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Birthday 18th june
Age 18
Status alive
Pronunciation el-EYE-jah cah-gan
Family brother; sister; brother; brother; cousin
Handedness right
Gender male
Orientation straight
Relationship single
Nationality english
Speaks english; hebrew; danish
Species wizard
Blood Status muggleborn
Eye Color grey
Hair Color dark blonde
Height 6'0"
Model finn cole

It's unsurprising that Elijah is the sibling who looks the most like his parents, considering he's the only one who is actually related to both of them. While the others inherited dark hair and darker eyes, Elijah's features bear a lighter tone, with hair bordering between dirty blonde and light brown and eyes a crystal clear grey. He's always felt like the odd one out in the family in more ways than one, and his appearance further contributes to that; he's stockier than his brothers, carrying more natural muscle, but a comfortable height of 6'0 and so more than capable of holding his own in a fight - a common occurrence between the Cagan brothers. Speaking of fights, Elijah lacks the littering of scars boasted by his siblings, aside from one just below his right eyebrow that wasn't obtained through any abuse or violence. (Az has a scar on his eyebrow, too. It makes Elijah feel sick to look at it.)
Before Rachel Cagan decided to go and have affairs with pretty much every wizard in the neighbourhood, herself and her husband Abraham at least managed to give birth to two normal children first - a daughter by the name of Miriam, and then two years later, a son: Elijah. That's where the normality stops, I'm afraid. The next several years were spent with Rachel almost constantly pregnant, with none of them fathered by her husband: a son with a Mexican ministry worker, twins with a death nymph and another son with a wizard whose name she doesn't even know. Yeah. And you think your family's chaotic.

Because of all this, it's unsurprising that Elijah was typically the most well-liked by his parents, even before everybody's magic started showing up and ruining things. The household was crowded and noisy and deeply religious, but he adapted quickly, finding solace in the strong bonds he made with his siblings - particularly Az, the younger brother he's always seen as more of a twin (they are Irish twins, after all) and Sarai, his little sister who he can't help but adore. Things grew hostile at times when the issue of resemblance was brought up - the twins look absolutely nothing like their "father" and Elijah's light features make him stand out like a sore thumb compared to the others - but that was nothing compared to the shitstorm that started the day Az set the curtains on fire.

Being two religious Muggles and having four (well- technically five. More on that later.) magical children certainly wasn't part the Cagans' plans, and when Elijah's five-year-old brother somehow started a fire during a temper tantrum, everything was thrown sideways. It's not like anybody knew what to expect. Their parents took the religious explanation route and concluded that their son was possessed, with Rachel perceiving it as punishment for her adultery, and Elijah was young and scared enough to follow their train of thought. His closeness with his brother swiftly disappeared, but it got ten times worse when their father started bringing the exorcist in. The house became a scary place when that started.

And then Elijah turned eight years old, and- well. Before you judge him, none of this was his fault. He was eight, and terrified, and had spent three years watching his little brother go through hell for being magic only to discover he himself was capable of the very same thing. Arguments were commonplace in the Cagan household by this point, especially between Az and their father, and it was after a particularly heated one when Elijah locked himself in his room and the glass of water on his bedside table shattered. By itself. A shard of glass managed to slice under his eyebrow (he still has the scar) but the pain of that was the last thing on his mind; did he just do that? No way. That must have been Az from, like, a different room. That wasn't him. That wasn't hi- oh, fuck.

Now, if Elijah's magic had presented itself a few years earlier, he likely wouldn't have reacted the way he did. He would have been in the same boat as Az (and later the twins - their signs of magic were a lot more gruesome than his own) and they would have all braved their parents' wrath together. But it didn't. So they didn't. Call him a coward or selfish all you like - you'll never make him feel worse than he already does - but the glass incident being in the privacy of his own room was a blessing for Elijah, as it meant he could conceal his newfound powers from everybody. In all the years he's lived at home, he's never told his parents or his siblings about his own magic. Can you really blame him? Seeing the abuse and violence they went through scared the living shit out of him, and regardless of how much he loves his siblings, self-preservation won out in the end. He never stepped forward to help, or put a stop to the abuse: it would have made him look too suspicious. He's never told anybody about his magic and he doesn't intend to. Stop looking at him like that. Can you honestly say you wouldn't do the same?

