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Full Name Ebberla Azure Dachshund
Nickname Emma
Basic Info
Birthday June 29th
Nationality Polish, German, British
Home The Little Dutch Cottage
Relationship Info
Status definitely feeling something for her...
Sexuality Bi
Best Friend None
Pets None
Family On The Wiki Reichert Family (cause indirect relation due to mother)

School/Career Info
House Hufflepuff
Year/Occupation Sixth
Titles None, yet. (Other than The Stylish Snapdragon, which was given by Soph)
Optional Classes Taken None
Magical Info
Species Human
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Wand Core Phoenix Feather
Wand Wood Alder
Wand Arm Left
Boggart Herself
Patronus Dachshund (as in the dog breed)

Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Gender Female
Hair Colour Brown
Hair Length/Style Varies
Eye Colour Brown
Skin Colour White
Clothing Style Trendy
Other Info About Looks
She's always looking to do various things to her hair.

Colour Orange/Yellow
Music Anything
Food Prefers Italian
Sweets Dark Chocolate
Animal Dogs
Class "Who likes school?"
Season/Weather Winter
Dream Job Undecided
MBTI INTP, but can be INFP as well
Happiest When...
Styling her hair

The Stylish Snapdragon

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." - Milton Berle

Ebberla Gif 1

Ebberla generally appears kind to most people, and she really is. But enemies, beware. She associates herself with the saying "Her bite is bigger than her bark." And it's true. When Ebberla is about to snap, she means business.
When she's not busy snapping her enemies away, she is generally found to be very passive, and very determined. She generally prefers not to strike out into conversations, but she is not afraid to speak up for herself if talked to. She can get defensive at times, however, so be careful about what you talk to her about.


In terms of social ability, Ebberla stands in middle ground. Her heavy snapping tend to lose her friends, while otherwise she generally gets one too many friends that she doesn't want. She does, however keep a close circle of friends, just to have some.

  • Ebberla is a heavy Introvert, and almost never speaks up, unless asked to.


Hufflepuff Crest (Gif)


Ebberla, born Ebberla Azure Dachshund, was born to the Polish wizard Warren Dachshund and the German witch Cassandra Dachshund (nee Reichert). She was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. Generally speaking, Ebberla's childhood was normal and boring for the first 5-6 years of her life, but that was all due to change. And it did. In the wrong way.
At age 6, Ebberla lost her father, who died in a fire while at work. Cassandra, now a single mother, couldn't afford to watch Ebberla and therefore, she moved to Germany. However, Ebberla did not take well to that, and wanted back in Poland, however, Cassandra could no longer afford to move places as she wasn't on welfare nor was she employed, making it difficult for Ebberla to live with her.
For the time being, Ebberla was left to live with her mother's parents, whom she didn't get along with at all, since they obviously didn't speak Polish, which was Ebberla's native language. To add on to the troubles, Ebberla had to re-adapt to the time and the landscape, both of which she did not like.
To make matters worse, at age 9, Ebberla's mother declared bankruptcy, and had no money whatsoever. Now forced to live off of her grandpa's retirement money, Ebberla couldn't stand it anymore. That's the moment where she got her 'bite is bigger than bark' personality. However, a relief came to her at the age of 10.

Her mother's brother, who had far more money than her, offered to watch Ebberla, since Cassandra couldn't afford to. Both Cassandra and Ebberla pleasantly agreed, and now Ebberla lives in England. Although, there was one last thing she needed to get used to. Because Lars couldn't pronounce Ebberla's name correctly, he started calling her Emma, because it was easier to remember. And it stuck to Ebberla.

Ebberla learned of Hogwarts just as she arrived and she was promptly accepted. The rest of the story, is only for Ebberla's eyes, and none know how it goes...
First couple years were generally boring. Ebberla made it onto the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team twice, and she definitely felt the hang of it. She ran for co-captain in her third year and made it, only because the captain was new to the whole story. After a not-so-slick play, she was removed from the team, supposedly due to dangerous play style, but she believes there was greater reasoning.

However, during the third week of school, she finds out the horrible truth. After hearing it first-hand from Cecilia, she couldn't believe it. Her mother had been dating a guy named Emiliano Theis. They were having a good time, until... Emiliano discovered Ebberla's existence. Not wanting another guy's kid pinned on him, he asked Cassandra to disown Ebberla. Baited by Emiliano's background, Cassandra gladly disowned Ebberla, behind Ebberla's back. Now, an orphaned Ebberla has sincere trouble finding out what to achieve in life anymore...


  • Hairstyling - Ebberla has always had a thing for hairstyling. She doesn't know what it is, but she can't stop doing it.

Ebberla hasn't started school yet, but soon she will discover her potential.

Ebberla Gif 2

  • Warren Dachshund (deceased) - "He's dead. Why should I worry about him anymore?"
  • Cassandra Dachshund Theis (nee Reichert) - "I hate this woman. Mention her not to me."
  • Emiliano Theis - "He's what you call a Grade A a**hole."

  • Cecilia Holland-Reichert - "I'm cool with her. She likes me to style her hair, which is even more cool."
  • Mathia Holland-Reichert - "She talks too damn much."
  • Lars Reichert - "I like him. He's better than my own daddy."
  • Courtney Holland - "I wish she was my mommy."
  • Amber Holland - "She needs to talk some more."
  • Annaleise Holland - "She's too easy to annoy."

No friends, yet.

None, yet.

Ebberla doesn't have a pet, but she wishes she had one.

Ebberla is not in love with anyone yet.

Ebberla Gif Mini

Ebberla = unknown meaning
Azure = bright blue in color
Dachshund = from the dog breed. Means badger dog in German.

Ebberla has a fear of the dark, and is always likely to light a candle, if she ever gets up at night.

At the moment, she has no future goals or plans for that matter.

  • She is OOC dedicated to Emma.
  • She is indirectly based off of Sandra from the kids show Sandra The Fairytale Detective.
  • She speaks Polish and English
  • She would find it incredibly weird if someone gave a Dachshund (the dog breed) as a pet.

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