Eleni Yaxley
Let’s Begin by taking a smallish nap or two.


Personal Information

Full NameEleni Selene Yaxley
Birthday24th August
Age30 y/o
Zodiac SignVirgo
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
Sexual OrientationBisexual
Romantic OrientationBiromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
BirthplaceBoston, U.S.A
Living SituationYaxley Residence
Languages SpokenEnglish

Magical Information

Blood StatusPureblood
Wand WoodLaurel wood
Wand Corea unicorn hair core
Wand Length13 ¼
BoggartBeing told she killed someone


Eleni, in short, is an adrenaline junkie. Her choice of transport are motorbikes (specifically flying ones) and she hates to drive it, or anything, slow. You could say Eleni is an active person, sporty even, but she prefers the more extreme sports. Racing, rock climbing, boxing, snowboarding, surfing. The list doesn't end. Of course, she has her favourites but she enjoys the thrill. However, this also means that Eleni can tend to be rather impatient and can often become frustrated when she has to wait. Eleni has a love for shopping, though, and loves to dress fancy. When it was casual, though, Eleni wouldn't be seen dead without her leather jacket. It's a must. She's had it since she was sixteen and wasn't going to give it up anytime soon. Another love of hers is icecream and can never get enough of it. Favourite flavour? Honeycomb. She also loves Winnie the Pooh and has a small collection of soft toys in her bedroom. Other hobbies include video games (especially the classics) even though she's pretty bad at them and rarely finishes a game. And vinyls. She thinks vinyls are cool, though isn't quite sure what she's meant to do with them. She doesn't exactly have a vinyl player.

Eleni can be rather insensitive with her words, though, but not because she's cruel and is out to hurt people. Eleni just has no filter and a strong moral core, possibly not a very good mix. If she believes someone is in the wrong, she'll tell them and can often become worked up over it. Passionate, she refuses to turn a blind eye to what she believes is immoral, even if the other person is in a position higher than herself. Even though arguing is one of Eleni's least favourite activities, she'll do it if she believes in it strongly enough. Eleni likes to help people, though, especially those who can't help themselves. Eleni wouldn't hesitate to die for a mere stranger, to put it bluntly. Furthermore, Eleni minded to say the least and nothing like her cousins and ancestors. In fact, it confuses her how some people could hold those views and often finds herself ashamed of her own surname.

Eleni wants to do good in the world and has a good heart. She's just sometime unsure of how to do it. Some believe she'd make a good auror but she doesn't want to put herself into violence again, so she focusses more on the other side of the ministry. Eleni is also a bit of a workaholic but does have the belief that if she works hard then she has the right to party hard, even though she's sworn herself off from drugs completely, including alcohol. To her, her interpretation of a party is everything from a club to a vacation. Anything that equals a good time, really. Then again, Eleni isn't the type to do anything half way, even when it comes to the time meant to be spent relaxing.

Eleni struggles with time, though, and often complains about it, even though it's really her own fault. Her daily life is usually spent between four things: sleep, work, family and gym. In that order of prioritisation. Though, she is unflinchingly loyal (took a few years for Eleni to get there but she got there nonetheless) to her family and her worst nightmare would be someone making her choose between her family and work. Her lover, though, is sleep and it can often be difficult to wake her up in the morning. She's been known to take naps whenever she has spare time (even at work) and can fall asleep almost at the drop of a hat. Gym...well, she loves to box and it keeps her fit and active, so every other evening (between eight to nine) she spends her life in the gym. Of course, a lot of the times it is against other people. Wouldn't be as fun otherwise. As a consequence, though, she's often nursing a few bruises here and there.

Eleni finds herself a loner, even though she's not antisocial. She knows how to befriend people, knows how to communicate, she just finds herself so busy with work and other activities that she has little time for people, except her family but even fitting them in can sometimes be a struggle. Eleni can actually be a bit of a flirt, even though she doesn't realise it, and has a rather upbeat attitude. She'll smile and nod, even when she has no idea what the other is talking about. Eleni crushes on people rather easily but she never acts upon them and often prefers to wallow in them until they pass. Eleni hasn't had the worst experience but she hasn't had the experience with love. As mentioned before, she doesn't really focus on her social life, let alone her love life. Eleni is easily impressed, though, and it doesn't take much difficulty to win her over. However, she' a tendency to be possessive and easily jealous, especially in a relationship.


The Yaxley Family has been around for a fairly long time. They were relevant during the 1300s, fraternizing with the nobility, they stayed relevant during the 1600s, spreading out to America and wreaking havoc wherever they could. They were relevant during the 1900s, closely affiliated to the likes of Bellatrix Lestrange and Voldemort himself. They were notorious for their torture methods and infamous for their uncanny tradition of dominating occlumency. They were fierce and unflinchingly loyal to their ideals, a detail that hasn't withered as time has progressed.

