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This is an official policy of the Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki and should be followed thoroughly.
  1. No godmodding: Your first year cannot kill or destroy the entire world with a single spell, no matter how much you want them to. Another example is that you cannot just escape from the Ministry, or Apparate into Hogwarts.
  2. No emotional godmodding: As nice as it would be, Voldemort is a mass-murderer and you glancing at him sadly is unlikely to cause him to suddenly change his side and become good.
  3. No bunnying: You cannot decide that another player does something.
    1. A small amount of godmodding/bunnying may be overlooked, but multiple offenses will result in warnings followed by appropriate action.
  4. No metagaming: Your character is not aware of that thing that is lurking behind the corner that the guy mentioned to someone else.
  5. Reaction times: Word of warning - it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to disarm every single person on the room before one of them catches on and attempts to disarm you.
  6. Realism: Yes, we are playing in a world full of magic, where extraordinary things do happen...but we also want this wiki to be set in the realistic world of Harry Potter. To this end, please try to role-play characters in a realistic fashion. Some examples are that the majority of people have feelings, get happy, sad etc. Also, in the real world, when we meet people, we say hi, ask them their name etc. When meeting someone important, we make an appointment, knock on their door, treat them kindly etc. All of these sort of things should be considered when role-playing.
  7. Afterlife: Voldemort is dead. He can not return, nor can anyone else that is dead or has retired, such as the Death Eaters. Possibly, you can make a new evil lord with the approval of an Admin.
  8. Age of Adulthood: The age which Wizards reach adulthood is 17. At that age they may do anything adults can legally - however, they also may be tried as adults.
  9. Marriage: Any character over the age of 17 can get married, even if the character is a student. However, public displays of affection must be kept to a minimum, and please be careful to keep your roleplays PG-13 or lower.
  10. Relationships: Please keep the PG-13 RP limit in mind. This means that adult characters should not be dating student characters unless they're a year or less apart.
  11. Substance Abuse: Drug use of any illegal substance (From Marijuana to Dragon Dung) is considered illegal by the Ministry of Magic, and a character can be arrested for using these materials. Use or sale of these materials at Hogwarts is grounds for expulsion or jail time.
  12. Killing Characters: Though asking to kill another character is polite, it is not required anywhere except Hogwarts. Characters who are at Hogwarts cannot be killed unless a prior arangement has been made the with Hogwarts Headmistress or another B-crat.

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