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Ella Stendahl
Vital Information
Age 12
Birthday May 15th
Race Witch
Blood Half-blood
Physical Information
Gender Female
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Hazel
Height 5'0"
Other Information
House Ravenclaw
Year Second
Wand 8" Hawthorne, Dragon Heartstring
Wand Arm Left
Patronus Butterfly
Family Mason & Frida (parents)
Affiliation(s) Stendahl family
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Ella Stendahl was born in Sweden to a Swede, Frida, and a Canadian, Mason (whose parents moved from Sweden to Canada before he was born). Now how did they possibly meet?

Mason had dropped out of wizard school because he wanted to travel. So he became a wanderer; a full time traveller! It was his ideal life, much to the dismay of his family.

Ella's parents met on the streets of Sweden on one snowy evening in their mid-twenties. Mason was doing a bit of harmless magic on the street for the first time to please the oblivious Muggle folk who believed him to be a skilled street magician. It wasn't the smartest idea and it could've gotten him in trouble, but he was enjoying himself way too much and he got away with it. The crowd was amused and impressed- particularly Frida. As the crowd dispersed near the end of the night, Frida found the spells familiar and was unknowingly muttering incantations (not wandless magic- just talking). Mason had heard her and the two chatted until they both learned they were magical. Next thing they knew, he was taking her out for dinner.

Frida and Mason were travelling together for a few years before being married in their early 30s, settling in Sweden, and having Ella. Her parents mostly speak English around her, since it is easier for Frida to speak English rather than Mason speak Swedish, so Ella is fluent in English with a bit of Swedish knowledge. She is an only child and has the full attention and care of her parents. Growing up, she loved to listen to her parents' stories. It mostly came out of her father's mouth who did a much better job at storytelling than parenting. Ella let herself be immersed in his tales and listened carefully to make sure she absorbed every bit of it. The family moved to the UK when Ella was six.


+ imaginative, intelligent, modest
- temperamental, passive, detached
Ella is constantly inspired and fascinated by many things. She has a vivid imagination fuelled by her curiosity and interest to learn. She's more of a watcher than a doer but more than willing to do the latter- as in, she enjoys being surrounded by books but certainly doesn't mind a little venturing over reading.

When Ella is not learning, she is daydreaming. She will always find something to do- even if it could get her in trouble. Anything to expand her knowledge. The more she knows, the better her imagination.

She tends to keep to herself though and has trouble putting herself forward. Ella hardly shares her parents' tales with her peers. She also doesn't have a firm grasp on her emotions and doesn't handle negativity very well.


  • Ella's face claim is Kiernan Shipka.

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