In his nearly 100 years alive, Alphard Yaxley has never failed to live up to the expectations of his direct ancestors. He's honored the Yaxley ideals in everything he has done, worshipping Merlin without rest and ensuring his family only procreates with those he sees worthy (i.e from their social class with same ideals). By all means, because they were one of the few remaining absolutely pure-blooded families, he saw his family as the highest authority in the wizarding world, and felt they should be treated as such.

It isn't uncommon to see a Yaxley involved in politics one way or another. Close to all of Alphard's children - at least those he publicly recognized as his own - have shares in the Ministry. Though never holding office, they continue to have their hand in influencing others and manipulating the way one vote or another would go. To Alphard, power is everything; especially for a family as esteemed as theirs. Thusly, his children's lives were marred by a constant upkeep of appearances.

Alphard accepted nothing short of perfection from them, and this continues to hold true with his grandchildren. The majority of his children were fine with it, truth be told. They attended etiquette classes, appeared at high-profile galas and balls, and only frolicked with children from other Sacred 28 families - or at least those the Yaxleys didn't perceive as 'blood traitors'. Most marriages were arranged, though only some of them were truly 'successful', and not necessarily in the way Alphard and wife Cedrella Yaxley (née Rowle) foresaw.

The heir to the family name and fortune, Alpheus Eldritch Yaxley, attended Hogwarts and was promptly sorted into Ravenclaw. Although uncommon, it wasn't something his parents couldn't live with. He had respectable grades, joined the quidditch team as keeper, and bore the title of 'prefect' during fifth and sixth years and 'Head Boy' during seventh. During the course of his time at Hogwarts, he did many things and met many people, but none like Astoria Nott. She, like him, was forced to live a life she didn't want. Their betrayal seemed inevitable, and their union only solidified it.

Astoria Nott and Alpheus Yaxley were best friends, first and foremost, and to this day many believe their marriage has lasted longer than any of his other siblings' because the affection was there long before their families decided marriage would be the best thing for their status. Although his family is blissfully unaware of this fact, Alpheus continues to be grateful for one of the few things his family ever did for him: push him towards Astoria. Their wedding ceremony was as big and flashy as you'd have thought, with Porteus Nott as Best Man and Vanusia Yaxley as Maid of Honor.

Alpheus and Astoria, now Mr. and Mrs. Yaxley, had the honeymoon of a lifetime. Not even their return and subsequent load of responsibilities dampened their happiness. Until that fateful day came, where Alphard Yaxley murdered Alpheus' younger brother Archer Yaxley and demanded the silence of the rest of his children. He was a blood traitor, in love with a man below all of them; a muggle. This didn't rest well with Alphard, who for so long had groomed his family into perfection. And this - this just wasn't the kind of people Alpheus would want to raise his children surrounded by. Astoria was eight months pregnant; they still had time to flee. So they did.

Alpheus and Astoria has disappeared into the wind the day after Archer's death. Their parents had nothing to go off of to find them, other than a written concession declaring Rodolphus Yaxley the new heir to the family fortune. They moved to the USA - Boston, more specifically - where they had their four children. Eleni, Kaia, ____ and Imogen Yaxley. When they were settled in Boston, Alpheus opened a store selling fireworks, explosives, etc. Astoria helped around, but she was mostly a stay at home mother who occasionally dropped by to oversee delivery day and whatnot.

Eleni was the eldest of the four. She wasn't that impressed with her siblings as a child but they eventually grew on her. Admittedly, she was bit of a brat the first few years after her siblings were born, constantly acting out and doing everything she could to make everyone's lives miserable. Eleni wasn't one to share, especially when it came to her parent's love and attention. However, she got use to it and it's not as if she was being deprived of love and attention from her parents, she just wanted all of it. Eventually, she grew use to her siblings, even came to like their company. In small periods. Eleni was a social butterfly, though, and at primary school she was often the centre of a crowd.

She had her first magical incident when she was eight. Of course, she hadn't been around Kaia's incident and had been kept in the dark. It wasn't a dramatic incident, she just caused someone to fly back into a brick wall when they tried to make fun of her. Eleni was suspended for school (the school refused to believe that it wasn't Eleni who did it). Seeing as Eleni never kept her mouth shut, her parents realised quickly what had occurred. They had hoped that their children would be squibs but...the chances were slim. Thus, Eleni was introduced to the world of magic. Eleni was excited and never understood why her family turned their backs to the society. There was dragons, magic, elves, mobile chocolate frogs. It was, quite literally, Eleni's dream come true. Of course, she wasn't fussed with which school she attended and happily went straight to Ilvermorny, being sorted into Pukwudgie.

