a witch among impastas.

Elliott Joseph "Ellie Jo" Walmsley III
15 (born April 15th, 2027)
Elliott Walmsley II (father)
Fable Walmsley (mother)
Conclamatus (religious cult)
5th year
Blood Status
Ellie Walmsley is RPed by Kay.

Ellie was born into a religious cult founded on natural healing and faux witchery and is now a Ravenclaw 5th year at Hogwarts.


Ellie has an olive complexion on her best days and a soft white one on her worst. She isn't easily sun burnt (luckily as much of her childhood was spent underneath the beating sun). Her hair is brown and wispy and hangs past her shoulders with the occasional strands pulled back into little braids. Her eyes are green or sometimes hazel depending on the light, but the general consensus is that they are green. She usually dresses casually in a cropped shirt and jeans or a skirt, because she is rarely cold. This doesn't stop her from pretending to be in order to get a boy's sweatshirt. She is a decent height - almost 5'6 - and has an average build.

Conclamatus is a religious cult in southern Oregon. Most members hail from California, but the foundations of the group have always been in Oregon to avoid the "California cult" trope. Its founders are a bundle of Muggle Tumblr witches in their early twenties, aspiring to have an all-female commune for their magic to prosper without the interference of the negative male energy. For years, it was just the nine women - some of which were lesbian and would later marry. The group was primarily off-the-grid, but the women frequented the nearest town on weekends for the first few years of its creation. When the women started to reach their late-twenties, the desire to have children began and they voted to allow men onto the commune. Fable was one of the younger women of the group, who joined a couple years later than the rest. Always a very discontent woman and possibly a nymphomaniac, she had been the strongest advocate for men being accepted into the group.

During these times of open doors for Conclamatus, there was lots of activity among the members. Most of the unmarried women would marry within the next couple of years and have children almost immediately. There were twenty-three babies in total and Elliott Joseph Walmsley III is one of them. Fable had been one of the first to find a husband, Elliott Joseph Walmsley II, but their marriage was slower than others. Originally, Fable had wanted to get pregnant and leave Elliott, because she had no desire for marriage. Fertility issues became incredibly apparent among the first couple years of their relationship, but Fable and the rest of the commune's women had deemed him the dream man to be the father of her children. She refused to lose him, so they inevitably married years into her attempts to get pregnant by him. Conclamatus worked tirelessly to cast spells and create potions to bless Fable and Elliott with better fertility.

When Fable inevitably became pregnant with Elliott's child, the commune's efforts were praised as successful. Elliott did not believe in these methods and generally deemed his wife to be foolish in these ventures, but loved her nonetheless. The expectation was that they would be out of Conclamatus by the time their son was born. When the religious commune performed its gender ceremony, Fable and Elliott's baby was revealed to be a boy. The commune was strictly naturopathic and refused modern medicines. Around the time the original members would all become married, it was shut off to the public and they stopped visiting town. Expecting a boy, Fable and Elliott named their son Elliott Joseph Walmsley III after both Elliott and his father.

Then, she was born and outrage struck the commune. Conclamatus had had thirteen babies thus far counting Ellie Jo and no one had been wrong before. For weeks, the witches fought over Ellie. Many expected she would transition to be a boy later in life. They refused that their higher power could ever turn against and fail them. It created a lot of suspicion and doubt among some of the members, who started to look back on certain events and their attempts at magic. Maturity had started to reach the women, who were almost all in their thirties by this time except for Fable and one other, and it became apparent that they had been fooled. Of the original nine, two would leave the commune following Ellie's birth. The remaining members hailed Ellie as a grace to the commune.

Ellie was among one of the more successful members of Conclamatus's second generation - hailed Pauci Electi. She was homeschooled by her mother and the other women, who primarily taught the children about natural healing and government conspiracies. The outside world was painted as scary and punishing. Ellie believed that the United States beyond Conclamatus was trying to poison its citizens and was not to be trusted. The only way that her and the other members of the religious commune would be safe would be to stay there. What real life concepts were taught primarily focused on basic mathematics or chemistry, which were both skewed to paint the witchcraft in a better or more realistic light. Ellie was always the most engaged in her classes and was quite studious. Her reading, handwriting, and spelling were more advanced than her peers during her young childhood and she was generally healthier than the children around her, who were frequently ill. Conclamatus quickly caught on to her ridiculous success and deemed her a messenger from their higher power.

