Ella Anichka Mayakovsky
March 16th 2012
Name Pronunciation
Ell-uh Mah-yuh-kah-V-skee
Blood Status
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Ella is a Pure-blooded witch with a dangerous past. She currently works as a Private Investigator.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style

Native Language
Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, French, English, Latin, Arabic, Danish
Earliest Memory
The training facility
Type of Childhood
Childhood Fear

Anzhelika Kazakova was not born Anzhelika Kazakova. Anzhelika was born in London, a couple of years before today. Anzhelika is not three years old. She is 21 years of age. But before 2029, there is no record of Anzhelika Albina Kazakova. Because before three years ago, Anzhelika's name was Vasilisa Darya Aristarkova. Vasilisa no longer exists.

Vasilisa was born to two purebloods, in a family that strayed from the magical community to pursue their own interests. As their first daughter, Vasilisa was raised to be independent and strong, though she and her siblings, a boy and a girl twin who came seven years after Vasilisa did, didn't have much of a childhood. Their family was training under a foreign agency, and Vasilisa and the twins were forced to train every day, under tough conditions. They rarely ever had a break, and the training led to a very demanding job. One that her parents and siblings could somehow manage very well. When Vasilisa was eight years old, an accident happened. She had accidentally hurt herself while in a knife-throwing lesson. Though the injury was medium at the best, fast forward an hour or two later, and there's no sign of her ever being injured. Although Vasilisa always knew about magic, as that was her first sign, after that day her mother pulled her aside and in addition to her usual training, started to train Vasilisa in some of her magical abilities after she went and bought a wand. It was exhausting, and she barely got any rest, but Vasilisa soon hit her goal in magic and went on with life as normal, not really requiring magic all the time anyways.

Vasilisa met her demise when her mother and father decided it was too unsafe to stay in Russia after Vasilisa overheard GRU officials talking about terminating the family and shutting down the program, and moved the entire family from her hometown to London, England. The details, according to her parents, were unimportant. What was important was that they integrate successfully into society. Luckily. Kazak and Lizaveta, as their new names are, contacted old buddies of theirs, a family with the surname "Adair". This was actually a name that Vasilisa recognized from her childhood. As Vasilisa changed her identity to Anzhelika, her parents left out an important detail - In payment for helping, they were to arrange a marriage between their children. Including Anzhelika and the one named "Arthur."

Despite Anzi's disappointment, she knows she wouldn't talk anyone out of it, so she accepted the fate, and just went along with life. A year after they arrived, Vasilisa Aristarkova did not exist anymore; Official record describes her death, a boat accident that cost the lives of her entire family. In reality, it was the moment they arrived that they died, and were reborn.

Anzhelika Albina Kazakov was born in London, England. They did not attend public high school, nor did Anzhelika attend Hogwarts. They were home-schooled until her younger siblings, currently in their fourth year, convinced their parents to let them go to Hogwarts. Her father worked for Borgin and Burkes for a while, until he recently gained it completely when the owner left it to him. Her mother is working for the Department of Mysteries. Anzhelika Albina Kazakova was born March 16th, 2011, and worked under her father before, unbeknownst to her parents, she decided to apply for a job in a group called the Arcane Alliance, where she stayed for a while until the Alliance dissipated with her bethrothed's disappearance. Despite keeping low, her family moved little by little, starting with her little sister. Anzi, on the other hand, decided to stay. But she couldn't do that with her current identity.

Anzhelika Kazakova disappeared eventually as well, but the beautiful face of the lady did not disappear. Instead, she simply adapted. Disappaeared for a year, only to come back, newly known as Ella Mayakovsky. Ella was born to two parents, with no siblings, orphaned at a young age and taken in by another family. She keeps her story simple and short. Ella went to apply for a position in the Ministry.... And Anzhelika waits in the shadows.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
hard-working, Loyal, Smart
Worst Qualities
Cold, Harsh, Calculating
Most Influenced By
Cold - The first thing you have to know about Ella- She was not raised to be kind. One could say she was barely raised at all, as she barely knows human warmth. Her purpose is to follow orders and be the perfect Soldier. The perfect assassin. That's basically what Ella is. She follows orders, thinks critically and carefully, and makes decisions based off of facts. A vixen like her, it's hard not to underestimate her, especially when she seems so carefree. But that's the last mistake you'd ever make. She rarely misses, and when she does, it's only just.

Sassy - In addition her being calculating, she's also very good at thinking of comebacks and dishing out insults. Ella does indeed have a mind of her own, but she learned the consequences of not following orders at a very young age. Ella hates the cage that she was raised in, and has a wish to break free of her parents and make it out there on her own... But due to her parent's skills, and her sibling's as well, Ella is stuck for the time being. Part of her is hoping she will find her own way once she is married, but she's not getting her hopes up.

Self-worth - One more thing about Ella, is that she loves herself. She knows she's smart and strong, and brilliant, and that tends to lead to some trouble for her. Despite her skills, she can sometimes overestimate herself. Usually, she catches this before it is too late, but it's never a guarantee that it's not too late. Still, despite her hiccups, she tries her best not to fail. Ella also easily realizes that she's smarter than most, and unless it involves her family or an employer, she can sometimes be seen as snarky and condescending. Usually, that's very accurate about her, but to those she follows, she's a very respectful, trustowrthy, mature, and kind lady, who is also an incredible person to do business with.

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Anzhelika Kazakova Kotyonok ~ Arcana Alliance Assassin
-"I only just missed your heart."

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Ella played with the knife in her hand, staring you down with slight narrowed eyes as she waited for you to speak.


skills and magical abilities

This is much less a skill she developed due to her training in GRU, but rather, this is a natural skill. Anzi has developed it over the years, so she would consider herself specialised in it.


She is trained in several different styles of martial arts, swordplay, and all sorts of firearms. This is what she specialised in under the GRU, and she still develops it to this day.


Along with her training, she has an easy mind for torture and interrogation methods. Not only does she find it easy, she also find it incredibly cathartic and extremely enjoyable.


Whether Magical or mundane, she has a knack for using poisons in her 'art'. It's sort of a signature, and something she got from her Russian training. The Russians do love their poison.



- She shows signs of violent behavior that one could misinterpret as psychopathy. Truth is, she can feel emotions, but sees them as weakness.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Heterosexual, Aromantic
Relationship Status
the GRU over her family's dead bodies.
Favorite Drink
Coconut water
Favorite Sweet
Amortentia Scents
Smoke, sweat, blood.
Favorite Song


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