Eleni's years at Ilvermorny, though she never mentioned it to her family, was...well, terrible. Unlike her childhood, she struggled to make friends and felt rather isolated. Eleni did well academically but she often preferred to spend her time playing sport. Her acceptance into the Quodpot changed things, though. By third year, her social life took a one eighty and suddenly she was popular. People wanted to talk to her. It was a shift that Eleni wasn't quite sure how to handle. By fourth year, she was beginning to find friends. However...they weren't the right people. In fact, some of them had ties with criminals, especially in the family. A lot of them had started being interested in the Dark Arts and, though Eleni certainly didn't involve herself in it, Eleni didn't advocate against it. Eleni was there for the fun, for the drugs, for the alcohol, for the parties. Eleni became distant from her family. Not intentionally, they just weren't her priority anymore. Eleni went with the group anywhere and everywhere.

The one thing Eleni did get into during this time was car racing. Always a fan for speed, Eleni picked up quickly on the trade and every other week she was speeding around the streets at the dead of night for easy money. Sure, she lost a few times but she eventually became the best driver in the area. Thus, she also found herself becoming the getaway driver for her friends.

It was this habit, this following of Eleni, that caused what happened next to unfold. The group, with the majority of them apart of a local gang, had gotten into a fight with a rival gang with Eleni being caught in the crosshairs. It was the middle of the night and in the middle of an abandoned warehouse. Eleni and the others had gone there to do whatever when the other gang found them. Seeing as most of them were underage, they didn't use magic as they didn't want to run the risk of being found by officials, so they opted for muggle weapons. Knives and guns. Eleni knew her friends' carried but never questioned it. Though she tried to hang back, Eleni was shot, straight into the stomach. The others' ran, including most of her friends, one did try to hang back but they heard sirens, causing them to run off as well.

Eleni survived–but just. She was in the hospital for months, a coma for two of them. Afterwards, Eleni stayed...well, pretty close to home. Not that she had a choice, but she probably would have stayed home if she did have the choice anyway. The one thing she did, though, was that she might have told the officials who the other people were, both on the 'other side' and her 'side'. Eleni forced herself not to find out what happened to any of them afterwards, though she knows they were all arrested. She didn't want to know. Eleni dated a few people afterwards, she didn't become a hermit instantly, but none of them turned out well and eventually Eleni just gave up.

She had to repeat her seventh year but she graduated. Not with flying colours but good grades. Good enough that she was accepted into MACUSA as a low level ministry worker. The next few years was focussed on her career. This time, she was quite happy isolating herself and she kept more to herself than she ever had in her life. Admittedly, Eleni did continue racing but it was this time and more as a sport than anything. This was done in the no-maj world, of course, and knew she'd be ruined by MACUSA if they found out, so she kept silent about this side of her life. Eleni was good in the ministry. Good enough that by the time she was twenty four, she was part of the 'Surveillance Wizarding Resources Department' and by twenty five, she was made the head.

There was another side to Eleni's life after graduation, though, one that stemmed from her teenage incident. Eleni did a one eighty. Previously, Eleni was carefree with a grey compass. Now, Eleni started over, making sure her path was on the right side of the law. Eleni became more involved with charity, though, spending every Christmas morning at a homeless shelter to help with the kitchen, spending her weekends at different charities, both in the no-maj world and the magical world, trying to help people and society. However, by twenty six, she found her family moving back to London. This confused her, admittedly, because by then she knew of her family secret, her families past but, rather than being left behind, she decided to follow them to London with the chance of joining the British Ministry of Magic.


Face ClaimGal Gadot
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown
Voice Typelight
Blood TypeO
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleMuscular
PiercingsEar lobes pierced

Family Information

FatherAlpheus Yaxley
MotherAstoria Yaxley
Full SiblingsA couple
Half SiblingsN/A
Other RelativesN/A


Significant Other(s)None
Best Friend(s)TBA

Name Etymology

Given [ Eleni ]torch
Middle [ Selene ]moon
Surname [ Yaxley ]Unknown


Favourite Colouryellow
Favourite MovieChristopher Robin
Favourite SongNone
Favourite FoodIcecream
Favourite DrinkCola
Likesboxing / hiking / winnie the pooh / motorbikes
Dislikesarguing / drugs / violence
LoathesHer family's history
First Kiss
First Crush
First LoveNone
First Time
OccupationMinistry department head
Sports PlayedBoxing, hiking, rock climbing
Instruments PlayedNone
GoalsTo help people
AchievementsGetting her life together
Biggest HopeThat she'd have improved the world by the time she dies
Biggest RegretDrugs
Best MemoriesTBA
Worst MemoriesHospital
Mental IllnessesNone
Criminal RecordNone
Medical RecordNone

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