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Birthday May 7
Age 16
Status Alive
Pronunciation eh-LEE-yass flo-REHSS
Family House of Flores
Handedness Ambidextrous
Gender Male
Orientation Heterosexual, heteroromantic
Relationship Single
Nationality Filipino
Speaks Filipino, English, Spanish
Species Metamorphmagus
Blood Status Pure-blood
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'9"
Model Kevin Redder

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Once upon a time, in a land far far away, known as the Philippines, there was a royal family. After generations and generations of conflict, they finally fixed their sh-t. We could go into detail of with all the what-why-when-who-and-where, but that sounds pretty boring, doesn't it?

Enter Elias Flores, firstborn son of the new generation, and memelord extraordinaire. Elias was born to two very loving parents. His father, the eldest of his generation, and his mother, a very nice girl from Manila who wormed her way into his heart. His mother, ever the Rizal fan, decided to name him after everyone's favorite character from the classic Noli Me Tangere. Flores supposes he could have it worse. His name could've been Isagani.

Being the first son, a lot was dumped on Flores. He's just glad his parents had the decency to give him a break every once in a while to be a normal kid, which of course, he did, by collecting marbles, having spider fights with his neighbors, and playing superhero. It was to the immense relief of everyone in the royal line that while playing Superman one day, Flores actually ended up flying. This, of course, meant he was magic. It also meant he wouldn't be a disgrace.

The years passed and Flores would continue to wonder why everyone was so invested in his future if the House of Flores wasn't even the Greater House. Not to mention, around the time Flores was seven, he discovered that the whole lowkey shapeshifting thing he had going on was not normal, even for magic users. This meant he was even more special: a metamorphmagus. After discovering he had the ability to actually change his appearance at will, and not just have it be a side effect of emotions, he had quite a lot of fun making mischief and giving everyone massive headaches.

When he turned ten, Victoria and Martin had their twins, so the pressure was finally off of him. Obviously, he was forever indebted to them. Didn't hurt that they were cute either. Flores was the perfect kuya, always getting gigil with his little cousins and playing with them whenever they liked. They were the crown princess and the prince, the important ones. Martin was jaded and understandably depressed after his wife's death many years later. They didn't have anyone to actively distract them from all the seriousness going around. So, whenever Flores was in Manila, he'd make an active effort to be that someone for them.

Next up on the kuya duties checklist: Raina. Now this one was difficult. She was only four years old but would not talk to anyone. She was destructive, volatile, and a force to be reckoned with. Which of course, meant that Flores would be one to try. He did not give up with the demonyo child. At some point, Raina would begin to warm up to him. She wouldn't hug him or openly declare affection, but she'd tolerate him, which to Flores, was the awesomest awesomesauce.

Flores would attend the Philippine Institute of Magic for the first eight years of his schooling, as all Filipino kids do, starting at the age of 6 for first grade. He attended school in his own country until eighth grade, after which his parents decided to be 'cool' and send their child to study abroad in some fancy schmancy boarding school (Read: Hogwarts). Flores knew he would adjust; he always does. So, he's totally ready for the big move, and anything that might come with it.

Yes, totally not scared that he won't be able to make any friends at all and definitely not homesick to the max and 100% unafraid of pronouncing things wrong or forgetting how to English Diyos ko have mercy
Flores is normally quiet. Not because he's shy, but because it takes too much effort to talk and keep the conversation going. Even if it's not face to face, he prefers to express love to his friends by sending them memes that remind him of them. Except he can't do that because there's no internet in Hogwarts. Tangina. He's insanely grateful whenever he meets a kindred spirit. Normally, he doesn't bother with people if conversation doesn't come easy with them.

Flores takes whatever path requires the least amount of effort. He's the ultimate procrastinator, and to achieve his goals he needs the maximum amount of nagging anyone has to offer. Having responsibilities is a no-no. There's a big chance if you make him do anything, he'll wait until the last minute to do it or get someone else to do it for him. It's a miracle he's still passing his classes, but really, it's just because he's naturally really smart. He's like a sponge, soaking up any information you throw at him.

He's surprisingly very family-oriented and is a really good older brother to all of his cousins. The same goes with his friends. Despite his go-die-for-all-i-care attitude, he's actually the mom-friend most of the time. If anyone tries to act all concerned about him, on the other hand, he'll just get extremely annoyed and change the topic or plain out ignore them.

He has a good sense of humor and values it in all his friends. People need to know how to take a joke, but also when they've crossed the line. It's all about the perfect balance with Flores, no matter what he does. While he has zero ambition, has zero plans for the latter part of his life, and zero things he feels particularly strong about - he knows his limits when it comes to being purposeless. He can't have people thinking he's useful enough to boss around, but he can't have them thinking he's useless enough to be beneath them, now can he?
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Wand: Dogwood, 10 inches, Unicorn Hair core. This wand is one of a playful nature, and it is likewise far-out and mischievous. It wishes to be partnered with Witches/Wizards who will provide it with a fun life. Dogwood wands are known for casting outstanding spells under great pressure, and when matched with a clever partner they can perform dazzling spells.

Boggart Creepy dolls
Amortentia Turon, sinigang, lechon
Patronus Hyena
Wand Dogwood, 10 inches, Unicorn Hair core
Interests Drawing, sports, superheroes
Pet Peeve Having responsibilities
Habits Talking in Filipino when he's mad
Star Sign Taurus
Dreams/Goals Get out of ARMP
Color Green
Song All-Star; Bohemian Rhapsody
Show SNL; the Office
Movie The Bee Movie; The Dark Knight
Book Catcher in the Rye; Damned
Food Sinigang
Drink 7-Up

He's obsessed with Rube Goldberg machines.
He's great at doing accents.
He's a total sucker for horror stories, but they absolutely terrify them.
He plays basketball.
He will eat literally anything.
He knows a lot of useless trivia and bad jokes.
He's really into the IgNobel Prize award and its recipients.
He wants to be a comic book artist when he grows up.
When not in Hogwarts, he wears earphones so people know he doesn't want to talk to them.
He probably owns a fidget spinner.
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