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Eliza Lutece
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December 13th
Twenty Three
Charlotte Lutece (Adopted mother), Nathanial Lutece (Adopted father), Audrey and Portia Lutece (Adopted sister), Nathan Lutece (Adopted brother)
Name Pronunciation
ee-LIZ-ah-beth roh-sa-lyn vik-tor-ree-ah loo-tess.
Blood Status
Human, witch
rped by mathia

Elizabeth "Eliza" Lutece is a twenty three year old former Slytherin currently working in the Ministry of Magic.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Expensive and almost always white
Eliza is small in size, with long brown hair always done up in some kind of style and round brown eyes. Her clothing style tends to star white clothes and turtlenecks, as well as wedges and boots. She also always wears makeup, normally minimal.
Her model is American Actress and Author Carrie Fisher (in her role as Leia Organa)

Native Language
English, French, Danish, basic German
Earliest Memory
Playing with Audrey in the garden
Type of Childhood
Childhood Fear
Being expelled

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Adam Valentine was never a particularly talented wizard. He knew a lot of information, but casting spells always caused problems. Having issues, he asked Athena Reynolds for help. Spending months in Salem helping him out with his casting, the two developed a relationship in their third year.

Eventually the two had been together for three years. On a family trip to Bristol, Athena met Charlotte Newman, a Hogwarts student. The two hit it off and traded contact information, calling each other for the rest of the summer. They would send letters frequently, discussing events at each others schools. Charlotte got a boyfriend, Nathanial Lutece. With Charlotte's family having a lot of money, they would frequently visit America to see Athena in the summer holidays.

Years and years passed and the friendship only grew. Charlotte had two children and Athena fell pregnant. Though Athena and Adam had little money, they knew their child would have everything she needed. Ecstatic, Athena and Adam married two months into the pregnancy and Athena took his name. Eliza was a little past her due date, but it wasn't considered an issue until one night Athena was violently ill.

Rushed to hospital, the doctors couldn't tell what exactly the issue had been, but Athena was unlikely to make it. Eliza was born after hours and hours, but Athena died just minutes later.

Adam was distraught, but despite loosing his wife he still loved his child. Though he had not been particularly friends with Charlotte or Nathanial, he named Charlotte Elizabeth's godmother should anything happen to him, as Athena had wanted. Struggling with taking care of her and work, he asked his neighbor - an elderly woman who had helped take Athena to the hospital and had given them a cot - to babysit. Adam headed towards the store he was employed in and worked his shift. On the way home he took a wrong turn, and struggled to find his way home. He went down a wrong alley way, and witnessed two men arguing with another. The one man had drawn a gun and shot the others, before noticing Adam watching. Though Adam tried to draw his wand, the man was too fast and fired his gun. Adam Valentine died instantly.

The neighbor, realizing he should have been home for two hours now, attempted to call him but he never picked up. She called the police, who didn't find the body until two weeks later, hidden in a skip with the other two.

Charlotte and Nathanial Lutece were informed of Adam's sudden death, and plans were made to move Eliza to London.

Audrey, their eldest child, quickly took to the little girl. She instantly considered her a sister and always helped take care of her. Nathan, three years old at the time, utterly hated the kid. He felt all the attention was now on her, not him.

Naming her Elizabeth Rosalyn Victoria Lutece (Valentine was kept legally, though Eliza chose to not use it), the child was always part of their family. She had all the toys and clothes she wanted growing up, much like Audrey and Nathan. They spent time with her and would tell stories of her parents. She was six when Portia was born, and eventually they all started attending Hogwarts. Eliza was sorted into Slytherin, and despite having to hang out with Nathan frequently, found she enjoyed it a lot.

Her school days went with little of note happening. She got good grades much like her elder siblings, and when she was in her sixth year her younger sister joined. She decided a career in politics was what she wanted, with owning a business as a fallback plan. She graduated with excellent marks and had been taught Legilimancy and Occlumency by one of her teachers.

She started working as a personal assistant to a muggle owner of makeup line, a tall and thin woman who taught her how to do her makeup well and how to pull the perfect poker face. The woman herself had a magical son finishing up his last year of Hogwarts, so had no issue with Eliza's magic. In fact, she found it useful. Eliza's magic meant cleaning was easier, writing was easier and everything got done much quicker. Briefly, Eliza dated the woman's daughter before deciding friendship was best.

After a couple of years, Eliza felt she wanted more than a muggle makeup line job. She quit and started to pursue a political career in the Ministry of Magic. Just turned twenty two, Eliza picked up a job in the Department of International Magical Cooperation. Still keeping her workaholic attitude, she picked up all work she could.

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personality and traits
Best Qualities
Leadership skills
Worst Qualities
Most Influenced By
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Eliza is a highly charismatic and confident woman. She maintains an organized life and obsesses over her work. She's efficient and resourceful, using everything given to her to accomplish what she can. She also certainly doesn't lack in energy. However, she also lacks in patience and will rarely listen to other people's ideas. She can also come off as arrogant, and has a poor handling of her emotions when things get too much.

talk bubble
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Eliza Lutece - Slytherin Alumna

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skills and magical abilities
Legilimency and Occlumency

Eliza showed promise in this very early on in life, and was trained in Occlumency by a teacher in her last year of Hogwarts. She then studied Legilimency a year later. She sometimes uses this to get useful information when possible.


Eliza has little talent in fiction, unlike her parents. However, essays and arguments come naturally to her. She adored writing long essays in school, spending much of her time writing everything she could. She often copied down entire textbooks, mostly to get a more personal touch.


Eliza also loves debating. She spends a lot of her time constructing arguments in her mind for just about anything and joined a debate club in primary school. However, when issues become personal she finds it harder to keep calm and tends to yell her points.




Ambidextrous (prefers Left)
Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Bisexual, Biromantic
Relationship Status
Cherry wood, unicorn hair, 9"
Favorite Drink
Champagne or overly sugary and milky coffee
Favorite Sweet
Cadbury Milk Chocolate
Amortentia Scents
Vanilla, new books and nail polish
Favorite Song
"Cabinet Battle #1" from Hamilton Isn't particularly a fan of anything other than instrumental pieces

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