Elliott Habsburg
Shadow Head of Int. Magical Cooperation

Aaron Taylor Johnson 6

Personal Information

Full NameElliott Bartholomäus Habsburg
Birthday2006 May 13th
Zodiac SignTaurus
Sex / GenderMale (cis)
Sexual OrientationBisexual
Romantic OrientationBiromantic
Relationship StatusMarried
BirthplaceSt. Mungo's
Living SituationHabsburg Manor
Languages SpokenEnglish, German, Italian

Magical Information

Blood StatusPure-Blood
Wand Wood
Wand Core
Wand Length


Elliott has never been the most approachable man. He's always been very focused on his responsibilities, being the oldest of his generation and the one burdened with ensuring the family doesn't die with them, and much is worth being said of how seriously he takes them. He's devoted his entire life and career to rebuilding his family and ensuring they have nothing left to desire. The Habsburgs have always had a very pristine reputation amongst wizardkind, and to have fallen from grace so sharply and suddenly astounds him, hence why he sees it as his job to restore that power and prestige his family once held. Things might never be the same again, but that doesn't mean he can't try his damn best to be as close to it as possible. Being so consumed by these responsibilities - these familial duties - he's become very estranged with the idea of having 'fun'. He's definitely become more uptight as the years have progressed, and the stick up his ass has become a lot more prominent. Very rarely will he take things lightly, or for that matter make an effort to come across as 'amicable'. He's logical and hardly stands any nonsense. It cost him his wife and child last time - he isn't in the mood for a repeat.

Nevertheless, in spite of all his uptightness and lack of tolerance for nonsense, Elliott tends to adopt a much more different, relaxed approach when it comes to moments of intimacy. Who he is in public, being the face of a government, doesn't equate to who he is in private, in the comfort of his home, with people he trusts and cares for. Though he isn't yet capable of truly kicking back, especially when he knows he has a list of errands to run, Elliott does know when he needs to wind down, and is capable of foregoing work for an hour or two in order to recompose himself and ensure he doesn't run himself to the ground. While usually these breaks go according to his routine - preferring to have one, if not just a schedule - he can let it go long enough if he has the right motivation. (Again, usually his family.) Aside from being meticulous and a deeply-engrained perfectionist, Elliott is very moralistic. He doesn't usually do anything until he's certain it's the best thing not just for him, but for the people he surrounds himself with.


The Habsburg line could be traced back to Charlemagne the Great, the first crowned king in Europe since the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 800, and continues both in the magical world and the muggle world today. The Holy Roman Empire lasted until 1806 and was the longest known empire in known history, lasting more than a thousand years. The Holy Roman Emperor, unlike the other empires at the time, was elected into the position by nobles. Hence, the position of king and emperor jumped from house to house throughout its history. The House of Habsburg had entered the Holy Roman Empire royal line when Rudolph was elected king in 1273. Previously, the Habsburg were a minor house that had only held the title of Count. However, Rudolph was not able to secure the title of emperor. It wasn't until Frederick III was elected emperor in 1452. After Frederick, the succession became inherited within the family line and the election was only a formality.

The Holy Roman Empire was a vast empire that ruled over a vast land of Europe, including Germany, Austria, Italy to name a few. It was later to include Spain under HRE Charles V. Charles the fifth was both the king of Spain and later the HRE when his grandfather died. Thus he was the reigning emperor of almost all of Europe at the time, creating tension across the land, especially within the rival empires. During his reign, he laid the approval for the settlements in California, the effort to convert Asia and created the foundations to colonialism. However, when he died, he split his empire into two sections. He split his empire into the Austrian empire and the Spanish empire, thus splitting the family into two branches. Though the Spanish line eventually died out, resulting in a fight for the throne, the Austrian line thrived until 1806 with the death of Holy Roman Emperor Francis II. The Holy Roman Empire officially collapsed after Napoleon's conquest.

This was, however, when the Habsburg line split. Two brothers, Ferdinand and Philip, had a bitter argument of what to do with the future of Austria. What history fails to mention is that both brother's were wizards, educated by private tutors from both worlds. Philip believed their future lay more in the magical world, that they had run the muggle world dry and that so many more opportunities lay inside the new world. However, Ferdinand felt differently. When their father died, Ferdinand became Ferdinand the First and Philip disappeared into the Austrian ministry of Magic. Though he was, technically, a half blood, his status and wealth allowed him to hold immense influence in the ministry by the time he died. Though he never held minister of magic, his power nearly rivaled that title. He was a puppeteer. His descendents all followed in his foot steps and nearly all became Minister of Magic one way or another. Some held the title for decades. Some for only a few years. It depended. Regardless, the Habsburg line in the magical world was far more successful than in the muggle, like Philip had predicted.

Moving forward, Harrison Habsburg, the current family patriarch, has been known to sire many children. Emilia, his first wife and the mother to the first four children, was an arranged marriage that occurred during his years at Beauxbatons. Emilia was the youngest daughter to a prominent member of the Frankfurt Mafia. Like the Habsburgs, they also had a branch operating in the wizarding world, often becoming dark witches and wizards or dealing with the black market. A political marriage, neither were too impressed with one another but they dealt with their pride and ego enough that they resulted in four children. Harrison eventually became chief warlock and it was here that he began to have an affair with Whitney Thurman, one of his coworkers. It was only a few months after Emilia announced their fourth child did Whitney confess to being pregnant herself. Having fallen deeply in love, it didn't take long for Harrison and Whitney too come up with a plot for them to be together. They did try to go down the more humane route. They sat Emilia down and told her two weeks after she had given birth to Jessamine. Told her that they were running off together.

