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Elisabeth Green
Ravenclaw 3rd year
Role-Played by GoldenGail3


Elisabeth Green Ravenclaw 3rd year
-"Doing some looking, peeking, and general investigating will get you far in life."

She grins, "Ello."

"Mystery is the key, it allows curiosity to unlock it's secrets."
Elisabeth Green
House Ravenclaw
Year 3rd
Accent British
Birthplace Britain
Brithdate December 2nd
Wand hand Left
Wand Walnut, Dragon-string
Blood Status Half Blood
Species Human/Witch
Parents Isabel & Christopher Green- Dead
Siblings None
Boggart Herself, forgotten and alone
Patronus Raven
Age 14
Sexuality Straight

About Elisabeth
She was born in a pure blood community to Isabel and Christopher Green in the middle of winter, when the healers told Isabel when she'd be born a month late, instead a month earlier.

Her childhood was fun, she meet her wild, crazy cousin Kitty Mullins, Kitty was like the sister she never had as a young child. Kitty often ran away while she sat and read a nice book.

Devin Mullins and her other cousin were in her favorite house, she always wanted to be in Ravenclaw, the house of learning. Her mum often told her she'd be a Hufflepuff while her dad said Gryffindor.

She recently got her letter to Hogwarts when she was watching Kitty play like usual when she made a pebble flew and hit the fence, it didn't hurt Kitty at all.

Kitty went nuts when they went to get their supplies, she didn't so much, she got her supplies calmly and quietly as they went to each store.

She is currently in the house she wanted to be in, Ravenclaw.

Elisabeth is a very smart young lady, she is very down to earth and loves to study, she is social, but also unlike her cousin Kitty, she prefers to shy to shy away form being crazy, so she is often seen with a book to keep her company. She is bright and happy, but she does have friends, she finds time for them when she's done studying for some big test. She is also inspired by her other cousin, Devin, to actually make the most of life, so she does by getting good grades and having friends, but also like Devin, she likes people but prefers to work alone.

She is a Doctor Who fan, she also loves other geeky shows similar to that.

She has a mild phobia of being left out.

She is a only child, and that is one of the reason that she can't speak to people.
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