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Elena Lysander
Elena Lysander
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Winston Lysander, Husband

Raya Lysander, Daughter

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'6"
Affiliation Hogwarts,
Lysander family
Wand Oak, Lobalug Venom Sac
Species Human, Witch
Home Britain


Elena is humble, yet confident and persuasive. She can be the kind of person to get herself in a mess of trouble, and always needing somebody to help her out. She's very prideful, and would always verbally, and physically, defend her loved ones. She's very smart, ruining the idea of Durmstrang students being dumb and useless, but she is very tough as well.


Elena Lysander grew up is Bulgaria with her family, two parents and a loving older sister, as well as a younger brother. She was a pretty good student, very bright and sweet. She always loved art, even when she was a child, but always believed pure-bloods were better than Muggles, or half-bloods, as well as her whole family. In school, she took a liking to the Dark Arts, and even excelled in it, but she wouldn't call herself a Dark Wizard. After school, she had married her best friend from Bulgaria, Vasil Dimitrov.

Later in the next few years, she had gotten in a dispute with British representatives, and had even try to hurt one, but her and her group were stopped by Lysander Winston. She had fallen in love with him, and had a child with him, even, though she lets her daughter believe Vasil is her father. After a few years, she had left Vasil and went to the UK to marry Lysander, and henceforth, the three have lived as a happy family.

Now, living with her new husband, she had decided to take a job at Hogwarts, as she had wanted to teach for a while. She is teaching First and Second years DAtDA.

Unfortunately, things began to take an turn for the worse when Winston and Elena started having continous fights. Soon, it was easy to see Raya hated Winston. Elena and Winston began to drift further and further apart. The time soon came when they decided to separate. Elena and Winston got a divorce, effectively ending their marriage. Elena got the house, but Winston was able to find a new residence.

Friendships & Relationships[]

Name Relation Feelings
Winston Lysander Her ex-husband Hatred
Raya Lysander Her daughter Affection