Emilia, as one would expect, didn't take this well and tried to attack Whitney. In the scuffle, Harrison ended up snapping Emilia's neck. Not sure what else to do, they made her body disappear and made it seem as if she had run off with some mysterious lover that she apparently had for years. Of course, nearly everyone in society began to suspect something was amiss, especially when Harrison and Whitney became public. Whitney was heavily pregnant and people could do the maths. They became the prime suspects and even though they paid the auror office to mess with the evidence, resulting in the law leaving them alone, they couldn't do the same for Emilia's mafia family. To save themselves, the family moved too England to escape their reach. Whitney gave birth too Hazel, the youngest of the Habsburgs. With Harrison in the Ministry of Magic, life became normal. Their eldest children went to Hogwarts and Whitney worked in St. Mungos. Everything seemed to be okay until recently. When the mafia caught up to them. With the youngest being thirteen and the eldest having long moved out, it wasn't hard to catch Whitney and Harrison alone in their mansion. Soon, both lay dead. Both dead at the hands of Harrison's ex father in law, the grandfather to four of Harrison's children. He took great pleasure in doing so.

The family was always in the spotlight, with everyone talking about the possible murder of Emilia Habsburg, but now they were even more so. Doing their best to keep their life together, the five siblings kept low with the two minors being left in the custody of Elliott Habsburg, the eldest son in his late twenties. Their parents wealth was split between them all, with Hazel's and Jessamine's being left in a trust, but there was more than enough to go between them. Once one of the most prominent political families in all of Europe, they were now treated with suspicion across the magical world. The five children, the last of the Habsburgs, trying their best to pick up the pieces. No Habsburg sibling, however, took it more seriously than Elliott did. The oldest, the supposed heir to the family's previously admirable reputation. He had his work cut out for him, if he hoped to ever bring back honor and dignity to the family name. He wouldn't want that kind of pressure on either of his little sisters, and he knew better than to expect is younger brothers to live up to the family name, so truly, it was his job and his job only to ensure his father's proclivity for unfaithfulness wasn't what drove the family to the grave.

As a little boy, Harrison and Emilia held high hopes for Elliott. He was the golden child, the one that would go on to do amazing things even if younger brothers Fabian and Bryn always tried to intervene and mess his goals up. He was determined and unyielding, and they suspected he'd make for a great politician. They'd have been proud, to see him go on to become one of the fiercest ICW representatives and later a member of a Shadow Ministry sworn to restore peace in the United Kingdom. To get there, though, he had to live through many trialing times. His parents suspected for some time he'd be a squib until he had an explosive manifestation months after he'd turned eleven. His anger at himself had resulted in shattered windows. Unfortunately, the timing meant he had a late start at Hogwarts, but he caught up quickly the summer afterwards. He faced constant bullying from people who liked gossiping about his father's alleged affair, but he kept his head high and thrived. He was prefect for his fifth and sixth years for Slytherin, and was Head Boy his seventh. He graduated with the highest marks in his year and went on to work in the IMOL as an assistant. Under the right mentorship, he gained a permanent employment, where he worked for three years before he became the United Kingdom's ICW representative, where he worked with Christen Knapp, the woman that he would eventually marry and have his son Daniel with. He had high hopes of becoming the Head of Department, but he didn't meet the requirements at the time one was needed, hence why he didn't get the role but Dunstan le Fey did. Still, though, he persisted.

He persisted, even when his father died. He persisted, even when his family was put under a microscope for all the wrong reasons. He persisted, even when his wife of three years and one year old son died because an arrogant teenager couldn't keep control of their wand. He persisted in spite of the odds. It hurt - of course it did - but Elliott kept his head held high. He did have to attend therapy, he did have to find alternative methods of managing his anger, but he didn't give up, and it got him places. Shortly after Alistair Fitzgerald gained control of the Ministry, he joined the Shadow Ministry to bring him down. It was there he met Siobhan Keirs. He was very focused on his job - in both Ministries, no less - but little by little, when they both had time, they went on to get to know each other. It took time, having wounds they needed to heal before they gave into anything they might be feeling, but eventually they did acknowledge their feelings and began dating. Elliott was reluctant to let things get serious, but doing so turned out to give him the relief he didn't really think he needed, hence why marrying Siobhan was one of the easiest decisions he ever made. Things were still bleak, but at least Elliott knew - knows - he has even more reason to fight.


Face ClaimAaron Taylor Johnson
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourDark brown
Voice Type-
Blood TypeB+
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleFit

Family Information

FatherHarrison Habsburg
MotherEmilia Habsburg
Full SiblingsFabian, Jessamine, and Bryn Habsburg
Half SiblingsHazel Habsburg
SpouseChristen Knapp [ dead ]
Siobhan Keirs [ currently ]

ChildrenDaniel Habsburg [ dead ]
Other RelativesRaleine Keirs [ step-daughter ]
Oisín Keirs [ step-son ]


Significant Other(s)Christen Knapp [ dead ]
Siobhan Keirs [ currently ]

Best Friend(s)

Name Etymology

Given [ Elliott ]
Middle [ Bartholomäus ]
Surname [ Habsburg ]


Favourite ColourSky Blue
Favourite MovieDie Hard
Favourite SongSay It Now
Favourite FoodBBQ Burger
Favourite DrinkBeer
First KissLina Frasier
First CrushAlia Francis
First LoveChristen Knapp
First TimeChristen Knapp
OccupationDepartment Head
Sports PlayedQuidditch
Instruments PlayedGuitar
GoalsBecome Minister of Magic
Biggest HopeHis family's name will one day be cleared
Biggest RegretNot saving his wife and son
Best MemoriesMeeting Christen
Daniel's birth
His wedding days

Worst MemoriesChristen and Daniel's deaths
Mental IllnessesDepression
Criminal RecordN/A
Medical RecordDepression

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Aaron Taylor Johnson

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