After seeing her daughter's success, Fable decided she would not try for another child, which offended Elliott. Elliott came from a large family that had off of a whim of luck struck riches in his late childhood. In his mind, he had the money to raise multiple successful children and had wanted at least three. This decision created a divide between Fable and Elliott, but caused both of them to endlessly dote on Ellie. Their marriage would never end, because Conclamatus didn't believe in divorce, but in many ways, they would become separated. The family leaved in a two-story yurt where Fable and Ellie shared a room and Elliott lived on the other side on his own. Regardless, Ellie grew closer to her father than her mother. She was aware of her prodigy status around the commune, but preferred not to be pushed and her father never pushed her. She would flourish more in that environment than when around her mother's punishing glare.

When Ellie was ten years old, everything became quite alarming to the commune. She was helping some of her uncles tend to the orchards. Kicking around the spoiled apples, she made a remark about how wasteful it was to let them just sit and rot. There was nothing else to do with them, but it bothered her. Conclamatus ate every ounce of food they had and used every drop of water or bar of soap they had access to. Wastefulness was not accepted especially when there was such an abundance of people living together. When Ellie reached for a visibly rotten apple, wanting to search for little bugs crawling in its insides, a bright light shined from it and it disappeared to reveal a shiny, plump red apple. One of her uncles caught it and was lost by the sudden spark it had revealed. Believing himself to be insane, he told the other men, who had all formed a general disbelief towards magic entirely, and then told the rest of the commune.

If she had not been unnecessarily praised before, she was now. Ellie's studies were turned almost exclusively towards magic and she became resentful. Magic had never interested her especially after her father expressed his concerns for the practice under his breath. It was not long before Ellie began skipping her classes and her father often covered for her. She would read what books her father had from his former life and would try to expose herself to the outer world as much as she could. One day, her father took her out to the town in the cover of night and it was startling. She purchased an old music player with some classic 2000s music on it and a portable charger. Her father would start to visit the town more frequently and would find ways to charge it.

On her eleventh birthday, she received a letter from Ilvermorny inviting her to attend. Conclamatus was confused. They had never been invited to a wizarding institution like that, so were they even witches at all? Some of the women became very resentful towards Ellie. Even her own mother, jealous and frustrated, started to turn on her and tried to take advantage of this new development. When Ellie was taken shopping by a government liaison, Fable insisted she had to follow along with, but the liaison insisted she would be fine without her. While shopping, she ran into another young witch who was from England and was on holiday. Ellie found out there was a more superior school in the United Kingdom (which she knew was in Europe, but she didn't have a mental map of what that looked like) called Hogwarts.

When she returned home, she asked her father if it was possible for her to go to Hogwarts instead of Ilvermorny. Her father had family there - the side of the Walmsley's that had always had money and were a bit more condescending and less modest than her father's family. However, the decision came too close to the day when she was destined to enroll at Ilvermorny and there wasn't enough time to convince her mother and the commune to send her to Hogwarts instead. Heartbroken, she left for Massachussetts - a more foreign land than anything else she had ever experienced - and was officially an Ilvermorny student. After stepping on the Gordian Knot, the Horned Serpent's jewel glittered and she would have insisted that she saw movement from the Thunderbird, but was inevitably sorted into Horned Serpent.

Ellie became a very excellent student although she initially struggled. While her education was standard enough in that she could write with a scholarly grace from a younger age, it failed to give her a real world view that limited the depth of her writing. Her spells and magic were limited during her first year, because she was beginning to confuse the concepts of her childhood with the ones she was being introduced to in her schooling. Wands were difficult to pick up, but she went from being one of the students that was the farthest behind to easily one of the more skilled. Although she has not yet worked with it, she is ecstatic about the idea of mastering nonverbal magic. Everything about magic suddenly thrilled her, or at least until she would come home.

