, it was decided this would NOW be open to regular users as well.


  • User Name: MaknaeLivi
  • Amount of Edits: 6,162 plus 5,025 on my old account
  • Amount of Characters: 8 Major, 2 Minor
  • Reasons why you think you would be a good addition as an admin: Hello! It's Livi here. Currently, I'm RB for C&L and have been for several months. During my time in the admin team, I've mostly stuck to sorting, but I've decided that I want a new challenge. Over my six year period on DARP, I've been on the admin team a couple times as RB and Admin. As stated above, I've mostly been a Sorter but I actually have experience in all departments bar HR. I've proven myself capable as a Sorter in C&L and my coding skills show that I've served my time in OOC well, but my time in AI has truthfully been the shortest. However, I really want to change that. More than anything, I want to be able to help out the wiki that I call home, and I feel that I can do it best as admin in AI. I really feel like I have the time and energy to do what's expected of me in AI, especially with all the upcoming events happening. Many people have been wanting for the wiki to move things forward in regards to storylines and events, and I have all sorts of ideas to make the wiki popping again. It's a time for all hands to be on deck, and I'm super willing to take the wheel and go forward even though I might lack the experience of other users. I want to act as a crutch for my wanted department, and rather than put them down for lagging behind, I want to join in so they don't have to be alone.
  • Any Other Things you want to add: I think I've stated everything I wanted to state :P Good luck to everyone else!~


  • User Name: Notmyresident
  • Amount of Edits: 6755 plus 11,423 on my old account (18,178 total)
  • Amount of Characters: 18
  • Reasons why you think you would be a good addition as an admin: I've been an OOC rb for a few months now, and a few years before that I was in C&L until I was demoted due to a dip in activity. All together, I've been on the wiki six years come this June, and I've never stepped down from the team or left the wiki. My activity has fluctuated due to real-life things, but I have been an active user all six years. Since two admin positions are now open, I personally don't have a preference between the two departments, but I would be able to do either justice. I have the time and motivation for AI and experience on both sides of the sorting/locations process, and for either department if there are any extra bits I would need to be caught up on, I'm a quick learner so that would be no issue. I'm not an experienced coder - honestly, I have no wish to crank out amazing new templates that some of the great users on here do, but I know enough about coding to use existing templates and identify minor, common mistakes in code, which is great knowledge to use to help out new or inexperienced users.

    Ultimately my goal is to keep the wiki alive and, let's be honest, it's come close to dying several times. I am dedicated to this wiki, as shown by sticking around through six years of ups and downs, and I want to keep it active and running smoothly as best I can for as long as I can. This place has been my crutch for a lot of personal ups and downs and I feel the best way to pay some of that back is to take up a bit more responsibility for the upkeep and betterment of my internet home.
  • Any Other Things you want to add: good luck to everyone


  • User Name: Queen of Anarchy
  • Amount of Edits: 12,833 (current account) + 6,754 (old account) = 19,587 (total)
  • Amount of Characters: Eight Characters
  • Reasons why you think you would be a good addition as an admin:

Before I stepped down for a much needed mental health break, I was elected to bcrat of the OOC department on April 6th, 2018. Before that, I was an administrative user that was elected in December of 2017 and before that I was a rollback user elected in September of that same year. I have been a member of this community since August 2014 but my real activity only peaked in 2015, which means that I dedicated all but one year of my existence on this site to the staff department and my passion for the Harry Potter series.

I am a dedicated and extremely hardworking individual who has over the years, hopefully proven that I can raise to any challenge and help progress the wikia in a way that offers a pleasant roleplaying experience. While over the years there has been many pitfalls and trials I've had to endure, nothing is more rewarding than the growth that has come from my time here. I've been in a lot of departments now and so I know my strengths and weaknesses and before I hopped from Sorting (at the time) to OoC, I was a passionate member of the Activity Implenentation department. So for old time's sake, I am specifically running for the open position in AI. I've been consistently active over the years and have never had any official warnings or bans placed against me. I'm determined and I take my job very seriously which is why I believe I'm the ideal candidate for Activity Implementation, especially since its a very crucial department directly tying into user activity.

I have put on a lot of miniture expansions and events over the years, such as the Winter Solistice, Halloween and Christmas feasts at Hogwarts and a few student parties. I'm universally adaptable with my ability to code pages such as the OOC sitewide template (umr, exotic tracker and some registration pages), as well as made plenty of locations within the universal (both canon and noncanon); bittersweet emporium, thestral paddock, dobby's alcove, the spider's web, shutterbutton's photography, bowman e wright blacksmith, eternelle's elixir of refreshment, globus mundi travel agency, gringotts money exchange, the hopping pot, house elf placement agency, muesum of muggle curiosities, concordia and plunkett musical instruments, cogg and bell clockmakers, dr filibuster's fireworks, flimflam's laterns, jellied eel shop, stowe and packer's magical bags, tacconist, wickermore's, old forest/abandoned well, old forest/swimming hole, and the hogwarts express/luggage cart. I have also recently revamped about 65% of the Hogwarts pages with new color themes, images and updated descriptions. I also wrote a manual that can be found on here on how to properly archive roleplay pages, which I worked on with Ck.

