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Duxterran War Monument

Erected amongst the Galty Mountains in Ireland, a towering stone monument juts straight into the air. Fashioned from the refined limestone, the tower stands whopping twenty stories high. A pattern of irregular figures adorns the smooth surface cutting its signature design. Artist Jason Götting designed the memorial with all the names of the fallen, from both sides of the war. A charm was placed upon it so that anytime one of the dead’s relative goes to visit the monument, the name will glow a bright white, letting the visitor know their loved one is at peace.


Linch – Advisor to the Minister
TALK – 02:08, February 17, 2013 (UTC)
Linch came to pay his respects to Einar. He had wanted to make a statue of Einar just like the Order had of Frozon but soon realized Einar would hate being the face of the Ministry that once held him in Azkaban and torchered him there. He didn't want to be the poster boy for the Ministry. Linch understood that. Linch had however made sure that Einar's name was printed in Italics on this memorial, and under it, was written-The Greatest Leader and Friend a Man could have.  Knowing Einar he wouldn't even like that, but Linch did it for himself. He needed to do something.  For he hadn't on the night it mattered most...  Linch apporched the Monument and like it was inscribed on it the name of a family member lit up. Einar Faris.  Linch looked at the monument and smiled.  He left some flowers under it and rubbed the name on the wall. He smiled again. Then he shed a single tear, and left.  In the flowers was a minicard stating who it was to and from: To Einar, from your old friend Charlie.

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Mademoiselle Bellefleur

 – Ally of Britain and USA


Tamara Bouchard 7th Year
-Hufflepuff Keeper

 – "What was her name? I wanna say it was glob..."



Charlotte A. Fletcher Ex-Hufflepuff, Ministry Employee
-- "I understand that everything is Sacred-- yet nothing is,"

She walked up to the monument, but no names lit up, which made her feel both relieved, but in a way, more alone then ever. She quietly mourned the loss of her colleges.



Jade Knightex-Azkabanian Prisoner

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Jade walked in after Char, here for the same reason she was, to mourn her colleagues and friends.

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President John Richards

 – 02:15, February 20, 2013 (UTC)

He came alone.  He wore a suit, an overcoat and sunglasses. He didn't want to be seen.  It was the first time he had left his secret service back in another country without him.  Really the frist time he was anywhere within 300 feet of one of them.  He had visited once before-but it was a large press invited Allies indorced viewing of the memorial.  This time he would see it without all that.  He looked at the large rectangular rock, and steped near it so as to see if a realative had died.  Soon enough he saw a name light up.  He walked over suspiciously, eager to see who it was.  On the stone appeard the name "Upton Richards".  Richards frowned.  It was his second cousin Upton.  Upton had died in the war and he hadn't even known.  Why hadn't he known he was in the army at all??? He quickly took out a pocket mirror from his pocket and looked at himself.  What had happened to him?  He felt different.  One year before he wouldn't have cared to see Upton's name on a list of deaths.  He might have said "Good ridence." Yet here he was, caring about someone he didn't even know very well.  Richards spent the rest of the day, reading every name on the list and thought to himself, "They fought for me, and all." Everytime.  He even looked at the Duxterran list of deaths and frowned.  He would have laughed a year ago.  He had changed.  The war had changed John Richards-the unchangeable.  Richards smirked.  He looked at the large glowing stone, then he walked down the steps and apparated away, back to the Square Office-a much more self-confident man.