Every winter and summer, she would return to the commune and visit her family. The other Pauci Electi welcomed her with open arms, but there seemed to be one fewer each time she returned to visit. After the discovery of her witchcraft, the entire religion that Conclamatus was founded on was almost destroyed. As the Pauci Electi got older, more started to disassociate and the commune started to fall apart. Her parents' relationship was beginning to lose more and more faith over the years and Ellie knew she could take advantage of it. After she returned home from her fourth year at Ilvermorny, she asked her parents if she could transfer to Hogwarts and move in with her great-grandparents. Fable's jealousy had gotten the best of her and she thought it would be better if Ellie left to be farther away from them. Elliott disagreed that it would be better for their relationship or the commune, but that it would be the best bet for her education - something that had concerned him for her entire childhood. He wanted to give her the opportunity to flourish and grow behind Conclamatus.

Hence, Ellie's life at Hogwarts began. She moved most of her things into the guest house on her great-grandparents' property in Manchester, England with some things remaining with Conclamatus. When she started school, it was more of a culture shock than attending Ilvermorny. Great Britain is wildly different from Massachussetts and so was Hogwarts, but she acclimated well despite struggling to build friendships at first. She was sorted into Ravenclaw with almost no hesitation from the Sorting Hat. She spent her winter holiday with her great-grandparents and her father made a surprising visit without her mother.

Ellie has been self-assured since her childhood, but is also painfully self-aware that she lacks any significantly special qualities. While her confidence comes from the endless doting she received from Conclamatus, she has never required attention or support nor does she strive for recognition from authority. She was taught to be an assertive and independent woman, which results in the failure to decipher someone helping her from someone insulting her capabilities. She is aware of her intelligence and her ability excel in most academic subjects, but is physically on the weaker side and is at times stubborn and refuses to acknowledge this weakness.

While she flourishes in social environments and has recently made a hobby of frequenting parties on holidays, Ellie prefers to be alone. Her hobbies, which include reading and taking care of both plants and animals, are focused around her doing tasks to be in a place of her own serenity and making. These are things she enjoys doing on her own and struggles to share with others. If she forms bonds, it's over the exciting rush of new knowledge and adventure. Her general lack of exposure to the world around her has left her cynical but with an everlasting passion for anything thrilling or new. She is naturally attracted to people with rich histories and experiences or at least the same pursuit of knowledge that she has.

Ellie has insane amount of intellect and is studious as can be, but lacks the ambition to stand out. Her early education has stifled her at many points in her life, but she has actively worked to move behind it and has only recently started to succeed. She isn't competitive and isn't easily jealous. If anything, she thrives to be less in the limelight after what all of the attention on her brought to her family and the commune. Ellie has struggled to build her own identity, because of the expectations and pressure she received her whole life from her mother and aunts. However, in recent years, the passion she had utilized to keep her away from her mother's schooling has driven her towards the discovery of the world around her and the creation of her own life.

Her passion manifests itself in more ways than one though. Despite being taught from birth that she should be distrusting of the opposite sex, she has always been extremely fascinated with them. Boys are her secret thing - her guilty pleasure. One thing she has never had, but has always wanted is a circle of girl friends to chat about girl things with - including boy talk. Like a lot of teenage girls, she fantasizes about hot quidditch players and doodles the names of crushes on her notes. Ellie is very independent and lacks the vulnerability necessary for a healthy relationship, but would still love to be swept off of her feet by some hot nerd jock. She's naturally giggly and many people would consider her to be flirtatious, but a lot of it is just sheer infatuation. She's too easily trusting of boys despite her upbringing and has been hurt before, yet continues in the same cycle of foolish teenage love.


friends, acquaintances and enemies

Elliott Walmsley II (father) Ellie has always been closer with her father than her mother, because he was the only member of Conclamatus that refused to push her. When hiding away from her lessons, he would often cover for her. At times, she is disappointed that he helped her avoid her education so actively, but is generally thankful she had someone to stick with her. She wouldn't want to be unfortunately named after any other man.

