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"The Chapter of Accidents is the longest chapter in the Book"

~Lord Edward Thurlow

Einar was born on the 27th of February 1962, to Sylvia and Albert Faris. His story starts, however, thirteen years earlier, in India; where the Faris family of three were on holiday.

The firstborn of the Faris family, Duncan, had somehow got his hands on a fruit which was, by no means supposed to be eaten by townsfolk. Intended to poison a local politician, the fruit was laced with a concoction which would be rendered brewed only via sorcery. Leon Lightwood; an infamous wizard assassin who gave the Ministry of Magic quite a bit of grief around the 1940-50 period, paraded the streets as a muggle assassin, was paid dearly for his methods which, quite literally, "worked like a charm".

So this fruit was consumed by Duncan, who contracted a strange virulent strain of Dengue-Fever, which the muggle doctors had no clue how to treat. Naturally, they took him to a local witch healer, whom I managed to catch up with, in my search for the Story of Einar.

"The typical symptoms of Dengue usually develop between 3to 14 days after actually being infected by the Virus. The generic temperature reaches 41ºC (105.8ºF), but this boy was much higher, reaching the 45-50 mark, so it was evident that he was not going to survive for much longer. Upon questioning the parents, they claimed it had only been a few hours before he got the symptoms, not two weeks, which was what ensured me that it was magic which caused this."

~Gayatri Dixit, Healer during Duncan's ailment.

It was not long before Duncan passed, leaving Sylvia and Albert devastated and heartbroken at the loss of their only child. They both decided that they would not have any more children, so asto save them from future heartbreak. It has been written that the worst thing for any parent is to see their child's funeral; so one can understand that the pain going through Albert and Sylvia must have been unbearable.

But by pure chance, and an "unexpected hormonal surge" in 1961, Einar Faris was conceived.