Eloísa Azucena
Magic Theory Professor
Owned by: Jay
Basic Information
Full Name: Eloísa Azucena
Born: 08 December 2013
Age: 27
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Nationality: Mexican
Ethnicity: Latina
More Information
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Romantic Orientation: Bi
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: Mexican
Birthplace: Minatitlán
Native Language: Spanish
Languages Spoken: Spanish, English, Swahili
Current Location: London, England
Magical Information
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Wand Wood: Hornbeam
Wand Core: Unicorn Hair
Wand Length: 12 and 3/4 in
Wand Arm: Left
Patronus: Unicorn
Boggart: Quintaped
Exotic?: Wandless Magic
Schooling Information
Schooling: Ilvermorny, Uagadou
House: Horned Serpent
Year: Graduated
Year Joined: 1st and 4th, respectively
Horned Serpent ClearBG 2

Eloísa loves magic as much as anyone can love something intangible. Even though she's become accustomed to living in the magical world, she still retains her sense of wonder about all things magical. Her friends have said that if magic were a person, she'd marry them, and she agrees. For her, magic is the ultimate mystery, and she longs to understand it more than she wants anything else.

She's quite a fan of classical music, and prefers instrumental music in general over music with vocals. She enjoys the room for interpretation instrumental music allows - which isn't to say she doesn't enjoy a bit of modern pop, it's just not her favorite.

The unique way she preforms magic - with or without her wand, or, most often, a combination of the two - very much resembles the gestures of an orchestra conductor. Is it maybe a bit over the top? Yes, but not intentionally. Eloísa preforms magic the way she envisions it, and she envisions her spells in detail and likes to feel the flow of the spell from her body into existence.

She is quite fond of fire spells, and her favorite fire spell is fiendfyre, despite its dangers. She loves the creativity certain types of magic allow, but she is very disciplined in her casting when she needs to be, and with controlled practice she became able to control the spell very well, but she doesn't use it often simply because of the potential danger it would pose if any other variables were to enter the equation.

Eloísa is spontaneous and always willing to try anything at least once. She isn't fearless, but she is confident enough in her magical skill that she is willing to take calculated risks. She's easy to get along with and is very trusting and willing to give people second, third, and even fourth chances. She's a huge believer in constructive criticism - both giving and receiving - and often responds poorly to badly delivered criticisms, even if they weren't intended to be mean. She understands the difference between being the best and doing your best, which is an understanding she holds very close to her heart.

Even though she loves her friends and loves working with and around people, she does sometimes need some alone time. Her own mental health is important to her, and if she finds herself getting too deep into a project at work, she'll take a day or two off to decompress so that she can tackle the issue with a fresh mind.


Eloísa was born to Silvia and Raúl Azucena on the eighth of December, 2013 in Minatitlán, Veracruz, Mexico. Both her parents were teachers at the local high school, which is how they met. Silvia taught biology and Raúl history, and they bonded over a mutual love of ancient medical practices. They had normal lives. They had quiet lives. They liked it that way - they were happy with the status quo and they enjoyed the little things.

Eloísa was, initially, a bit of an unwanted surprise. Her parents hadn't planned to have a child quite so early into their marriage, but you know what they say: when the condom breaks... They were worried they wouldn't be able to prepare for a new child in time, but with the help of Eloísa's soon-to-be grandparents, they were able to pull it off. Once the stress of getting their affairs lined up was past, they were able to relax - as much as a couple can with a baby on the way. Silvia had a wonderfully easy pregnancy and a fairly short labor as well, and before they knew it, their daughter had been born.

Eloísa was a very curious baby and she was prone to wandering - and putting things in her mouth that she shouldn't. Her parents had to be very diligent to make sure they kept dangerous objects and small parts out of her reach lest they end up having to rush to the hospital. She picked up walking and talking quickly and loved going out with her parents, even if just to the grocery store or to the school if they had extra work to do. She went to a muggle primary school where she did well in class and made friends with the other kids. She most enjoyed music class, and she was even able to persuade her parents to let her take piano lessons. She was, all things considered, a fairly normal, happy child - or so it seemed.

