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Name Pronunciation Guide
Elara EE-lar-ruh
Melody MEL-uh-dee
Daniels DAN-yulz
Elara Melody Daniels
Proprietor of The Little Store
This character belongs to R.A.B.-Sig


Elara Daniels
Full Name Elara Melody Daniels
Nicknames El, Lara, Lára
Signature ElaraSig
Age 24
Occupation Co-owner of The Little Shop
Home Her flat

Magical Characteristics
Blood Status Half-blood
Wand Larch and dragon heartstring, 12 ½ inches
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Leopard
Boggart Failure
Amortentia Kakósúpa, wand polish, coffee

Birthday August 12
Birthplace Wick, Scotland
Hometown Sauðárkrókur, Iceland
Ethnicity ½ Icelandic, ½ Scottish
Accent North English
Languages Icelandic, English, Danish

Physical Characteristics
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Skin Fair
Height 5 ft, 8 ½ in (174 cm)
Weight 130 lbs (59 kg)
Clothing Style Simplistic

Credit goes first and foremost to
the ever-epic Emma Tiger Lily.

The lovely Kibeth Astarael also
made some contributions.

Elara's parents, Lilja Jónsdóttir and Allan Daniels, met when her father was on a business trip from Scotland to Iceland. On that trip, Allan absolutely fell in love with the place. After the trip, he returned to Iceland, this time to stay. Because of the rather small population, it was hard not to know most people that lived in the parts, so it was only a matter of time before the two got together.

They lived in Iceland for a little while, then moved to Scotland so Allan could help take care of his dying mother Kathleen. Shortly before Kathleen's death, their first child was born. They named her Elara Melody Daniels.

Before Elara's half birthday, Lilja was pregnant again. Allan wanted to get married — he felt too unconformable about having two children together but not being married. Lilja laughed and said he was so British, but agreed to get married if it made him feel better. Their second daughter was born: Evelyn, or as they soon started calling her, Evie. And their third child, born just as serially, was Emerald.

The they stayed in Scotland longer than they'd originally intended. Kathleen hung on longer than they thought she was going to, and after she did die, Allan wanted to make sure his father was able to handle it. When they eventually returned to Iceland, it was right after Emerald was born. Emerald was a month old, Evie nearing 1, and Elara almost 2.

The girls were raised in a muggle culture because Allan is a muggle, and although Lilja is a witch (with a half-blood father and muggle mother) she chooses not to use magic for the most part, and never felt much connection to the wizarding world. The sisters attended year 1-5 of muggle grunnskóli. There, Emerald started stealing pencil cases and such when other kids annoyed her. Evie would deliberately sabotaged the teacher; she was a pranking mistress. Elara would steal things sometimes too, but because she wanted the thing, not to mess with the owner; but mostly she just slipped under the radar, manipulating people and situations to suit her.

They soon got their letters to Durmstrang, and they were thrilled to go, although a bit confused at the thought of magic because of their muggle upbringing. Their mother hadn't exactly concealed the fact of magic from them, but she certainly never told them about it. So Elara headed off to school, another sister joining her each year. However, Durmstrang wasn't all they wanted it to be. The students were rather cruel to the people with so little magical heritage. After a few years of putting up with this, the girls begged their parents to transfer them to a different school, and they began attending Hogwarts. The girls started their 6th, 5th, and 4th years at the new school. Elara graduated from Hufflepuff after 2 years at the new school.

Using the money she made in a failed business idea of hers as start-up money, Elara is now working on opening a store. She likes the idea of a shop — at least in her mind, it gives her power, and it gives her a chance to prove jobs for her sisters if it comes to that, and that makes her feel more in control too.

Mother Lilja Jónsdóttir Father Allan Daniels
Younger Sister Evelyn Daniels Younger Sister Emerald Daniels
Nephew Marley Orestisson
Lilja Jónsdóttir and Allan Daniels
Elara has never been all that close to either of her parents, perhaps because she was the oldest and could take care of herself, while Emerald and Evie needed more help, but she has a decent relationship with both of them. When she was younger, her dad would let it slide when she did something wrong — just telling her to do better next time, then a hug to affirm that she was a good kid. But Lilja didn't, and that stark difference has always caused Elara to fear her mother slightly. Her dad usually took the position that she's so young, don't push her so much, while her mother thought that Evie and Emerald were the young ones, and that Elara was the elder one — not the baby and not to be treated as such. Lilja kept Elara and her sisters in line with her quiet strength, and how she always seemed to know more than they thought she did. Elara knows her mother loves her, and she loves her mother too, and to this day, she doesn't like to cross her.

Evelyn "Evie" Daniels
Evie is Elara's sister, who is about a year younger than Elara. When they were younger, Evie liked pranking and senseless stirring up trouble, which Elara viewed with disdain. But after the transfer to Hogwarts, Evie got Prefect. She got herself a new Prefect boyfriend, and starting abiding by the rules. She got Head Girl before long, and moved out at 16, and got pregnant and had a baby at 17. There were a series of falling-outs, and attempts at reconciliation. For many years, Elara and Evie weren't in contact. Elara was tired of being emotionally blackmailed, tired of having to watch while her sister made the same mistakes over and over again, and tired of the stranger her sister has become. She was adamant that not being in each other's lives would make them both happier. But very recently, the two have come together again. And now that she allows herself to think about Evie again, Elara has realized how very, very much she missed her sister.

Emerald Daniels
Emerald is the youngest of the Daniels sisters, and is a little under two years younger that Elara. Elara often looks down on Emerald's reckless, petty theft, but it also amuses her. And thought she she won't even admit it to herself, let alone anyone else, she admires Emerald's nerve. Elara has always been closer to Emerald than Evie. Perhaps it's age — their close births put Elara and Evie a little too close in age for comfort, while Emerald and Elara has a more normally spaced age difference.

Marley Orestisson
Evie's son; Elara's nephew and godson. Due to her estrangement with Evie, she missed much of him life. She saw him for a while as a baby, and when she and Evie reconciled he was suddenly 5. Elara loves Marley to pieces; she considers the time she missed to be the worst thing she's ever done. She worried about him the whole time, and it was constant nervousness that she came to live with. Marley was not enough reason to make up with Evie, but he was enough to constantly have her questioning her resolve. A child, Marley doesn't resent her at all for any of this, which only makes Elara feel worse about it.


More than having any one great skill, Elara is persistent and hard-working — a Hufflepuff. She'll work through her troubles, teach herself things, and practice again and again, until her skill is well-polished.