Elle Bagman2
Eleanore Gertrude Dane (Elle)

Graduated Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff Crest (Gif)
Vital Statistics
Born April 22, 2009
Age 27
Family Dane and Bagman Families
Gender Female
Species Witch
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Brown
Status Alive
Signature [[File:{{{Signature}}}|100px]]
Magical Characteristics
Wand Rowan, Unicorn Hair Core, 10 1/2 inches
Wand Arm Left
Blood Purity Half-Blood


Elle was born to a Muggle man and a witch on April 22, 2007 in Newcastle. She is the third of four children, all of which are magic. After her older brother and sister got their letter to Hogwarts, Elle was always going on about Hogwarts, and how excited she was to be able to go there. When they were home from school for the summers or holidays, she would ask more and more about Hogwarts, dying to go. The summer after she turned eleven, Elle finally got her letter. On September 1, 2020, she was on her way to Hogwarts.

School Years

Elle's first few years were relatively normal. She was sorted into Hufflepuff, just like her older brother and sister were. She loved it, and felt like she fit right it. She did well in all her classes, but she particularly excelled in Charms. It was so interesting to her and she always wanted to know more. When she came to Hogwarts her older sister acted very protective, and she always enjoyed the attention. However, as she's grown up more and more it's started to annoy her. It's like her sister doesn't realize she isn't a baby anymore. Now in her fourth year, her little brother is at Hogwarts and the only one of the four to be put in Gryffindor. At school she has realized she loves Quidditch, and has started to consider a professional career.



Elle is a kind, caring, and friendly girl. She's very energetic, and always talking, often getting into trouble in classes for having side conversations. She's kind and considerate to everyone, trying to make their days better, even those who don't treat her the same way. Elle is happy and can get easily excited about the smallest things. She is pure-hearted and protective of anyone she thinks is in need.



  • Charms - E
  • Defense - O
  • Herbology - A
  • Potions - A
  • Transfiguration - E
  • Care of Magical Creatures - A


  • Charms - E
  • Defense - O
  • Herbology - A
  • Potions - A
  • Transfiguration - E
  • Care of Magical Creatures - A
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