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Full Name Eloise Imogen Chloe Whitacre Eliot
Nickname Immsy, Elo, ...
Basic Info
Birthday July 26th, 2010
Nationality English; Irish
Home Cholmeley Lodge, Highgate Hill, London, England
Relationship Info
Status Dating
Sexuality Grey-Pansexual; Grey-Biromantic
Best Friend Nolan Cook
Pets Jedi the Oriental Bay Owl
Family On The Wiki The Whitacre Family

School/Career Info
House Slytherin
Year/Occupation Alumna
Titles ...
Optional Classes Taken Divination
Magical Info
Species Witch
Blood Status Half-Blood
Wand Core Kelpie Hair
Wand Wood Spruce
Wand Arm Right
Boggart Drowning
Patronus ...

Model Kendall Jenner
Gender Female
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Hair Length/Style Long, Straight, Normally Kept Down
Eye Colour Brown
Skin Colour Light
Clothing Style Put together, skirts, dresses, or skinny jeans with plain tops
Other Info About Looks
Eloise is rather skinny as she tries to keep herself as healthy as possible. She is also quite tall at the height of 5' 10"

Colour Purple and Black
Music "Classy" Pop
Food Chicken Noodle Soup
Sweets Chocolate Mints
Animal A leucistic Indian peacock
Class Defense Against the Dark Arts
Season/Weather Fall
Dream Job She has no clue
Happiest When...
She's away from her siblings (or certain ones at least) and reading books.

Never Alone and Never Happy

"The Nicest and Meanest Person

You'll Ever Meet"


To the outside world, Eloise looks like the innocent girl who helps her fellow classmates with their homework or the dainty flower that bakes cookies for her friends. She is like this, but only for those who don't know her very well. She's been described as intelligent by many, but doesn't consider it one of her best qualities as she isn't actually all that good at her classes. Eloise can be found reading in the library often, however, and it has become one of her favorite things to do. Although peace and quiet might be her thing (most likely due to the fact that she has so many siblings), she loves shopping and even having mini-parties and gatherings with friends and family. But, despite everyone seeing her as such a delicate little girl (and acting like it for the most part), she can be quite the opposite.


Eloise tends to be quite conceited as well as vain appearance-wise. She must always look her best or not show her face at all and this insecurity can be targeted by her siblings and other students easily. She takes great pride in rubbing her successes in other's faces and doesn't play sports very well due to this competitiveness. Eloise can be quite devious as well, despite trying not to be, and can lie with ease. It doesn't take her much effort to tell a lie, about anything really, and she uses this to her advantage often. Eloise doesn't seem it have a problem with doing so, even if it causes plenty of fights, which she's also very skilled at getting into.


Slytherin Crest (Gif)

When Eloise had discovered that she had been sorted into Slytherin, she had been ecstatic, but that excitement soon died after discovering she would have to share the house with one of her brothers and one of her sisters.


Eloise Imogen Chloe Whitacre was born July 26th, 2010 to Finlay Whitacre and Caitlin Eliot and was the sixth child out of a group of septuplets. She had three brothers and three sisters, all of which were older except Rowena. They had been raised together, as to be expected, in a Muggle and magical community called Kettering. Their mother had been, and still is, a dark witch. She left the children at the age of two. Their father had wanted to go with her, but couldn't since there had been kids involved now. Kids that he needed to care for, and she could not. Eloise had no clue that her mother returned to them, she had always been in some kind of disguise.

Numerous amounts of woman poured into Eloise and the septuplets lives, that began happening around what she remembers to be age nine, but it could have been eight, or ten. She wouldn't remember. Her father never seemed to figure out that the women who were fawning over him, and the septuplets were really just their mother, just Caitline but that didn't matter to her. The fact that Caitlín returned under the eyes of the Ministry of Magic, and several Aurors was beautiful to Eloise. She doesn't quite remember how she began trusting her or how she knew it was her mother, but she, all of the septuplets did, at some point.

As young students in their First through Third Years of school, they attended Koldovstoretz in Russia. Eloise remembers the weeks spent learning Russian, unlike some of her other siblings, a few had chosen to rebel, and not speak the language. She still wasn't that fluent for the first year or so, but eventually got it enough to communicate with the other students. It had been difficult, and by the end of her Third Year, she spoke it perfectly. At that time they had transferred, and began attending Hogwarts. Despite having to now start her social life over from scratch, she had developed a ton intelligence-wise from those three years of school. Eloise used to joke about how relieved the teachers at Koldovstoretz must have been once they moved since they had always been so annoyed with the seven Whitacre children.

Eloise began her academic career at Hogwarts during her fourth year at the ripe old age of fourteen.

She was sorted first among the septuplets "E" does come before everything else. Fiona was smart to find her way into Hufflepuff, around but not too close. Kole and Lilah followed right into Slytherin, which is something all three of them probably regret. Henry and Oliver ended up together in Ravenclaw, while Rowena ended up in Gryffindor alone.

