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Full Name Elise Laurel Bagman
Nickname Eli
Basic Info
Birthday March 1, 2030
Nationality American-British
Home Family Residence
Relationship Info
Status Single
Sexuality Unknown
Best Friend N/A
Pets N/A
Family On The Wiki Thomas, Elle, Lissy, John, & Constance

School/Career Info
House Ravenclaw
Year/Occupation Child
Titles Eldest Bagman Child
Optional Classes Taken N/A
Magical Info
Species Witch-Human
Blood Status Half-Blood
Wand Core Unknown
Wand Wood Unknown
Wand Arm Ambidextrous

Model Summer Fontana
Gender Female
Hair Colour Red-Strawberry Blonde
Hair Length/Style Long and usually worn loose
Eye Colour Green-Blue
Skin Colour Pale
Clothing Style Casual clothing, easy to move in
Other Info About Looks
Elise doesn't take after any of her biological parents, appearance-wise. She may have gotten her father's height, but that's it at the moment. She has bright red hair that is beginning to lighten as she gets older, and she always has a smile present. Accompanying her is usually a bag with at least two puzzle books in it at any time.

Colour Pink, Purple, and Blue
Music Pop
Food Hot Dogs
Sweets Chocolate Frogs
Animal Dog
Class (will be) Transfiguration
Season/Weather Spring
Dream Job Special Operations Auror
Happiest When...
Curled in her bed, reading some sort of higher-level book or working at her desk on a puzzle or art project.

Strong Winds Are Blowing

"Some women are lost in the fire; some are built from it."


Consider it like the magical version of military brat life. She is a girl with a mind and eye for details. Were most people skip over things, Elise picks it up and keeps it in the back of her mind for later. She has a bright smile, and a willingness to handle challenges and puzzles set in front of her. Elise can be stubborn at times, but she has an ability to put anyone at ease around her. When she gets tired, she can definitely get cranky and even more stubborn, but it's rare that she gets to that stage of things.


Elise enjoys her reading. She always has her nose buried in a book or another, even if the book is a bit advanced for her age at the moment. She's not a child genius or anything, she just has a curiosity that can only be soothed by challenging books and other things that stretch her mind.

Ever since her kidnapping and the losing of her parents, Elise's mental state has gone down the drain very slowly. Over the past two years, she has began to develop signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, and even Depression. Elise works hard on making sure none of her mental... issues are public, either from her new caretakers or from the ever-observant, ever-present family members around. She has nightmares quite often at night, and they have only gotten worse after Felicity was moved into Elise's room while Constance was born. Elise rarely sleeps now at night, usually hiding downstairs with the TV going on with the volume level down so she didn't bother Felicity or John or even their parents


Elise always has some sort of art project or puzzle going on. She always likes having something going on that forces her mind to think and expand as she learns new skills through her art and puzzles. Her current project is a cool diamond-adhesive stick-by-numbers thing



Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)


Xavier Richards was a highly-skilled Special Operations Auror. Addison Heron was a cold-hearted Hit Wizard, who had been on the losing end of things concerning partners for a while. She didn't take to being assigned a new partner, which in this case, was Xavier Richards, very well, and basically gave him the cold-talk-to-the-hand behaviors. Xavier was anything but stubborn, and kept trying to break down Addison's walls. Over the months, he would succeed more info out of her, and slowly watch her walls break down, especially after one mission that would change both of their lives.

The date was June 20, 2029, and it was during a mission after-party. Xavier and Addison got a bit drunk, relaxed and fell into bed together. They rocked the sheets that night, and the next morning, it was as if they had never slept together. But things begun to change by July 1st of that year. Addison found herself giving more sacrifices to the gods of the porcelein altar, and her mind begun to whirl. Going in for a monthly physical, she received the startled news that she was pregnant, pretty easy to figure out that it was Xavier's child. And so, on March 1st, 2030, Elise Addison Richards-Heron was born in the magical hospital.

Addison basically refused to have anything to do with her, and so she handed complete custody over to Xavier. Now, it was his turn to figure out how to manage his job and raising a daughter. And figure it out he did. Moving back to England, he managed to get back in contact with his siblings and their families, and began to try and make a life in the UK with Elise and his older sister, Amelia. However, he wouldn't enjoy the environment, and moved himself and Elise back to America shortly thereafter. He took back up his job as a Special Operations auror, unknowing of the dangers he had put Elise in.

There was one man who had basically lost everything because of Xavier, and hearing about his daughter, the one thing in his entire world, began to think of ways to destabilize Auror Richards... Elise was walking to the bus from home when she was suddenly kidnapped. She was held prisoner, and well, what happened next, was never mentioned. Xavier was absolutely devastated, and put everything towards finding his daughter. Six months after her kidnap, they had found and rescued her, but it was this incident that changed everything for Xavier. He didn't want to put any more dangers on Elise's life, and so with a heavy heart, he sent a message to both Mark and Mallory and Charity and Ash, asking one of the couples to take custody of Elise. Elise was sent over to England on her own, escorted by another Auror, and is currently trying to get used to her new guardians.



Xavier Richards:
Ever since her biological father was killed in action in the field, Elise has mourned his passing. She was much closer to her father than to her mother, and it shows in her still-lingering depression about his death. Xavier and Elise were as close as a father-daughter pair could be, still pushing each other to do their best. She still kind of despises the fact that it was her kidnapping that prompted Xavier to send her to Thomas and Eleanore instead of keeping her with him.

Addison Heron:
Addison, however, was a very hard shell to break through. She kind of always despised Elise, especially the circumstances of her conception and arrival into the world, and always put work before her daughter. When she died, Elise couldn't feel much grief for her passing.

Thomas Bagman:
Elise still doesn't know what to think about Thomas... he's trying so hard to replace Xavier in her mind, but he just doesn't seem to match her ideal of a perfect father much like Xavier was. She still struggles with the connection to both Thomas and Elle, but given a bit more time, she can definitely feel a connection forming.

Elle Bagman:
Elise never had a maternal figure much like Elle present in her life. Addison was never that way, always work first, and Xavier didn't bring much feminine presence excluding the times when her aunts and their families would visit. As such, she is quite close to Elle than Thomas. It's kinda instincts.

Felicity Bagman:

John Bagman:

Constance Bagman:



This beautiful French name is the shortened version of the girls' name Elizabeth. In the long form, Elizabeth means 'my God is my oath', while Elise means 'God is satisfaction'.


This girl's name is borrowed from the Latin language, meaning, 'relating to, or connected to, the laurel tree', 'sweet bay tree' , or 'symbolic of honor and victory'.


This last name comes from a Latin word meaning 'traveling salesman'.


This surname is not one used anymore, but it is a double-barrelled surname. Richards comes from her father, and means 'powerful' or 'brave'; while Heron comes from her mother, meaning 'rock' or 'stone'.


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