She was nine when her magic manifested. She and her parents had gone out to a nice restaurant for her birthday, and she got bored while they were waiting for their food. Their table had a little candle in the middle and Eloísa, in her boredom, became transfixed by the flickering flame, imagining some of the fantastic creatures from the book she'd been reading. The flame, slowly, seemed to start taking the shape of some of the creatures, and she thought it was just her imagination getting the best of her until her father noticed it as well, and then he got the attention of her mother, and then they both got Eloísa's attention, snapping her out of her daze.

When they got home that night, and after they sent Eloísa to bed, her parents discussed what they saw. They feared it was the beginning of the end of their normal lives, and in a way it was, but really it was just the beginning of a new normal for them. Over the next several months, Eloísa kept having small magical incidents, and the summer after her tenth birthday her family was visited by some officials from the Mexican Ministry of Magic who informed them about their situation and what the process would look like for getting Eloísa off to school the next summer.

Eloísa went to Ilvermorny initially, and she was absolutely astounded by the magic all around her. She was selected by both Horned Serpent and Pukwudgie, but ultimately chose Horned Serpent, where she quickly found she fit quite nicely. She loved all of her classes, loved magic itself really, and excelled in all of them. In her fourth year she had the opportunity to participate in an exchange program with Uagadou School of Magic in Africa, and with her well-written essay on the theory behind complex magic she was able to win a scholarship to go.

Uagadou was very different for her, but she absolutely loved it there. She was especially intrigued by their preference for wandless magic and the challenge it posed for someone with a foundation in wand-driven magic like herself, and that challenge wasn't something she wanted to leave behind after only a year. It took a whole lot of persuasion on her part, and the recommendations from several of her teachers both at Ilvermorny and Uagadou, but she was able to transfer to Uagadou for the remaining three years of her education.

In the summer between Eloísa's sixth and seventh years, she took up an offer from her friend to go with him and his mother to the Isle of Drear to study Quintapeds. She knew how dangerous quintapeds could be, but the research trip was very well thought out and, as long as they were vigilant, no one would get hurt by the beasts. Her friend was rather...brave (or stupid, really), and prone to doing outrageous things, so of course he wanted to touch a quintaped. Eloísa tried to convince him otherwise, but ultimately she ended up following him out and watching from several yards away while he snuck up to a sleeping quintaped and touched it. It didn't stir, and everything seemed fine, until he turned his back on the creature and it was on him in a flash. Eloísa was, thankfully, able to stun the creature before it could consume her friend, and able to get him back to safety with enough time for the healer they'd brought with them just in case to be able to repair the damage. Since that trip, Eloísa has suffered a terrible fear of quintapeds.

After a bit of a learning curve, Eloísa was able to become very skilled with wandless magic by the end of her schooling, and she'll often switch between using and not using her wand at random. She aced all of her final tests - the equivalent of O's across the board - and was able to get a job with the Mexican Committee on Experimental Charms right out of school, where she's worked for several years. She recently heard that there is an opportunity at Hogwarts for a Magic Theory teacher and she would love nothing more than to teach her love of the inner workings of magic to students, and should she get the job she'll be moving to England...despite the reprehensible political situation there at the moment.

Model: Alondra de la Parra
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 147
Voice Type: Tenor
Distinguishing Marks: none
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Father: Raúl
Mother: Silvia
Full Siblings: None
Half Siblings: None
Guardian(s): N/A
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A
Other Relatives: N/A
Name Meaning:

Eloísa: Sun/health wide
Azucena: Madonna Lily

Nicknames: N/A
Favourite Colour:
Favourite Movie:
Favourite Song: Eroica, Beethoven
Favourite Food:
Favourite Drink:
Most Important People:
Most Treasured Possessions:
Custom Trivia:

She's a Sagittarius.

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