Elena Everett
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Birth Date

August 18

Hair Color

Random (originally dark brown)

Eye Color

Dark brown



Blood Status








Quick Info

Slytherin's Crest

This character is a Slytherin!



Elena has long, wavy dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She comes from Asian origin from her father's side of the family. She has the average height for her age and she has a slim build. She mostly wears black, since it's her favorite color, but sometimes adds some color and some jewelry. She often dyes her hair into a variety of colors.


Elena is a very independent girl. She doesn't like working in groups and prefers to be by herself. She's loyal to her friends and even more loyal to her loved ones. She isn't afraid of saying what she's thinking and treats everyone fairly. She can become very protective and she has a short temper.


Chris Everett - Father (Slytherin) Hailee Everett - Mother (Gryffindor)


Elena was born to Chris Everett, a wizard that worked at the Ministry at the time along with his wife, Hailee Everett. The two had met at Hogwarts and had spent their years together, despite one being in Slytherin and the other in Gryffindor. After they graduated, they joined the Minsitry and decided to get married.

About 2 years after, they had Elena. Elena had a pretty nice childhood, until her father became a Death Eater. He left her and her mother to join the Dark Lord and to serve for him. From there, Elena's mother had to work more often so Elena saw her less and Chris practically became a stranger to Elena.

At the age of 11, Elena received her letter to Hogwarts, which her mother was very excited about. They both bought her stuff at Diagon Alley. Once the big day arrived, Elena began her life at Hogwarts and spent the next couple of years with the rest of her schoolmates.

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