Organization and roleplayer inclusion wise, I have also ran a London Vampire coven, been active in the Arcana Alliance expansion as well as ran a gang called the Serpents. In the near future, I will be introducing a new organization of all female knights that fight dark witches and magic. I have participated in a lot of the expansions that exist on the site as well as directly aided in the efforts many times before. At this very moment in time, I've been an extremely active member in the serial killer expansion and the progession of the IC storyline. I hope that if you vote me into Administration, I will tirelessly prove that I have what it takes to be here and I want to make every user's DARP experience a little bit easier. So let's create some memories, yeah?

  • Any Other Things you want to add: I'm really proud of all the users who have applied for this position because they all definitely deserve it as well. Goodluck 🌹


  • User Name: Ildsjel
  • Amount of Edits: 28,081 + 959 + 2,021 + 2,542 + 245 = 33,848
  • Amount of Characters: 7
  • Reasons why you think you would be a good addition as an admin: In truth, I know the odds are against me, considering all the times I've been on the team but have seen myself forced to step down in account of my struggling mental health. In total, it has been maybe 4 times. While I know this perhaps makes you uncomfortable selecting me to take on such responsibilities, I want to tell you I feel absolutely ready to shoulder this position and do everything it asks of me. I have no shortage of experience on the administration team, and if so I may say, have still tried to be as active as possible within the team without actually being on the team. What does this mean? Well, in spite of my status as regular user, I still remained as vocal as possible about topics such as more transparency between the team and the regular userbase, keeping all communication lines open, etc. I haven't let my lack of "rights" impede me from being as involved as possible with the community and the actual team. I hope this comes to show just how dedicated I am to DARP thriving. It doesn't matter the state I'm in, I've always taken my breaks if I have to, but I've come back time and time again to keep contributing. Because frankly, I really care about this place, and I'm not ready to let go. I want to do more, be able to help usher in a new era of activity.

    As I stated, I have no shortage of experience on the team. I was head of C&L and AI several times (as I transferred several times in order to accommodate the preferences of bureaucrats that stepped to the plate after me) and have an abundance of knowledge about the ins and outs of both departments. I'm also not a stranger to the OOC department, as little as I have ever clicked with them (it's not the people, it's my lack of knowledge about coding, whoops), and I'm also familiar with what makes the community run - with what makes them all essential, and dependent of one another. As C&L head, I redesigned the forums twice, and created a lot of locations, including but not limited to Lincliff City. (And as we know, the list of locations inside Lincliff is extensive). I made Coral Gates, too, and tried breathing some life into the adult world by creating companies like Lumos Broadcasting Center and Silencio Records Building. Meanwhile, I've also dealt with soft revamps of both Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic. I've dealt with elections and have also come up with other small events, like the buddy system, which allowed people to experiment with exchange students from all around the world, as well as the March For Our Lives as a branch of the ongoing SK expansion.

    I've also had my hand in bigger expansions. I was the one who came up with the idea for the last Triwizard Tournament and its tasks, with help from my AI team at the time, and was the one to come up with the idea of the Serial Killer Expansion that is still ongoing. The next phase of this expansion, if it's what I believe it to be, is also one I came up with, so I have the experience. I know what I have to do, and I know how big that responsibility is. It doesn't matter if I'm chosen for C&L or AI (though the latter is my first choice), I'm ready to bring more of these events and redesigns. I'm here, I'm prepared, and I'm excited. I want this, and I want this bad. I've also dealt with more miscellaneous organizations, like The Black Parade and the iconic Pack from several years ago, and have ran Hogwarts Quidditch a good number of times as part of AI and otherwise. But more importantly, I think one of the most important qualities an administrator should have is being good at communicating. Which... while I know I'm not perfect at, I've been working with. I was one of the people who suggested bringing back HR, just as I was the one who suggested bringing back the monthly admin meetings during my tenure as bureaucrat. I want to make this work, I really do, and I just hope you have the same faith in me that I have. Thank you!
  • Any Other Things you want to add: I genuinely cannot be more excited for the future of DARP, seeing all the people that have stepped forward and dared to run/accept nominations. I know whoever gets the position will do an excellent job at it.



To vote for the users applying for rollback, go to the vote linked directly below.

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