As if things weren't bad enough, the witch hunters came knocking when Elijah was sixteen. A travelling group who landed in London and started posting doomsday leaflets through everybody's letterboxes, the Cagans were the only magical family on the street, and were suitably shaken at the sudden threat on their doorstep. Or, the kids were; Abraham Cagan had a very different reaction. His first thought was to turn to Elijah, his only "Muggle" son, and encourage him to sign up. And Elijah said yes. Exactly. The irony of being a witch hunter who is secretly a wizard is not lost on him, trust me; in fact, it's the reason he's so insanely good at his job. He can access The Leaky Cauldron and Diagon Alley and even Lincliff, if he's feeling reckless, where there's literally an unlimited supply of magical folk to build fake relationships with and lure back into an ambush. It's not done with excitement, though. It's not done with any happiness whatsoever. You can imagine the guilt Elijah feels whenever he's on a new case; knowing that he's one bad day away from being on the other end of the arrangement is what keeps him going. He's in far too deep to come clean now.
(+) charismatic, observant, shrewd
(-) selfish, egotistical, conflicted

Not to be a total walking cliché but if you had to describe Elijah in two words, it would be inner turmoil. Everybody presents a different side of themselves to the outside world but Elijah takes it to another level; the person you'll meet is extremely sure of himself, unfazed by conflict and confident but not cocky. His job requires subtlety and the ability to blend in, as well as enough charisma to strike up conversations with unsuspecting witches and wizards to earn their trust, and so it's surprising and yet also totally not that Elijah is probably the most approachable of his siblings. He lacks the prickliness of Az and the niceness of Sarai and Jairus, or the general naivety of Samael; in fact, there isn't a hint of naivety left in Elijah. He's seen it all. Maybe that's why it's so easy for him to walk up to a random drinker in the Leaky Cauldron and convince them to follow him to the back alley, straight into the waiting ambush of the witch hunters.

Well- easy. He makes it look easy. It's quite the opposite. Years of hiding his magic has made it the norm for Elijah to conceal what he really thinks, and it's no different when it comes to his real personality, which tends to only reveal itself when he's around his siblings or people who he feels comfortable with (there aren't many). He has the Cagan temper, of course; pushing other people's buttons is a skill but his own are just as easy to find, and there's a mean streak in him a mile long that tends to show itself when challenged. Family brings out the best and worst in Elijah. If he's going to fight anybody, it'll most likely be his brothers: whilst it may not look like it on the surface, everything he does to and for them is for their own good. He just can't tell them that.

Guilt is perhaps the main emotion that Elijah feels every day. Whilst he may regret standing aside and concealing his magic whilst his siblings went through hell, he can't promise that he would go back in time and change anything; after all, look where he is now compared to where they are. He still has a family, he wasn't abused or exorcised, and he's the most successful witch hunter in the organisation - why would he give that up? Sure, he spends his days walking on eggshells: the fear of his magic being accidentally revealed (be it during a heated argument or being discovered whilst practising his nonverbal abilities) haunts him, but he'd rather live a double life than face losing everything he knows. It's worth it in the end. Right?

When he is actually happy - unlikely, I know, but it's possible - he becomes a lot more genuine. He has a whip-sharp brain and a sense of humour to match, taking delight in verbal sparring or learning new information; he's always got his nose in a book or teaching himself a new language or piece of music (or spell - more on that later). He doesn't relax easily but when he does? He's actually quite likeable, in that pretentious, domineering, "I'm better than you" type of way- oh boy. I promise he can be nice.

But the obvious issue underlining it all if, of course, Elijah's magic. And to cut a long story short, he hates it. Everything about it. He hates that he didn't have a choice in developing such abilities, he hates that he can't talk about it with anybody, and he hates that he can't control it. Obviously he doesn't own a wand and has no means of acquiring one, so in order to prevent himself from going full Obscurus, he sparingly practices what little nonverbal magic he can - as more of an outlet than anything. And he's becoming rather good at it. But you can't enjoy that when the truth of the matter is that a) this is the very thing your siblings were persecuted for, b) you knew you had it the entire time and said nothing, and c) you're part of an organisation that hunts down and kills people like you. Yes, the irony of being a magical witch hunter is not lost on Elijah; what can he say? What started as just hiding his magic somewhat snowballed a bit. But good luck finding a way out now.

Boggart hurting sarai with his magic
Amortentia he doesn't know
Patronus goshawk cannot produce one
Wand does not own one
Interests muggle history; classical music; defensive spells
Pet Peeve people who ramble and never get to the point
Habits chain-smoking; swearing in hebrew
Star Sign gemini
Dreams/Goals be accepted for his magic take over as head of the witch hunters
Color navy blue
Song symphony no. 1 (bernstein)
Show mad men
Movie to kill a mockingbird
Book can't decide
Food chocolate
Drink sparkling water

- he stole a herbology textbook from sarai's room when she started hogwarts and that's the extent of his knowledge of magic.
- he's an old soul, preferring to dress formally and consume classic media. you won't catch him dead in a hoodie outside of the house.
- if he had gone to hogwarts, his favourite subject would be transfiguration.
- he swears a lot.
- his nonverbal magic is strong but poorly controlled, and often leads to him unintentionally lashing out when stressed or angry.
- he can play violin and piano.
- there's a scar just below his right eyebrow from his first sign of magic, where he exploded the glass. it's a much nicer story than how az got his.
- he speaks confident danish, as a large number of the witch hunters he works for are danish and he got annoyed at them switching languages whenever he was around.
- he's a vivacious reader.
- he smokes, and may have influenced sarai to start. oh well.
- he's never killed a witch himself. he only finds them.
- he has awful nightmares about his magic getting out, and so barely sleeps a few hours a night.

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