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Eeylops Owl Emporium & Magical Menagerie

Hello, how are you? I'm glad you chose to come here to purchase your faithful friend.

We have many kinds of animals here. There is a list of some of the breeds we carry below.

If I don't mention a breed you would like, feel free to ask, with the name of the breed and I will let you know if our backroom holds such, or if it needs to be flown in specially.

Please choose a breed and gender of your desired pet. I will fetch your pet for you and you may then take your new friend home! We also offer cages for your owl, and you can see them in the catalogue below.

Proprietor and Employees[]

Prices and Pets on Display[]

Owls (15 to 30 Galleons)
Dogs (10 to 25 Galleons)
Cats (15 to 21 Galleons)
Toads (16 Sickles to 4 Galleons)
Chinchillas (7 to 12 Galleons)
Rats (16 Sickles to 2 Galleons)
Mice (16 Sickles to 3 Galleons)
Birds (13 to 18 Galleons)
Monkeys (20 to 30 Galleons)
Lemurs (20 to 32 Galleons)

Hover over the picture to find out what species it is.