Slytherin and Eloise are a prefect fit, she can lounge around in the dungeons reading to her hearts content, and no one would be the wiser. Unless she stumbles upon one of her siblings in which case tread lightly if nearby. She does not spend much time with any of her siblings, when she does it is for small updates to make sure they stick to what they do best, not anything remotely similar to what she is interested in.

Eloise had grown strong connections with only two of her classmates: Nolan Cook and Soleil Vescovi, and she later crushed in both of them. First, it was Nolan, which was much more of a physical attraction since she didn't ever feel the want to date him, it later turned platonic and it was left at that. Second, it was Sol, who she fell in love with way too soon. She ended up giving her first kiss to her, and they moved in together after dating for a few months.

Eloise became rather stressed though, having dealt with anorexia since her Sixth Year and the stress just making it worse, she collapsed, mentally. She vanished on the literal first day of school, and wasn't quite seen again, after faking her death to those she loved so dearly. She doesn't know that Sol isn't around anymore, or that her siblings don't seem to care, or that her only ex-friend left has been left affected pretty badly. And she never will know.



Eloise has always been a quick study, much like her elder brother Henry. When it comes to speaking languages she knows how to speak several including Russian, Greek, Spanish, and some Latin.

Reading Comprehension

Eloise loves reading, and she spends plenty of her time reading in corners of the library that many don't know exist. She loves literature, and can become quite the book critic.

Eloise is average in school as she doesn't participate much in class, but does well on assignments and can be considered quite skilled in many of her classes. WIP


Finlay Whitacre (Father)

"Even if I'm not like him very much, he's taught me quite a bit and I'll forever respect him for it. He's a wonderful human who has made stupid wishes and good decisions."

Caitlin Eliot (Mother)

"I can't say I don't love her or respect her. I almost respect her too much because of what she does with all of those Ministry folk snooping around our lives like bloodhounds."

Kole (Septuplet; Brother)

"I truly love him, as I do all of my siblings, but he can be a pest. I tend to dream about strangling him in his sleep someday, even though I know I never will. We're similar in many ways, appearance and personality, and he's my favorite sibling despite him pissing me off more than the others."

Fiona (Septuplet; Sister)

"She stole my hobby, therefore, I can't stand her that much. It was mine before it was ever her's, but I deal with it. How do I do so? By just not talking to her, of course. At least not about philosophy and books because those are my things."

Lilah (Septuplet; Sister)

"For some odd reason, she gets me. We don't talk as much as I would like, but that's probably because I don't like talking to others, and she just zones out during conversations. Not like it's a problem that we don't talk, I just wish we did."

Henry (Septuplet; Brother)

"He doesn't brag about his accomplishments like some of us do, in fact, he's probably the most modest of us, but he's probably the most successful. I like that about him, not to mention that he won't interrupt me when I'm reading. If it wasn't for our different outlooks on life, he might be my favorite. He's an easy second though."

Oliver (Septuplet; Brother)

"He's too easy of a target. I'm honestly surprised he doesn't run into more bullies than he does, not like I want him to. He bugs me sometimes...Ignoring us then trying to socialize as if he had been there. Yeah, f#ck that."

Rowena (Septuplet; Sister)

"She's a true beauty, in looks and intelligence. She can be quite the genius, and has done several things that have amazed, and annoyed me in the past. There's no doubt in my mind that she will do something great with her life once she graduates and I can't wait to see it."

Nolan Cook

"He drives me insane. Absolutely insane. And I wasn't to punch him for that. But I can't because he has good intentions and he may or may not be growing on me. Oh, and he's cute. Don't tell him I told you though, he's cocky enough as is." "Ugh, I miss him, and I hate it."

Jedi the Oriental Bay Owl

Eloise is Grey-Pansexual/Grey-Homoromantic and currently single.

Nolan Cook (Ex-Crush)

"I find him cute, but that's about it. Sure, I used to think I had feelings for him, but those got way too confusing. And we haven't talked in a while, so all of those feelings kind of flopped. It's not really a shame, I know that, because nothing would have worked out anyways and I was being a complete b*tch to him all of the time, so he doesn't really deserve me. Not in a b*tchy way, I mean that he's too good for me."

Soleil Vescovi (Ex-Girlfriend)

"I'll admit, I find her cute. Or gorgeous, really, not just cute. Cute is something you would use to describe cat videos online, or at least how most people describe them, I just think they're stupid and for the less intelligent. Anyways, she's pretty and even though she's an absolute b*tch, I like her just a bit, I suppose."

Nolan Cook (Crush)

"I love him, a lot, and I just want to hug him and kiss him and ugh. I hate him so much, but I love him, and I feel so bad, and I just can't."


Eloise means "famous in war"

Imogen means "maiden" or "daughter"

Chloe means "green shoot", "fresh blooming" or "green herb"

Eloise's biggest fear is drowning, but an easy second would have to be being unimportant to the other septuplets or being out-shined by them.

Eloise doesn't have any big goals and plans currently other than passing all of her O.W.Ls.

  • She orders her siblings in the order in which she likes them, with the first being her favorite and the last being the least. She tends to update it often according to how she feels with the siblings.
  • The list looks something like (WIP)


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