Elina Karahalios
Healer for St. Mungo's
June 15th
her brother and niece
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Her and her brothers playing
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Elina, Midas and Silas are all Penelope and Carios Karahalios' children, born in the order opposite in which they were listed. Their childhood was happy, believe it or not, with loving parents and a stable home in the Greek-oriented side of Cyprus. They were, in fact, envied by many, given how perfect their life seemed. However, they were blissfully unaware of the fact that the Karahalios matriarch was a witch, and her magical powers would be passed onto her three kids.

Silas was the first to begin exhibiting them, obviously, in his late childhood. Midas followed, exhibiting his own signs at about the same age. Elina was the youngest Karahalios to show signs of magic at the age of four. It was earlier than the average wizard, but there was nothing wrong with that. As you should have likely anticipated, Elina's first signs of magic involved healing. While it isn't a bad memory, it's not one she's very fond of, either. Her mother had been frying chicken, to begin with, which proves how insignificant this event would have been. She accidentally burned parts of her hand with the burning oil, which of course caused her to scream and stagger back. Elina was beyond scared, startled by her mother, as was Midas, who had been helping their mother cook until that moment.

While Midas was frozen in his spot, Elina burst into action, looking over her mother's burns. They weren't bad at all, but after the fright she'd given Elina, it was understandable she'd be worried. Then, a bright white light blinded her, Midas and their mother momentarily. When it subsided, so had the pain of the burns and the marks. The matriarch of the family was surprised to see Elina had shown signs of magic so soon, when her sons had had them later on, but it was well received. Elina got cake that day, along with the explanation of who and what they were. Being four at the time, Elina found it cool more than she did scary.

After this, Elina was very familiar with the concept of magic. Her mother had restrained herself from using it around her kids, given she wasn't sure whether the three would be magic, or just her first two. She'd wanted to play it safe. But once it seemed that her three offspring would have to learn magic at some point anyways, she allowed herself to use it more and more around their household. Elina, personally, didn't mind it. She found the concept very interesting once she began to understand more of it, and so she began to study the theory as soon as she could read.

Elina was off to the Greek Institute for Advanced Magic at the age of eleven, just like Midas did when he turned eleven. She attended the institute in Greece for the entire seven years. For first through seventh year, she chose the House of Apollo, already knowing she'd want to study medicine. She was obsessed with the topic. She had, after all, been reading about it ever since she could read. For fifth through seventh, she remained in the House of Apollo. How could she not? She was loyal to her house, her family. She was the Head of Cabin in her final year, and the lieutenant in fifth and sixth. As soon as she graduated, she pursued a career as a healer. However, it wasn't a settled career in a hospital. No. There was this group of wizards who travelled across the world, providing medical assistance in both muggle and magical places that needed it. In her four years doing that, she definitely matured immensely. What she saw... it was intense.

Elina was forced to return home at the age of 22. Her mother died from a magical malady, and her brother, Midas, he just... lost it. He'd always been a mother's boy, and her death... it destroyed him. He went insane, and in his bloodlusting rage, he ended up killing Silas' wife, Candace. It was horrible... and it was evidenced in how Silas found himself packing his and his kids' bags, moving them far, far away from where they lived in Cyprus, to Scotland. Obviously, Elina didn't see any other choice but to follow him there. He was her brother, his kids were her niece and nephew, and Candace had been her sister-in-law. Her family needed her. They were more important than her job. Besides, she'd without a doubt be able to find a job in St. Mungo's.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Kind, Loyal, Laid-Back
Worst Qualities
Emotional, Cautious, vulnerable
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Elina has reached a degree of maturity not many possess as of yet, all gathered from past experiences. She's gone through a lot, that's no lie, but that has never deterred her. She's never strayed from the life she's always pushed to have, never been distracted, never allowed herself to feel like she can't do anything, whether it be because of her family or because of shitty decisions. Elina is someone to admire, not for who she was born as, but rather who she's become.

Though she's wicked brilliant, Elina's most dominant trait is her kindness. She always does her best to help everyone, to put them before herself. It's her main drive, as a matter of fact, for becoming a healer. There's nothing that brings her more satisfaction than knowing she helped someone out. That she made a change in their lives, as small as it may be. It gives her this sense of encouragement to push forward. She wasn't able to do much about her brother, so this does well to make her feel like she's making up for what she wasn't able to do when she was younger.

Elina is a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. She shows her emotions too readily. She's often affected by what people say/do. While she should know better than to have her heart be so vulnerable, she can't exactly help it. Despite her experiences with Midas, and every other person that has held ill-fated feelings towards her, she's maintained a loving persona. She's just a goofball that wants to be accepted and loved. There's not much else to it.

Another remarkable feature about her is how laid-back she is. Not so much when it's work-related, but rather when she's with friends and family. She knows how to have her fun, but she also knows when she should stop and back off. She's a very good friend, one you can count on for just about anything. She's very reliable and responsible, which also helps tons. But in the end, you'll likely want to be with her for her whole package, not just bits. She truly is a wonderful human being.

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Elina Karahalios - St. Mungo's Healer -“Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world.”
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