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"Everyone has choices to make; no one has the right to take those choices away from us. Not even out of love."

Hufflepuff Crest (Gif)

Full Name Eloise Luna Maersk
Nickname Eloise, Elo, Luna...
Birthday September 11th
Nationality Danish
Relationship Status Single
Sexuality Heterosexual

Species Human, Witch
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Wand Core
Wand Wood
Wand Arm Right

Model Ella Wahlestedt
Gender Female
Height 5'8
Weight "Excuse me?"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Skin Colour White


Our Story, or as we like to call it, the Maersk Story begins with a man, who is our father. He met our mother, in Copenhagen. They were just children. Our mother had been visiting Denmark, that's all. But, our father, he knew nothing of what was about to happen.

Our Mother, she was a very wealthy lady from Finland. She spoke all the Scandinavian languages and of course, Danish. She was a beauty at that too, some of us tend to think we got her beauty. But, make no mistake, she had trouble to live through in her life. Much trouble.

For a woman of her beauty, her father wanted her to marry an equally wealthy and equally handsome man. She rebelled for days on end, but that, sadly, got her nowhere fast. An arranged marriage was soon in place. Our mother was deeply upset.

Her days in Durmstrang would haunt her as she had to pretend she was the girlfriend of the handsome guy that her father picked. She got sick and tired of it. She had enough of her father, and wanted payback. And she found it.

There was a certain man who stood out to her, in one of her 5th year classes. That man, later became our father. He stood out to her, not because he looked different or whatnot, but because... he did have feelings for her. He would look at her for days on end, never willing to say anything to her. Then, one day, she drags him away from everyone else.

He complimented her and, well, she kissed him. Kissed him. He blushed. He didn't know what to say. But, he came clean. "I really, really like you." Those are his exact words. She said the same thing.

So, they secretly dated. And one day, our mother came clean to her arranged fiancee. She cheated on him with another guy. Our father. And his reaction... "Actually, I should tell you something. I cheated on you." They laughed, finding it a coincidence how they both cheated on each other, behind their backs. They both admitted that they'd rather remain good friends, instead of arranged fiancees. That didn't stop from speaking to each other, every once in a while.

So, the years will pass, and our parents would get engaged. Fortunately for our mother, her arranged fiancee made sure that the arrangement was null, by marrying earlier than she would. She married the next year, since by then, the arrangement made by her father was now ineffective.

And then, a year later, came the first of us, the Maersk girls.

Can I have a turn now? Thanks.

I'm Eloise Luna Maersk, the seventh child of the Maersk Septuplets and I'm about to tell you my life story.

Well, I learned how to speak two days after my sister Emma. My first word was, "Play." or so I heard. Nothing to special there in my opinion.

Now, my first sign of magic happened at Christmas. The same year Emma and Edith had theirs. Us three had something to do with fire. Don't know why. For instance, I almost lit the cookies on fire. Of course, I had to make some new ones (I can make a mean batch of cookies). Edith had to buy a new Christmas tree and Emma lit the fireplace. Without a match. I guess fire is what explains our feisty nature.

While we lived in Denmark, I ended up dating an English boy who was visiting. I was around ten when it started. He was rather sweet and kind. Let's not forget cute. It kind of fizzled out when I went to school.

Durmstrang was lacking that's for sure. I was constantly bored out of my mind. Sure, hanging out with my sisters is great and all but it would have been nice if I could have made at least one friend. Maybe even be involved in some gossip or something.

Once my fourth year is over, I'll be starting Hogwarts. Which I am extremely excited for. It will be great to get a change of scenery, no?

I'm pretty introverted surprisingly but not nearly as much as my other sisters. Don't let my shy appearance fool you. I'm actually pretty bubbly and outgoing. I don't read nearly as much as my other sisters do but that doesn't mean anything in my book. I'm just as smart as they are. I prefer to take risks and make sacrifices to reach my goals. You don't need to encourage me to speak because I am more than willing to speak up on my own. All in all, I am a pretty much a 'shy' girl with an attitude.

Skill Set
Not to brag or anything but I can make a mean batch of cookies. And cake. Can't forget the cake.


Appearance & Gallery

For some reason I ended up with blonde hair. Genetics are a funny thing.


I love my family. No exceptions.

I don't have a social circle. Not yet anyways.

Please. I'm completely lovable!

I dated an English kid once. Didn't last long.

Her theme song is Immortals by Fall Out Boys


Credit to Sophia for the general layout, and Emma, Ellie, Brocky, Elsa for inspiration to create this.