A Knightmare.
● "I don't exist for your comfort." ●
"I'm me, that's all you need to know at this time. Now be off with you."
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Full Name ||

Dylan Alexander Schüttmann

Meaning Behind Name ||

It's a welsh name.

Nicknames ||


Age ||


Birthday ||

December 23

Assigned Sex ||


Gender Identity ||


Sexual Orientation ||


Romantic Orientation ||


Marital Status ||


Nationality ||


Ethnicity ||

German-French American

Species ||

Human Wizard
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Hair ||


Eyes ||


Skin ||


Height ||


Body Frame ||

Slim; Average

Tattoos ||

"My mum would have my hind and my father would have my head."

Piercings ||

"You think I'd do that? Are you insane?"

Voice ||

"What do you think?"

Scent ||

"Well that's a rude question to ask someone."

Style of Clothing ||


Face Claim ||

Colin Ford during his youth
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magical info.

Blood Status ||

Muggle Born

Magical Education ||

Illvermory (1 - 3) Hogwarts current

Year ||

4th Year

Wand ||

Willow, Phoenix Feather

Wand Hand ||


Boggart ||


Patronus ||


Amortentia ||

Hot Chocolate

Exotic? ||

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Dylan is a highly intelligent & bright young man, that's mind often drifts offs at the worst moments to go to Star Wars or other such wonderlands, and comes across as very highly dizty as a result of this. He can be robotic, mechanical even, but he likes technology and his pet dog over people - whilst he can be no doubt rude, it's probaly on accident, seeing as though he likes to speak his mind, but most of the time he's highly polite, and silent even, and would far rather observe than speak to others. He's by no means shy, no, just bidding his time for people to say stupid stuff he can call out.

Dylan is also henceforth; a planner of sorts, but only short time. He has a hard time with planning for the future because nobody knows what the future holds - it could hold cheerios in it, for all that he knows. So he plans for what he calls the inventivable, things that he can see happening, but sometimes isn't very good at, because Dylan is unable to foresee the future and all of it's events. He does try too, to the best of his abilities, but things don't often go to plan.

Not to mention, as a person, he's highly cynical and prone to making sarcastic jokes at another expensive if he can help it, which doesn't give him very much friends as it happens. He is also very rescourceful for a sheltered young man, but he had to be, in order to get all the resources he needed to succeed in Muggle school were he was all alone and everyone was competing for teacher's attention, he had to learn to succeed by himself in some regards. He also finds dealing with his parents and sister to be a struggle really, he doesn't know them, and them him, really, and this contributes to Dylan's depression actually. He has been diagnoised with it before, and it comes back every once in awhile to bite him in the arse, not that it's anyone fault for letting it to get the point where he had to take medication to deal with it

He can be caring, albeit in small ways, and despite his flaws of roboticness & overall coldness, he's still willing to help a friend in need, whenever they need it. He just thinks of himself unworthy of attention, or even remotely close to being asked with anything besides for homework. He is actually a very insecure person, not about the way he looks, but about himself generally, which leads to moodswings and acting out, although his acting out is clever enough that one wouldn't know it if they didn't know him personally. This is a result of having to hide his emontions at his private school behind closed gates, and one of these days, the pain of his childhood will rear it's ugly horn and succesfully invade those gates. For now, no, he's got himself composed and ready for action, or so he believes himself - he has too, otherwise everything in his life will far apart by the seams.
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The Schüttmann Family orignates from a Pre-WW2 family, coming from a long line of German noblity that was seeking refugee from the war that plagued their country. So they choice America, where they could continue being German and being safe from the horrors that soon plagued their country, for another war was coming that would be unlike any other. This led to a long tradition of keeping whatever tradition they had from Germany in tack, as they wished to remember their german heritage, despite WW2 ranking on them and what their leader was doing there.

Throughout the centuries, the muggle house came in contact with magic many times, and many times did they become magical or even expectional people, unlike any other before them. In the case of David Schüttmann, the boy's father, he was one such of such indiviuals of whom could see magic but not do magic itself - a squid, more or less. That forunately will come in handy during the course of the story though, for his two sweet little magical children he possessed.

So Dylan was born to a middle class family from two backgrounds; his mother was a Nurse of whom left France long ago to attend nursing school to meet his father at one of the semeries, his father is a American-German who works at a rather pregerious univeristy instate, thus making him like his mother, rather unaviable to his two children. They lived in a rather normal house, in a normal coldasack with plenty of friends nearby. But life was rather lonely for Dylan, he was always the lonely one, due to the fact that a young age his parents sent him off to a private school to be educated away from his sister. He doubts he knows her very well as a result of them sending him away at such a young age.

His schooling was harsh, blunt, to the point - he had to conform or be sent back home as a failure. As failure was not an option to Dylan, he choice to conform to their beliefs as a result of this. He choice to believe that his parents were proud, back than, but they weren't looking - they weren't even there to begin with, what choice does a young boy have but to believe the impossible? It's the only way to be sane, after all. At the age of eight, after being sent away after a long summer break in his parent's house, he did his first sign of magic; he blew up the car's oil supply, sending it scattering everywhere, but he didn't want to leave, go back to that school. So he did it. His father so happened to have seen it happening, as he was outside about to take him back, when he saw it. At that moment the man was truly shocked - his son had magic! And he saw it for himself! He forgave him for blowing up the car and beckoned him to stay at home. Alas, such a trick didn't work well on Dylan of whom remembered years of neglect from parents who sent him away, and barely talked to him during that time.

He did go back to private school though, shortly afterwords because his parents didn't pay the school a whole lot of money not to teach him now? At the age eleven, when he was sitting in his small, cramped dormitory, a small letter came in through the window and landed on his lap. When he looked up, he saw an crow flying away, and inside was a golden letter inviting him to Ilverymory as a student of said school. At first he thought it was another attempt of his parents to send him away, and he truthfully cried over it, seeing it as the last straw - they really didn't want him if they wanted to send him away even further from his home and family, even though they didn't want him. As a result of this, a teacher had to talk to his parents about sending him to the school - of course they agreed, or more like David did, upon seeing his son's first act of magic, and as such, a teacher was sent to the school to talk to Dylan himself.

Dylan had no understanding of magic as they talked to him, but eventually, he decided that he'd do it, in the name of science and proving that witches and wizards weren't real, they were nothing but stories, right? Several years later, he was in the great halls of Ilverymory, and oh my, what a shock it was to Dylan, alright. He was sorted into the Horned Servants due to his scholary nature and attude for it. It was no surpise, given that Dylan excelled in his muggle private school with flying colours. Not to mention, he was an introvert and a scholar at heart, being influenced from his many teachers on many subjects and not to mention, some of them were like the mother and father Dylan never had to begin with.

His first years of Ilvermory were nothing of note; he did Quidditch, broke a couple of bones because a bloody bludger sent him flying and that was about the only interesting thing he ever did, was Quidditch. He was never any of the Prefects, never really cared for power much anyhow, and was more concerned about studying for the next exam than he was trying for power or anything else.

One day, however, this all changed when his father got a sudden higher-paying job opportunity in London. At a whisk, he dragged them all to London - despite his objections to the contrary - where they are now. He now wonders how Hogwarts will be in contrast to Illverymory or any of his other schools, honestly.
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Likes ||

Books, solitude

Dislikes ||

People, things

Loves ||

Being alone

Loathes ||

His parents

Passions ||

History, Classes

Hobbies ||


Skilled At ||

{{{Skilled At}}}

More Trivia ||

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Dylan SchüttmannSlytherin 4th year

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