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Eljay Lima
Eljay Lima5
Birthdate September 28th, 2029
Birth Place Viñales, Pinar del Río, Cuba
Hometown Tolaga Bay, New Zealand
Accent New Zealand English
Heritage Cuban/Italian, Samoan and Māori (Ngāti Porou)
Bloodline Half-blood
Family Lima
Wand Arm Right
Wand Length 10⅛"
Wand Wood Poplar
Wand Core Coral
Boggart Losing any of his senses
Patronus Hakawai
Amortentia Slow cooked meat, Whitebait Fritters, Manuka Honey
Hecate Grimm

Eljay Lima - Gryffindor · Musician
Send Me an Owl! - “I quote others only in order to better express myself.”
“I like it when it gets dark at night, and if you want noise, you have to make it yourself.”

Vital Information

Eljay Lima is a Half-blood wizard of Cuban/Italian, Samoan and Māori (Ngāti Porou) descent. He is the son of Annalie Figiel and Keneti Lima.

Full Name: Eljay Lima
Meaning of name: Eljay — "the Lord is my God"
Nickname: Jay
Birthdate: September 28th
Astrological Sign: Libra
Type of childhood: He moved around a lot
First memory: Crying whenever Trysta sang to him
Most important childhood event: Discovering how much he loved music
Why: He can be a bit shy without song lyrics speaking for him
You'll find that thing you're good at, don't worry about it for now.

– Keneti Lima

If you weren't my dad I'd think you were trying to tell me to shut up.

– Eljay Lima

Life Before Hogwarts

Keneti and his wife Annalie were a twice blessed family. Once with a beautiful baby girl, Trysta, perfect in every way. Again with an adorable baby boy, Eljay, the spitting image of his father. Unfortunately for Eljay, the impossible girl that is his sister was torture for him. He was force to grow up living in the shadow of a flawless elder sister. For the majority of his young life there was nothing he could do that Trysta had not done better. He had it a bit rough because no matter how hard he tried he felt inadequate by comparison. Giving 110% does not measure up when the person next to you barely even has to try. It was not as though everyone were telling him that he was not good enough, or that he should give up. It was a feeling that bubbled up to the surface for him in almost every situation.

Trysta, the perfect one that came before him became a famous quidditch player before she was even a legal wizarding adult. Yes, he, and his sister are the children of a couple who were born to Muggles, and they both have magic. Trysta was always talented, at everything she ever tried to do. At least from her younger brother's point of view. There was nothing he could do right except pee standing up, and he had to learn how to do that. Trysta was good at everything without ever even trying to excel at it. Even when she claimed to be "no good" at something, she was usually sort of being humble. She was still the best at it. Sometimes, she actually was the best, a natural they called her. Eljay could not have hated anything more than he hated how gifted Trysta was, to their family, and the world.

It should have been something that was more noticeable to them when Trysta and Eljay were children, anytime she tried to lull him to sleep the way that their mother or their father could, he would often burst into tears. Often by the first note, if it came from her alone. He was six when he was playing with a toy guitar just fooling around. He strummed the strings so hard the chord blared throughout the house as if they were playing out of an amp cranked up to eleven, before all the strings snapped. It was not until he was ten when he first played with an electric drum kit. It was then that he finally figured out what he was good at, what he loved. It was music. Eljay can sing much better than Trysta, he is a gifted musician with a natural ear for sound, and truly unrivaled talent with instruments.


Eljay had the opportunity to attend Ilvermorny, much like his sister did. When he was given an option he swiftly decided against that. He instead chose the Brazilian wizarding school amid the Amazon rainforest. It was new, it was foreign and he did not care at all. He liked being the one to represent the Lima name rather than being known as Trysta's brother. He started at Hogwarts after completing his third year in Brazil. Prior to transferring from Castelobruxo, he was quite happy at his old school. No one knew him or Trysta there, she was not a famous former student, she like all the other pro quidditch players. No one could compare him to his 'prefect' sister. For once he could be recognized for his own merits.

Additional Facts

Lower education: Castelobruxo; (1-3)

Hogwarts; Gryffindor (4-7)

Higher education: O.W.L. Results
Charms — O
Transfiguration — E
Herbology — A
Defense Against the Dark Arts — A
Ancient Runes — A
Potions — E
Care of Magical Creatures — O
Astronomy — A
Divination — P
Arithmancy — P
History of Magic — A
Muggle Studies — E
N.E.W.T. Results
Charms —
Transfiguration —
Herbology —
Defense Against the Dark Arts —
Ancient Runes —
Potions —
Care of Magical Creatures —
Astronomy —
Divination —
Arithmancy —
History of Magic —
Muggle Studies —

Talents (hidden or not): Singing/Rapping
Extremely skilled at: Electronics/Charms (DJing)
Extremely unskilled at: Non-verbal magic
Good characteristics: Energetic, Playful
Character flaws: Direct, Intense

Color: Sky Blue
Food: Kina (sea urchin)
Music: Varies
Clothing style/Outfit: Casulal muggle clothes
Literature: Satire
Expressions: “Scattered to the four winds.”
Quote: “Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.”


Courteous - Rascally, Spirited, Unflinching, Ingenuous

He is an incredulously sweet guy. He quite literally wears his heart on his sleeve, if one could see with his eyes they would see how easily his bleeding heart leaks. He is always willing to sing a song, for no reason at all, he says he does it for himself just as much as he would do it for anyone else. He is a sentimental softie with the cutest shy smile, and a positive crooner with a voice that could melt ice rocks in Antarctica. He loves a sweet love ballad, but he secretly loves well versed rap, and of course, being multilingual he enjoys singing in Spanish. He has always been a performer despite an occasionally debilitating anxiety around large groups of unfamiliar people. He knows well, and good how to get attention from people. He only does it when he wants it, on his terms. He also knows how to blend in with ease when he needs to, while not born with metamorphic abilities in his ancestry, he is capable of wondrous self transfiguration. He not a typical thinker, and he tends to approach situations a bit differently than the person next to him will. Even if he, and those around him arrive at the same mental destination, the journey may have been wildly unexpected. He sometimes has trouble understanding things, even simple things. He needs time to process things in his mind, to break them down, and put them back together again for his own comprehension.


He is just a beautiful boy. To put it very simply. He has a gorgeous smile with bright, white teeth. A big mouth, which he uses to sing like an angel. He has warm, rich golden tan skin. And he has dark brown eyes, reminiscent of dark chocolate, with extra chocolate. He has dark black hair, he likes it a little bit long. Sort of floppy with dip dyed blonde tips. He gets it twisted in an intricate way allowing him to put his tresses in a big, top knot-like man bun. He claims to want the option to style it. He just like to play with it when he is nervous, and sometimes as a way of getting attention. He does not understand wizarding robes, and opts out of wearing them any chance that he gets.