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"Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it"

~Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Those of you readers who are reading internationally, or for whatever reason have not been to Hogwarts, may not be able to appreciate the full profoundity of this quote, by one of Hogwarts' finest Headmasters. Hogwarts is hearth and home to those who study there, from the smell of food wafting from the kitchens, or the sleepy incense of the Divination, to the constant chatter in the Great Hall, you know that in Hogwarts, you are with your family, your house; a precise second skin to your life. Those of you who have been to Hogwarts know that the experience is one-of-a-kind, let alone the education.

Einar, like all those other magical children of eleven years, received his acceptance letter from Hogwarts, and proceeded to Kings Cross Station on the First of September, 1973. Fellow first year, Angelica Larson, on the train noted that,

"He sat alone, I tried to come in, but he looked quite introverted, with his nose in a book. I'm sure he was a nice man- just accustomed to the company of books rather than people."

~Angelica Larson, student at the time.

Unsurprising that he was almost instantly sorted into Ravenclaw, then, is it? No, the Sorting Hat barely touched his head, before shouting out "RAVENCLAW!" to the cheers and applauds of his housemates. Adjusting at Hogwarts seemed to be simple enough for him, according to other residents of Hogwarts.

"He was intelligent. I would always see him studying on his own. People would try to bully him, but he would always outsmart them."

~Helena Ravenclaw (The Grey Lady), Ghost of Ravenclaw Tower