Fable Walmsley (mother) Unlike her relationship with her father, Ellie's relationship with her mother is far more estranged. Since her mother and most of the women in Conclamatus believed they were witches, the confirmation of her status through an invitation to a wizarding school (which none of them received) sparked jealousy among man of the other women. She still loves her mother and visits her on holidays, but it is apparent that the love and doting she once received from her will not be returning anytime soon.

Conclamatus (religious cult) Ellie was raised to believe that all of the members of Conclamatus are her family members and not just her fellow cult members. There are seven other families living on the commune including seventeen teenagers and children. No one from the previous generation has left since her birth, but members of her own have started to disappear from the cult every time she returns on holiday. She has a general fondness for Conclamatus, but like with her mother, looks back on them with some disdain and sees the faults in their beliefs.

Miles Walmsley (great-grandfather) While their relationship is quite new, they appear to be incredibly similar. Miles is a lot like Ellie's father, which is very comforting to her. She spent sometime with him during the summer before school started and is fascinated with his love of art. His house is covered in art of all different mediums and is a hectic mess when there aren't people chasing behind him cleaning.

Sabrina Walmsley (great-grandmother) Ellie gets along well with Sabrina, who is the first Muggle woman she has found to be generally enjoyable. Her obsessive and worrisome nature can both Ellie, who believes she is better off doing what she thinks is best, but she understands it's the elderly in her.

Noelani Hayes Noelani is in the same year as Ellie, so they've seen each other in class, but there actual interactions are limited to Ellie asking her for directions. They're both American, so there's a sense of familiarity there. She's really kind, but not necessarily someone Ellie tends to hang out with.

Adrianna Altair Ellie doesn't actually know the girl's name, but she's gorgeous and she can't help but notice that. They had a brief interaction underneath the Whomping Willow while they both tried to admire it and that was the last she's seen of her in a while.

Lip Reading Something she picked up at Conclamatus was the ability to read people's lips. Being painfully aware that she was the hot topic of the commune meant that she was also aware that people liked to talk about her. As an insecure child, she wanted to know exactly what was being said and found out she was half decent at reading lips. Her and the other children would practice with each other until most of them understood it well enough. However, this skill is completely useless in the United Kingdom, where the accents lack familiarity and their speech patterns are too difficult for her to pick up.

Potions Before enrolling in a wizarding school, her mother had always pushed on her potion making, because they were essential to magical rituals. While all of those potions were bogus, it taught her about some of the fundamental concepts of potion-making including chemistry and attention to detail. It is one of the subjects she excels the most at in school, but is one of the less intriguing.

Transfiguration & Charms Easily some of the more compelling aspects of magic, spellwork is something that she struggled with for sometime before finally getting used to it a couple of years into her education. Now that she has adjusted, her spells garner more success than some of her best potions do and has become one of her greatest strengths. Her intent is to soon master nonverbal spellwork.


She has always excelled at lip reading, but it's a little bit more difficult with British accents
Her current goal is to travel the world one day - which she now knows is "cliche," but she has good reason
One of her favorite things about the average Muggle world is its obsession with romantic comedies
One of the first songs she listened to was Jacob Sartorius's "Sweatshirt," which made her genuinely question the outside world's sanity
After discovering the wizarding world, she fell in love with quidditch and has a million posters of quidditch players in her room (dream scenario: she marries a quidditch player)
Over the summer, she started getting into partying with a few British Muggle teens, but generally believes that kind of behavior is shameful and feels guilty
Her music player exploded when she went shopping in a magical center in America, but she now owns a magic-friendly device instead
She would really like to dye her hair pink

Handedness Left-handed
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Heterosexual
Relationship Status Single
Pets A tabby cat named Gopher
Favourite Songs remy - "la boyfriends" / LoveLeo - "BOYFREN"
Favourite Colours A tie between creme and pink
Favourite Sweet Apple strudel
Most Treasured Possession A multi-colored pen that never runs out of ink
Where to Find Them At the Boathouse or the Hogwarts Library


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